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Paint 3 Easy Watercolor Santas

Paint 3 Easy Watercolor Santas main article image
Posted on November 28, 2022 by Corbie Kortz

Watercolor Art looks so intimidating, but when you break it down into small steps, you will amaze yourself at how well you can paint. It’s fun and affordable, making it one of the most popular forms of art.

There are numerous ways to watercolor and in this tutorial, we’ll try our hand at a few techniques and create a few watercolor Santa Clauses.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paint Santa Claus with Watercolor

watercolor paint palette


  • Watercolor paints and/or paint brush pens
  • Watercolor paper
  • Drawing Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paint brush
  • Paint Tray Palette (for mixing colors)
  • 2 Cups of water
  • Paper Towels
  • Parchment paper (to protect your workspace)
  • Micron pens

First Santa

tough sketch of Santa

First, do a rough sketch of your Santa on your watercolor paper. Sketching Pencil used here is the 4H Graphite Pencil but you can use any pencil that you prefer.watercolor paper

When considering which watercolor paper to use, it just depends on what your purpose is. Just remember that you get what you pay for. You don’t have to go out and purchase the most expensive paper to start but you do want a good watercolor paper, or you will struggle with getting the results that you want. This 114 lb is a nice paper to use and you can get it at most craft stores.color Santa's nose a flesh color

Starting with your lightest color first, paint with the watercolor brush pen in Pale Peach for the nose.watercolor paint pens

These Arteza Real Brush Pens are fabulous professional watercolor pens for painting, and they’re non-toxic. You’ll love these paint pens because they are so easy to use. You can use them with or without water. Paint without water to get a vibrant color or mute your colors by using the water to tone them down.

paint the shadows

Paint in the shadow areas with Ice Blue and feather the edges by using the water brush.

using the water brush

The water brush has a chamber for water, and you can squeeze a drop of water out onto a paper towel to get the brush wet.

watercolor shadows

Here, the water brush is used first, placing a thin layer of water on the Santa beard, then go over it with the Ice Blue paint pen. This is another technique to feather your shadows. You may need to go over the paint with the water again. Keep working with it until you like it.

paint Santa's hat red

The red here is called Punch Pink. Paint in Santa’s mouth and his hat.

To make the shadow on the bottom of the nose, you take your paint pen, in Pale Peach, and add more paint where you want the shading. In this painting, you’ll go from right to left, pushing the paint with your paint pen, leaving the darker shades in the bottom left.

outline with micron pen

Let your painting dry. Using the 06 Micron Pen, you’ll outline your painting.

erase pencil lines

Take your eraser and erase all your pencil sketching lines. This will make your painting cleaner.

easy watercolor Santa

And there you have it. You’ve just painted a cute Santa in watercolor. Don’t forget to sign your work.

watercolor paint palette

Let’s try using the Master’s Touch Watercolor Paints and a round Watercolor Paint Brush for this next painting.

TIP: Use a spray bottle to wet the colors in your paint palette. You can also use your cup of clean water and wet your brush. Have a paper towel handy to blot off the extra water.

Second Santa

rough sketch of Sants

Again, we’ll rough sketch our Santa using a pencil.

watercolor Santa's face with a flesh color

TIP: You have two cups of water; one is for rinsing your dirty brush and the other is for loading your brush with clean water.

Starting with the lightest color, fill in Santa’s face. Mix together Gamboye and White in the paint mixing palette to get a light more fleshy color. Your paint palette may have different colors than the ones used here so mix your colors with the paints that you have that are closest to what you are trying to achieve.

watercolor Santa's face

If you want an even lighter face for your Santa, add more white paint to your mixture.

watercolor shading

Paint in the shading on the white areas of the Santa hat and beard. Lighten up the grey by mixing the grey and white.

paint Santa's hat with a red color

Crimson is used for Santa’s hat. For smoother lines, wet the Santa hat with a damp brush first, then go over with the Crimson.

painted Santa watercolor

outline with a micron pen

Outline your painting with the 02 Micron Pen and sign your work.

easy watercolor Santa

You’ve just completed your second watercolor Santa using a different technique.

Third Santa

pencil sketch of Santa

Let’s sketch another Santa.

paint Santa's beard

Paint in Santa’s nose with the Gamboye and White mixture or your flesh color that you mixed. His beard is a combination of Red Ochre and White.

blot off extra paint and water on paper towel

TIP: Remember, if your paint brush is too wet, blot it off on the paper towel. If you forget and your painting is too wet, you can either soak up the extra with your brush and keep blotting on the paper towel or use a paper towel and it will absorb all the extra on your painting.

Santa's boots

Santa’s boots are painted with a mixture of Burnt Sienna and Vandyke Brown.

outline Santa with a micron pen

Outline your work with the 02 Micron Pen and sign.

Fourth Santa

pencil sketch of Santa

Let’s sketch another Santa.

watercolor Santa's face

Paint his flesh. We’re using the wet-on-dry technique, which means that our paper is dry, but our brush is wet. You can make the shaded areas by adding some darker color. The highlighted areas are achieved with a damp brush and no paint. You can smooth the edges between light and dark by pushing the paint towards the dark areas.

wet-on-wet watercolor technique

paint the background watercolor

Using wet-on-wet technique, paint the background blue. The wet-on-wet technique is using a clean damp brush, paint water where your background is. Then using blue, paint the background. Let your artwork dry completely, a couple of hours.

TIP: If you don’t let the background dry completely, the next steps will run together.

watercolor shading on Santa's beard

Once the background is dry, using a gray, paint in your shading on Santa’s beard and the white of the Santa hat.

wet-on-wet watercolor Santa's hat

Paint in the red on the Santa hat using wet-on-wet technique.

TIP: Not too much water or you will reactivate the blue and it will run.

wet-on-dry watercolor technique

Using the wet-on-dry technique, paint your holly leaves green. When you use the wet-on-dry technique, you get more defined lines.

outline Santa with a micron pen

Finally, using a micron pen, here number 06 is used, outline your work, giving more definition.

Try this one on your own. Use your imagination. You can add a Christmas Tree as something Santa is looking at.

easy watercolor Santa

You could make greeting cards or frame your artwork and give as a gift.How will you use your paintings?

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