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Posted on October 6, 2021 by Jan Hunter

It’s time to bring out the tubs filled with October’s décor.  The leaves are changing colors on the mountains and the air is crisp and we’ve had our first frost of the fall season.  October’s celebrations mean that it’s time to add some new holiday décor.   It’s time for a new Halloween banner or garland created using files from Creative Fabrica.

The banner uses the following files:

Halloween Scrapbook Kit designed by Digital Curio

Hophus Roghus Font designed by Bombastype

You’ll also need:

  • AC cardstock (Black smooth 12 x 12)
  • AC cardstock (White Smooth 12 x 12)
  • Double-sided printed designer paper
  • Printer
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter
  • Ink (Black, Pumpkin, Wild Pansy, and White)
  • Electronic die cutting machine and associated software (Skycut and SCAL 5 Pro)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • 1/8-inch foam tape
  • Clear drying glue (Bearly Art)
  • Basic Banner back and panel – in PDF and SVG formats.  You’ll find them here.

Let’s get started:

Download, and open the SVGS in your cutting machine software.  Using copy and paste, you can place 5 of the panels on one 12 x 12 sheet easily and print after using the pattern fill in the color palette.  The Halloween Scrapbook Kit provided the background designs for the panels.  Using the software’s Print And Cut directions, print then cut the panels.  Only one side of the paper was printed.  Set aside.  If you’re using the pdf format, import to the mat.  Use your own printed paper and cut as desired.

Cut the back pieces and set them aside.

The rosettes were leftovers from a previous unfinished project. A similar pattern can be found here.  Size if needed to be about 3 inches wide when finished.  The double-sided designer paper was used to create the rosettes.  Assemble the rosettes according to the directions in the file.  Double stick tape was used to adhere the pieces together.  You can use liquid glue as well. Let dry if using glue.

TIP:  A small clothespin or binder clip can be used to hold the edges together while drying.

Once the rosette has been formed, rub some color along the tops, ridges, and edges of the rosette for more interest and contrast if desired.

The sunburst-shaped rounds are cut at 2 inches and the image is found in the SCAL 5 library in the Tags, Signs, and Banners folder.  These can be cut from glitter paper if desired, however, for this project, some regular black cardstock was used and the Bearly Art glue was used along the edges and the edges dipped in the black glitter.  Set those aside to dry.

The letters are 1.225 inches tall.  They fit the above round quite nicely and are easy to adhere to the round using the narrow foam tape. Cut using white cardstock.

Let’s assemble:

Get your inks ready.  Rub the pad on the front of the back pieces.  White ink was used for our banner pieces (backs).

Ink the edges of the printed panels.  Black was used on all the panels.  TIP:  For a grungier look, drag the pad along the interior of the panel if desired.

Adhere the panels to the backs using some glue or double-stick tape (as shown in the image above).  If using glue, use a light coat to avoid any warping once the glued piece has dried.  If needed, use a heavy book or paperweight to help keep the drying piece(s) from warping.

Center and glue the rosettes to the front of each of the banner pieces.  Use hot glue for a permanent hold.

Place the glittered circle shape.  Use hot glue for best results.

Add the foam tape to the back of the letters.  The letters are narrow, and you may need to trim the tape if it hangs over the edge.  You can use scissors, or a craft knife is needed.  Adhere the letter to the sunburst circle shape.

About 8 ft of 1/4 -inch wide black ribbon was used to string the banner pieces together. The ribbon was strung from front to back, across the back through the front and repeat with each of the remaining pieces.  Create a loop at each end of the ribbon to use as a hanger. To keep the pieces from sliding on the ribbon you can add a small piece of tape or a removable glue dot under the ribbon in the back once you have all the pieces on the ribbon and spaced as desired.   If desired, add additional embellishments.  Small buttons or beads or sequins could be added for additional interest if desired.

TIP:  If you were to reduce the size of each of the elements by 50%, you would have nearly a perfect size for a tiered tray banner.

Hang this banner as a focal piece for the front of the mantel.  Drape in a window or across the front of a staged holiday bookcase or in a wreath! There are lots of ways you can display garlands and banners throughout your living space.

We hope you have been inspired to create a banner of your own.  If so, be sure to share your make with us.  We love to see your projects.

Please visit Jan’s author page here at The Artistry for additional inspiration and past projects.  Or you can visit her blog.

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