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Create Your Very Own Pot o’ Gold

Create Your Very Own Pot o’ Gold main article image
Posted on February 17, 2022 by Jan Hunter

St Patrick’s day is just around the corner.  Create this fun sweet-filled centerpiece using 3 files from Creative Fabrica. Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with this fun papercraft! 

Witches Cauldron

3D – Mini Top Hat

Watercolor Rainbow Clip Art

You’ll also need:

Electronic cutting machine and software (Skycut C24 and SCAL5 Pro)
Cardstock (solid core: black, white, green)
Distress ink
Chocolate coins
hot glue gun
adhesive (liquid glue, scor-tape)


Download, unzip and open the file. Import the svg pieces you need into the software. We’re using SCAL5 Pro for this project again.

Cut the 2 bottom pieces, sides, and panels for the cauldron. The extras were not cut for this project. The cauldron is easy to put together – just follow the directions shared in the pdf file that is included with the file. Go slow when glueing the sides together. You want the edges to be as smooth as possible. Tops and bottom edges matching.

TIP: Train the panel pieces by curving slightly with your fingers or along the edge of a table before glueing them in place.

Ink edges of the panels if desired.
Add the panels. Only the top edge and bottom edge were glued. The remaining part of the panel is floating. 

Center the panels. The seams of the cauldron shouldn’t be too visible. The panels cover seam to seam or nearly so. Add a ribbon bow to the neck of the cauldron. Set aside.


3D Mini Top Hat

The hat file was scaled at 125% to get the right size. SCAL offers the option to resize all pages if you have ungrouped and moved pieces to other pages in the software. 

Assembly instructions from the designer are minimal but easily accomplished to complete the hat. There are no score lines on the hat top piece, so you may want to use a bowl or a rounded edge to fit those tabs in. 

The brim of the hat is curved. A nice touch for the hat’s overall look. The final step of “flipping” the brim was not done. 

Clover and Shamrocks:

Using the library in SCAL5, place a 3 and 4 leaf clover on the mat, size as desired. The sizes used in this project are 1.834 x 1.640 (clover) 1.655 x 1.260 (4 leaf clover); copy and paste multiples on the mat. Cut. Ink the edges and pinch the leaves if desired for a little more dimension. Scissors can also be used to cut between the leaves. 

Use 3 of the shamrock cuts to embellish the hat.


Open the rainbow file and import to the mat. The rainbow was resized to XXX and is placed diagonally on the mat. Print and cut according to your machine/software directions. An additional 3 cuts were made without printing. They were then stacked and glued in place for more stability of the rainbow as it will connect the cauldron and the hat together in the final project. Don’t you love the playful look of this file? 

Final Assembly: 

Now, we’re ready to put it all together. It’s time to assemble the centerpiece. If desired, add some shreds or wrapping paper to the cauldron. Fill to just below the lip of the bowl. Place the cauldron on a rectangular base for ease in moving, or you can assemble it in place on the tabletop, shelf, or mantelpiece. You can add a small dollop of hot glue on the base of the cauldron to secure it if you’re using a base. 

Place the rainbow (the end with the cloud in the cauldron) and add a little more fill if desired to hold the rainbow in place just below the lip of the container. 

Place a handful or two of gold coins on the top of the fill. Prop the hat on the side of the cauldron. You can secure it in place with a bit of hot glue. The other end of the rainbow will sit on the edge of the hat. You can also use a dab of hot glue to secure it if you desire. 

Scatter a few additional coins and the remaining clover pieces around the base of the cauldron and the hat and your centerpiece are ready to show off for the month of March. 

For additional inspiration, you’re invited to visit Jan’s page here or her blog

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