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Creative Ideas for the 2021 Graduate

Creative Ideas for the 2021 Graduate main article image
Posted on April 16, 2021 by Ronda Cook

Spring and warmer weather bring us closer to the end of the school year. Kids are ecstatic and parents, well, they may be just a bit less enthusiastic. Especially if the end of this school year marks a milestone for one of their children, such as graduation.

Graduation, whether it’s kindergarten, high school, or college is a bittersweet time for both the child and the parent. It’s the end of one era, and the beginning of another and is usually acknowledged with some sort of celebratory event.

Creative Fabrica offers a wide variety of fonts and graphics that can be used in making signs, t-shirts, invitations, party favors, etc. to help you plan the perfect celebration. Here are a few inspirational ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


What better way to showcase your status than to wear it? Whether you’re a graduate, proud parent, grandparent, sibling, or another relative, you can find SVG files for each at Creative Fabrica. Check out the The Charming SVG Bundle, including many beautiful SVG bundles like the School SVG Bundle, for some unique school and graduation designs, perfect for t-shirts.

Graduation tshirts

Designed using Mommy and Me Family T-shirt Mockup Bundle from The Charming SVG Bundle

If you have an electronic die-cutting machine and heat press, you can make your own t-shirts. If not, there are plenty of print-on-demand options including Canva and Vistaprint.


Another popular option for announcing your child’s achievement is to design and order a sign for your front yard. Or maybe you need signs directing your guests to the graduation party. Creative Fabrica offers a huge variety of graphics and fonts that you can use to create your own sign design and order through a local printer or an online print-on-demand company. Here’s a yard sign I quickly put together on Canva.

Graduate yard sign

Design by Ronda Cook

Party Invitation

If you enjoy designing your own invitations, you can find everything from fonts to graphics to templates on Creative Fabrica. I love scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, then finding similar items on Creative Fabrica to make my own design on Canva. I can then either print out the invitations myself or order them through Canva or Vistaprint. Canva is my choice for designing, but you can certainly use other programs you are familiar with such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint.

Graduation invitation

Design by Ronda Cook

My oldest granddaughter is a high school senior this year. I created the above 5” x 7” invitation incorporating her school colors in Canva and using the following files from Creative Fabrica:

DIY Party Ideas

If you’re assisting with planning or decorating for a graduation party, Pinterest is full of ideas for DIY decorations and guest party favors. With the assistance of Creative Fabrica’s fonts and graphics, you can design photo booth props, miniature signs for the food table, games for the celebration, and themed decorations.

One idea is a must for any graduation party. Provide the guests with postcards where they can share words of wisdom or a memory with the graduate. The star of the party may not have time to read all of them during the celebration, but they will make a wonderful keepsake to read over and over throughout the future.

I put together a quick example, shown below. I used the Flower Spring font, a graduation cap graphic, and simple writing lines. I kept the background white, but you could always print out the design on kraft or light-colored paper. If the paper is too dark, it will be difficult to read everyone’s handwriting.

Words of wisdom postcard

Design by Ronda Cook

Graduation Card

Regardless of the phase of life we’re in, more than likely we know someone who is graduating, whether it’s kindergarten, high school, or college. The price of greeting cards has increased dramatically, but if you have a color printer, you can design your own greeting cards for a fraction of store-bought cards. Here’s a graduation card I designed on Canva using an 8 ½” x 11” letter-size template. Once printed, fold the paper in fourths for a personal, custom card that measures 4 ¼” x 5 ½”; perfect for invitation size envelopes easily found at big box or office supply stores.

Graduation card

Design by Ronda Cook

When designing a card in Canva, I insert guidelines, so I know where to place the fonts and graphics; however, I remove the guidelines before printing.

For this tutorial, I left in the visual guidelines so you can see what I’m talking about. Here are the Creative Fabrica elements I used:

Graduation Subway Art

Framed subway art makes an awesome gift for the graduate, and also makes for a great prop at the graduation celebration. Though somewhat time-consuming, I truly enjoy the creative process of designing subway art.

First, I search through Pinterest for inspiration, writing down the words or phrases I want to use. Next, I search Creative Fabrica for the fonts I may want to use and download them. I also search for a few graphics to incorporate into my subway art because I like how it adds variety and breaks up some of the words.

Here’s the subway art I created for my granddaughter on an 11” x 14” poster size, along with the fonts and graphics found on Creative Fabrica:

Framed graduation subway art

Design by Ronda Cook



I hope I’ve provided you with some inspiration for the 2021 graduation season, as another school year ends, and a brand-new world opens up for high school and college seniors.

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Creative Ideas for the 2021 Graduate
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