Easy Paper Flowers for Spring

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Posted on May 21, 2021 by Heidi Banks

Brightening up your space with flowers is always a great choice but having to toss them after just a few days can make it an expensive decorative element.  Paper flowers are a great solution, and a good scrap busting project as well.  Use up pages from that scrapbooking tablet you didn’t like, or the smaller pieces you’ve saved but just can’t think of what to use them for.

Paper daisy

This flower is loops of paper strips attached to a central circle.

What you need:

  • Assorted colorful papers
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors or other cutting tool such as a rotary blade or paper trimmer.
  • Skewers or craft sticks (optional)

Begin by cutting 100 strips of paper so they are all the same length and width.

Cut two circles from a contrasting paper.

Bring the two ends of each strip together and glue the back sides of the paper together, forming a semi teardrop shaped loop. Lightly smooth the loop down from the ends towards the middle but do not crease if you would like the petals to have a gently pointed shape. 

Now glue each petal to the back of a circle of paper.  Once they are all attached glue another circle of paper to the back to cover the glued loops.  

A stem can be made from wooden craft sticks, or a skewer.  I used washi tape to cover a skewer for this flower. You can add loops to the stem for leaves as well.

“Quilt” flowers. 

Pick a coordinated selection of papers of different prints for a fun quilted patchwork look.

What you need:

  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Die cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette
  • Flower cut file

Cut a variety of flower blooms and petals from your patterned paper, and arrange them so they form a field, a bouquet, a lone flower in a vase, or even in an organized quilt type pattern.

These flowers are well suited for framing, use on greeting cards, or as a design element on journal pages. Have fun mixing and matching flower sizes, colors, and patterns.

I chose a striped paper for the stem to replicate the vertical nature of most stems, and a fun watercolor splash paper for the petals.  Try using a mix of patterned and solid colors arranged in a bouquet to give them depth and dimension.

Paper roses

Pink spirals magically turn into roses with a few turns.

What you need:

  • Pink and red cardstock
  • Quick drying glue such as a low temp hot glue gun
  • Chenille wire, floral wire, or thin skewers
  • Scissors

Cut your pink and red paper into various sized circles, with the biggest being 6 inches for best results.

Carefully cut each circle into a spiral shape, stopping at the middle leaving a circle approx. 1 inch for use as the platform to “build” your flower on.

Find the end where your cut started and gently roll the paper inward onto itself, creating a cone like flower. If your spiral wasn’t cut perfectly it’s ok as it will give some dimension to the petals.

 Continue rolling the paper until you reach the middle, keeping even tension as you go.

Once you are at the end where the 1 inch circle is, apply a dab of quick drying glue to it and press it onto the bottom of the cone. Hold until the glue has set.

Attach your chosen stem to the bottom of each flower using hot glue for best results. Optionally you can add hand cut paper leaves to each stem.

Paper Dahlias

Dahlias large enough for wall hangings or wedding decorations

What you need:

  • Cardstock
  • Paper plate or circle of cardstock or paperboard
  • Quick drying glue
  • Optional: Chalk, dry pastels, gelato sticks, colored pencils, or inkpad


Cut cardstock into 60 3” X 3” squares

Forming the petals

If you would like a two tone flower apply color along the top and right side of each square, from the edge to approximately ¼ inch in. Chalk and pastels can be rubbed for a muted look.


Turn the square so the bottom right corner becomes the bottom point of a “diamond” shape.

Place a line of glue along the bottom right edge of the paper

Staring with the right side corner, roll the paper and bring it over to meet the left. The bottom point of the paper should be the middle of this. You are making a pointed tube or cone shape that has an open top and a closed pointed bottom, so make sure there is little to no gap. Press and hold until the glue has set.

Continue this with the remaining squares


Apply a line of glue up the middle on the back side of one cone and attach it to the plate, so the cones meet in the middle. The closed pointed end will go towards the middle and the colored edge facing up and out. Continue gluing the cones in a circle around the plate one finger width apart.  

For the second layer of petals you will need to apply glue in a V shape as they will be resting on two petals in the first layer. Attach it resting on top of two cones on the layer below, pressing gently.

Continue this layering until you reach the middle, where you will place one cone upright to fill in the gap.

For more paper flower ideas check out Creative Fabrica’s large selection of cut files for 3D flowers

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Easy Paper Flowers for Spring

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