How to create a floral wreath foil card

How to create a floral wreath foil card main article image
Posted on September 5, 2019 by Linnea Holgersson

Take your crafting to the next, shiny, level with the Foil Quill! The Foil Quill is a revolutionary heating tool that can be used with all major cutting machines. Only your imagination sets the limit for the beautiful foil designs that you can create with all kinds of materials.

In this tutorial, crafter Jane will show us her top tips and tricks for crafting with the foil quill on a ScanNCut cutting machine.

Floral Wreath Foil Card

Supplies needed:

  • We R Memory Keepers foil quill with medium tip
  • Brother ScanNCut machine or other similar cutting machine
  • Preferably 12″x12″ metal mat, securely stuck to an old cutting mat, and 4 magnetic strips for secure placement of card and foil
  • A design to print out
  • A5 base card
  • 7″x5″ sheet of glossy photo paper
  • 7″x5″ piece of hot foil
  • 5.25″x7.3″ foil card
  • 3 gems
  • sticky pads and tape

Start out by choosing your image, adjust the size and position until you are happy. Print onto 7″X5″ photo paper.

Place the printed design onto your ScanNCut cutting mat (not the scanning mat) ready to scan. Secure in place and press ‘Scan‘. Do not move the mat or card until the foiling is complete!

Press ‘Scan to cut data‘. I used black and white mode, with the slider set in the middle range for scanning. Click ‘Save to machine‘ and transfer to canvas.  At this stage, I  use my laptop because I can enlarge the image and see the details more clearly.

Open the saved design in canvas. Do not move the design’s position or group.

The black lines of your design are all possible foiling lines. Working at 100% magnification, delete any very small, or densely clustered lines .  Once you’re happy with your design,’Save to canvas‘ so that you can access it on your ScanNCut.  If you delete by mistake, simply use the ‘Undo’ function.

Add your sentiment and ‘Group‘.

Download the design to your ScanNCut or use a USB to transfer.

Now you can leave your laptop, and move back to the ScanNCut machine. Press ‘Home‘ on your machine and select the file (or insert USB and insert file this way).  Again, do not move it’s position on the screen or your printed design on the mat.

Cut the foil so it covers the card completely, and carefully place the foil over your design, color side up. Use magnetic strips or tape to hold the foil to the mat.

I use a metal 12″x12″ mat when foiling, and have found that it gives brilliant results. I  cut magnetic strips from an old die storage mat that firmly secure all the pieces in place without any movement- and without tape!

Press ‘Draw’ on the ScanNCut machine to foil.

Remove from the mat and peel back the foil to see your results.

Finally, trim your card so that the side margins are equal and the top is slightly larger.

Cut the foil card 3mm larger than the design, mount and stick together. Attach gemstones.

Add sticky pads to back and attach to the center of an A5 card.

Happy crafting!

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How to create a floral wreath foil card

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