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Create your own Mexican inspired planner

Learn how to create your own Laminated Planner!



September was a very important month at Creative Fabrica as we launched the Spanish-language version of our site for the Mexican and Spanish speaking markets! To celebrate this launch we sought out new crafty friends to join our community and to share their techniques! Today we meet the amazing Mexican crafter, Katia Valenzuela.

Originally from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, Katia is a Graphic Designer by profession and a crafter by heart. Currently, she runs her own company in Guadalajara city, dedicated to the creation of invitations and personalized crafts for parties and social events, under her own name Katia Valenzuela Kazares.

From an early age, she had a fascination with papercrafts without knowing that she was scrapbooking! She has vivid memories of decorating her notebooks and albums with paper clippings in different colors and stickers, and she spent hours focusing on achieving the best finish and details. Crafts and paper have always been of interest to Katia, so she began to experiment with using new techniques for her creations. Her passion for crafting even led to her to open her own business, and ever since, she has had a spot in the Jaliciense market.

Today we asked Katia to demonstrate one of her craft techniques to share with our lovely community, so she kindly showed us how to create a beautiful Laminated Notebook!

Mexico under the skin Planner

Supplies needed:

  • Planner 2020, French size 16cm x 21.5cm
  • Keep the pastes from your Planner (Front & back)
  • 15cm x 3cm section of special foil for toner and special toner printer
  • Color print of Frida Kahlo and Mexifont , both available at Creative Fabrica
  • Cinc crimper
  • Min 12″ laminator
  • Matte laminate film in t / c.
  • Crop-a-dile
  • Eyelets
  • Black spring to close the agenda
  • Matte black vinyl
  • White vinyl

How to create a laminated planner

For the decoration of this laminated planner, Katia used the laminating and foil technique. The process is very simple- basically she decorated a planner that she bought in a stationery store using the technique. Katia also used graphics from Creative Fabrica, which has become one of her favorite sites for shopping for graphics, fonts, and crafts on the internet.

  1. Print the design on a color printer.
  2. Apply the matt laminate (to do this Katia used a Minc laminator).
  3. Once the laminate is applied,  insert it into a laserjet printer and print it on the laminate of the Frida Kahlo design that was created from the design from Creative Fabrica.
  4. Cover the planner’s cover taking care to center the design, the back cover was lined with black matte vinyl.
  5. Make perforations for the Clinch crimping spiral.
  6. Pierce the back cover with a Crop clamp, to pass the black elastic through so you can securely close the notebook.
  7. Finally, put the guards in white vinyl to hide the cardboard and thus give the notebook a professional touch.
  8. Happy crafting!



“I started scrapbooking before I even knew what it was!”

We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to ask Katia more about her career and experience in the Mexican crafting world, and to introduce to all of our community one of our new favorite Mexican craft designers!

Katia, can you tell us how you started your crafting business?

When my first child was born, my sister-in-law Angie introduced me to the world of scrapbooking. She showed me what I could do to make more beautiful images and keep memories fun, creative and a little more personal. I immediately became passionate about the world of clippings and began to explore and experiment before fully entering the world of paper. Before long, my friends were asking me to design their business cards, my relatives started asking me to make invitations for their events, and that’s how I began applying all of the knowledge and techniques that I had learned from the world of scrapbooking. More and more work began to arrive at my desk until I decided to open my own shop and venture as an entrepreneur. To-date I have 12 years of experience as a professional crafter.

Which craft techniques do you like the most?

My favorite is papercraft, and anything that has to do with paper, invitations, cards, boxes, envelopes, etc. Mixing colors, textures and shapes fascinates me and is what I enjoy doing the most.

Where does your inspiration come from when creating?

I am very inspired by fashion, trends, design magazines and cinema. I like to look at the world with other eyes, to give free rein to my creativity and to take my time to appreciate the small details of things.

Do you have a favorite crafter or someone who inspired you?

Yes, I have total admiration and respect for Anna Grifin, she is my idol because her work inspired me to make cards and invitations, I love her style and her way of working the paper.

How did you become an influencer on social media, was it something you planned or came naturally?

It was something that happened naturally because I always take pictures of my work and shared them on social media, people began to get interested in my work and how I did it- that’s why I decided to start doing tutorials, which was when my community of followers really began to grow.

As a mother, combining parenting and crafting could be a challenge. How do you balance your passion with your family life?

For me, the keyword is organization. At first, I was not an organized person and my life was chaotic! I realized that I was doing things incorrectly, so I started by not taking work home- I did everything in my workshop located in my store. I hired people to perform the more time consuming and repetitive tasks, and I focused more on creating and developing projects, and my hobby became a profitable business, things really started to flow and now I can spend more time with my family without sacrificing my job.

What do you think about Social Media and how has it benefited you? 

It is a very important window that allows thousands of people to connect with you,  it can create infinite possibilities, whether commercial or friendship, it has been a great help to show the world who you are and what you do.


Find more information about Katia:



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