Fun Personalized Shaker Element

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Posted on September 3, 2021 by Jan Hunter

Add a personalized themed shaker element to a card, scrapbook layout, gift tag, or create a “plaque” as a gift.  These are so much fun and the options are only limited to your imagination.  Create a name or shape and fill with themed sprinkles, polymer clay slices, sequins, pearls, stars, etc!

Font used: Beyond Worth Font

Designer: JavaPep

Additional Supplies

  • Sequins and Sprinkles as desired (sources:  Etsy, Kat Scrappiness, Queen & Co.)
  • Glue (Bearly Art)
  • Electronic Cutting machine (Skycut C24 was used)
  • SCAL 5 Pro
  • Cardstock in desired colors
  • Acetate (6×6 inch)
  • Embossing Buddy (to remove static from the acetate)

Start creating!

Open your cutter’s software and select the Text Tool and choose your font.  Write the word.  Select Object and Ungroup.  Move the letters so they are connected and use the Weld command (using weld at this point allows you to move the letters a little more if needed BEFORE you create the shadows and inset cuts).  Size as desired.

Once you have the letters as desired, regroup.  Select the word.  Copy and paste an additional copy of the word just in case you need an additional copy during the process.  Move the word off the mat and hide this copy.

Highlight the original word.  Select Effects, Shadow Layer (Contour Cut).  Select 1.50 and blackout shadow.  Highlight the shadow.  Copy and paste 2 copies.  Move the shadows to different parts of the mat.  Highlight one of the shadows you have moved and rename the layer to Base.  Copy and paste this shadow to page 2. 

Highlight the shadow and the word.  Choose Path > Back minus front.  This will be the top piece that is adhered to the acetate. 

Choose the shadow layer that you haven’t named.  Select and choose Effects > Shadow Layer (Contour Cut ) and select 1.50 and Inset Shadow.  Click OK.  Highlight both of those layers.  Select Path> Back minus front.  This will become the first of 10 layers that will form the sides of the shaker.  Copy this shape.  Fill the rest of the mat with as many of the shapes as you can place on the mat.  The number of cuts you’ll need will depend on the depth of your fill materials.  The images below will illustrate how the mats were used to set up for the cuts.  There were some half pearls that needed at least 10 layers. 

Return to page 2 and the layer labeled Base, copy and paste it again on the second page and name it acetate as shown above. 

For this example, the shaker side and top piece were all cut from the same sheet of 12 x 12 paper.  The blue base and acetate were cut separately.  The base and acetate are exactly the same size and could be cut at the same time or cut separately.

Baseball is a favorite sport in this household… And the sprinkles used in this project were found on Etsy.  You could make your own from basic shapes or silhouettes, using some paper, sequins, polymer clay, or shrink art material. TIP:  The shrink art material can be cut on most cutters.

To Assemble:

Using a light touch with the glue, use a fine-tipped applicator if you have one.  Stack and glue each of the shaker sides as shown in the video.  Sets 2 sets of 3 and 1 set of 4 were stacked and then all three units were glued together.

To keep the pieces from bowing, place a heavy book or a glass plate over the top of the pieces.  Once the side stack is dry, glue the base in place on the back.  Let dry again.   

Select the acetate and top piece.  Carefully glue the acetate to the back of the top piece.  If you have additional pieces that need to be added, glue them in place once the glue has dried.  The glue on the acetate may take a little longer to dry, so be patient.

Fill the shaker with desired elements.  This piece is filled with Flags, Baseballs, and two different red, white & blue mixes.  Make sure that the fill does not come to the top or over the top of the sides.

Before gluing the acetate to the shaker,  rub the side that will face the shaker elements lightly with the embossing buddy, this will help remove the static in the acetate and keep the elements from sticking to the acetate.  Place a thin layer of glue on the top layer of the shaker and lay the acetate and top layer on the shaker and line it up.  Again, place a heavy book or glass plate on this until the glue has dried.  Your shaker is complete!

Use the shaker on a card, as a tag on a gift, or on a scrapbook page.  These are fun to make, don’t take a huge amount of time.  Once you have decided on the paper, and the font, you’ll be making them in no time.

Larger shakers can also be mailed in a box mailer as a fun way to celebrate the recipient!

Hoping this idea has inspired you to create one or more of your own.  For additional inspiration, you’re invited to visit Jan’s author page here at The Artistry or her blog

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