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Try this Dot Painting of your Horoscope on Canvas

Try this Dot Painting of your Horoscope on Canvas main article image
Posted on December 4, 2022 by WendyB Crafter

With Christmas right around the corner, t’is the season to start trying to think of some unique ideas for holiday crafting. Lo and behold, this horoscope dot painting idea came directly from my twelve-year-old daughter…the apple most definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree! 

This project makes use of a technique that is still relatively new for me, but because we are avoiding the intricate design of the popular dot mandala, the intimidation factor disappears! This introduction to dot painting really could not be any easier, and it’s not only fun to do, but it also makes for a fantastic personalized gift for the holidays! 

Horoscope Dot Painting

  • Supplies
  • A Little About Tools
  • Prepare the Canvas
  • Dot Paint!
  • Finishing

Supplies Needed

  • Canvas (I used a mini canvas)
  • Dot painting tools (or toothpicks and/or unused pencils with erasers)
  • Various acrylic paints including white
  • Small paint palette
  • Paintbrush
  • Chalk or pencil
  • Q-tips
  • Digital products: Zodiac Constellation Sign, Astrology graphic (optional)

A Little About Tools

Before you jump right into this project, it’s a good idea to take a moment to understand the various types of dotting tools that you can use for painting.

supplies for dot painting

While you can purchase specially made dotting tools specifically for dot painting, it’s not at all necessary! You can use a multitude of objects that are most likely lying around your home; such as pencils, toothpicks, or even q-tips! 

If you do decide to use the above-mentioned items, make sure that the pencils are brand new with the eraser still intact and unused. Q-tips must have all of the cotton removed so that all that is left is the plastic wand – you don’t want any traces of fluff in your paints. There is no prep needed to use the toothpicks.

household tool for dot painting

If you have any, you can even use dotting tools that are meant for nail art. I believe they are the same tools used for dot painting anyways – just keep in mind that if you do use your nail tools, you may not be able to remove some of the paint, so I would recommend keeping them strictly for your nails if you use them frequently for that purpose.

nail art tools

That said, if you end up falling in love with dot painting, then I would suggest that you eventually purchase a quality set of dotting tools. 

Prepare the Canvas

If you like, you can use some gesso on your canvas to help the paint adhere – but if you don’t usually work with gesso, or if you are making a mini canvas like I am, then you can simply skip that step. 

First, you will have to decide on your color theme if you haven’t already. Make sure that your background is in strong contrast to the color of the dots you will be using. For example, I chose to use midnight blue with some dark purple highlights so that the brightness of the white dots will really stand out against the darkness of the background.

painting canvas

If you are having a difficult time deciding on colors, you could stick with shades that are associated with your zodiac.

  • Aries: red
  • Taurus: green
  • Gemini: yellow
  • Cancer: white and silver
  • Leo: gold
  • Virgo: brown and green
  • Libra: pink and light blues
  • Scorpio: black
  • Sagittarius: purple
  • Capricorn: grey and brown
  • Aquarius: blue
  • Pisces: pale/light greens

Once you have chosen your colors, go ahead and paint the background of the canvas. You may need to paint one or two coats to ensure complete coverage. Just be sure to let it completely dry between any additional coats. This usually takes between one to three hours. Once the canvas is dry, it’s time to make some dots!

Dot Paint!

Before you start dipping your tools into the paint, I highly recommend that you check out the Zodiac Constellation Sign, Astrology graphic. This digital file will help you immensely when planning out your star sign on the canvas. Of course, you are free to do a search on Creative Fabrica for another zodiac graphic if you prefer, but I love this one as it clearly highlights where the larger stars are, which will help to add a little variety to the dots.

zodiac constellation sign graphic

Once downloaded, you can keep it stored on your tablet, phone, or computer, and just print it off for reference as needed. Alternatively, you can use the SVG versions of the files to make stencils or decals with your Cricut for other projects! 

Using the horoscope symbol that you have chosen, delicately copy the design onto the canvas. I highly recommend using chalk with a very light hand so that you can easily wipe it away once everything is completely dry. The straight lines and stars make this easy to do freehand, so don’t worry if you are not an artist and are a little shaky, after all, this will not be staying on the finished canvas.

chalk on painted canvas

Next, grab your palette (or just a paper plate) and pour a dollop of each color that you want to use onto it. For example, I chose to make the smaller stars white and used a yellow shade for the larger stars, then circled them with silver.

Take your smaller dotting tool and dip it, straight down, into the paint. Be generous, the better the dip the more perfect the dot! Re-dip your tool for every dot to ensure uniformity.

dot painting steps

Create all of the dots on your pattern using this method, switching out the smaller tool for a larger one as needed for your particular zodiac. 


When you are finished painting, lay your artwork flat in a cool, dark place to dry undisturbed; such as a cupboard or shelf. It’s important to note that the drying process tends to take a bit longer than your average painting due to the thickness of the paint within the dots. Depending on the size you made, as well as the size of your dots, sometimes this could take upwards of a week or so, but you should be safe after a couple of days with a mini canvas.

Once you are confident that it is completely dry, slightly dampen a q-tip to remove any and all of the chalk lines.

erasing chalk lines with q-tip

That’s it! For mini canvases, you can use adorable little easels to display your new artwork on your office desk, bedside table, or wrap them up as holiday gifts! If you made a larger-sized canvas, you can hang it up on your wall for all to see! 🖼

My daughter and I both made one! I’d love to see the projects that you make with your kids too! 🎨🖌

Keep on Crafting! 💖

dotted horoscope on canvas

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