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Create a Paper Quilt Wall Hanging using SPARK tools

Create a Paper Quilt Wall Hanging using SPARK tools main article image
Posted on March 17, 2023 by Jan Hunter

It can be frustrating at times not being able to find the “perfect” papers in one digital collection for a project without purchasing multiple files.

Try making your own designs using SPARK and create your own collection for your project!  This Paper Quilt wall hanging needed a bunch of florals and other prints to make it come together.  Rather than scrolling through page after page of collections to find one or two images here or there, it was interesting to see what the SPARK AI tools could create using one or two prompts and then see how things would go together from there in the SCAL software and using the Skycut C24 cutter.

(not all images created were used in this project)

You’ll need:

Electronic Cutting Machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL 6 Pro)
AC Cardstock (smooth 12 x 12)
Photo Editing Software (Photoshop Elements was used)
Sewing machine (optional)
11 x 17 inch poster frame
Micron .01 pen (black)
Two 11 x 17 (background sheet for mounting and one sheet for printing border pieces)
Glue (Bearly Art Precision was used); Scor-tape ¼-in wide
SPARK tools on Creative Fabrica

Let’s get started:

Using the Create Art or Pattern tool in SPARK, write your prompt.  For our purposes for the florals, we started with the following prompt:  small light pink floral on pink and cream-colored striped seamless background.  While the first series of images that were generated wasn’t quite what was imagined, we chose one of the images that closely matched the idea and asked the software to create additional variations.  Below is an edited copy of the original design we created using SPARK Create.  (This image was not used in our project)

Adjust the prompt as desired to change the outcome of the design.  It’s fun to play with.

NOTE:  If you have a paid subscription, you can publish privately, otherwise, choose any of the suggested images to publish and download following the prompts in the program. 

Continue to create images or mix images in the tools until you have the images you want and have them downloaded into a folder on your computer.  As you download, name each image.

Since all the images generated by the tools are in .png format you will want to change them to jpg and up the dpi to 300 in your editing software for the best results in resizing.

Most of the Paper Quilt pattern pieces used in this project will fit within a 6 x 6-inch square and all the images in our collection are seamless backgrounds and have been set to 6 x 6- inches.

Design your wall hanging or if you have a pattern you want to use, import it into the software.  Luckily, SCAL 6 Pro allows several formats to be imported.  Some formats may require additional editing before cutting, so be aware of that possibility if not using an SVG file.  We chose to use the SCAL library to create all our basic pieces for the wall hanging after sketching it out with the finished size being 11 x 17 or a size suitable to the frame you will be using.  We used circles, rectangles, raindrops, and an altered raindrop for the petals.

Once you have all the elements created in the software, select one element at a time. Using the Pattern Fill command, choose and load one 6×6 image and fill each element with the SPARK AI-generated image.  You can adjust the size of the patterns by using a smaller size, i.e., 2 x 2 to change the size of the stripes or florals.  Choose the preview option and make any additional changes before clicking on OK.  SAVE YOUR FILE OFTEN!  Using images is a software memory hog, so it’s important to remember to SAVE!  Repeat as needed to complete the process for each of the pieces in your paper quilt design.

The leaves all use the same background image, but the image is rotated and skewed in the software for each set of leaves.

Once all the elements are filled with the desired images, use the text you’ve chosen for the words used in the project.  We used A Little Mixed Up available at Creative Fabrica here.  For the upper rectangle, we used the Text to Object after placing an oval from the library on the mat.  Once you have the text as desired, make sure that it is centered in the rectangle using the align tool.  Make sure that you set the text to Print.  We also added some text on the bottom center section and set the text to print only.

Preview the page to make sure your registration marks are within the printable area.  If you need to adjust, do so now. The printer I use allows for bleed to the edges, so the registration marks can be at the 1/4-inch mark all around the edge of the paper.  Print your images.

For our design, the border pieces required two 12-inch lengths for the side.   The two 12-inch lengths were printed on one of the 11 x 17 inch sheets.  If your printer will print edge to edge, you can print a sheet and just use a paper trimmer to cut the pieces as needed.

Once your images are printed, and the ink has dried (15 minutes or more) cut the pieces following the print and cut directions specific to your machine’s software.

Ink the edges of the pieces if desired.  The flower petals and the flower center and stem and leaves look better with that little bit of extra work.  We also added some stitching lines using the Micron pen.  Begin the process of putting your background together.  We started with the top border and the left border using the 11 x 17 sheet as a guide. Adhere to the desired adhesive.

All pieces should fit together and edges touch edges.  Add additional stitching to the background if desired.  You can do this using the micron pen or a sewing machine using thread.  We used the micron pen.

Create the flower.  Add stitching to each of the petals before glueing it to the back of the flower centerpiece.  We swiped some white ink along the edges of each of the petals before adding the stitching lines.  Repeat the process for the flower center.

We started by placing petals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 on the circle, adding the remaining petals with just a slight overlap on the back of that central circle.     Let dry and set aside for the moment.

Place the stem in place and glue.  Add the leaves. Glueing in place.  Our frame doesn’t have a lot of room for additional dimension for this paper quilt piece, so we glued everything down and didn’t use any pop-up dots for added dimension on the leaves or petals.

Now, it’s time to add the flower.

We were able to add some acrylic dots to the flower as an added touch.  There isn’t a lot of height to the acrylic dots and they were a perfect finish for our paper quilt.

TIP:  Our frame doesn’t have a lot of depth or distance between the back and the glass — so adding a lot of dimensions wasn’t possible.  If your frame has more room, add some pop-up dots behind the petals of the flower and the leaves or leave the glass off the frame for lots of dimensions. 

This process would also be fun with a regular quilt block pattern – there are thousands of block patterns to choose from.  Create blocks using your own original paper background designs created using the SPARK tools.

Please share your makes with us!  We’d love to see what you create.  AND… for additional inspiration, feel free to visit Jan’s page on The Artistry here or her blog.

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