Hop Into Spring With Some Easter Projects

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Posted on March 24, 2021 by Ronda Cook

Calling all paper crafters! There are so many unique ways to use the various elements on Creative Fabrica, and if you are a subscriber, the downloads are endless! Spring is on its way and with it comes Easter. Looking to send out some handmade cards? Or maybe you’re a scrapbooker looking at ideas for Easter layouts. Do-it-yourself home décor enthusiasts can create their own subway art or vinyl signs.

The first thing is to do a search on Creative Fabrica. Since we’re going to concentrate on an Easter theme this month, do a search on Easter. Once the results come up, you can narrow your search by selecting boxes on the left side of your screen. Maybe you’re only looking for fonts or digital papers (sometimes known as backgrounds). Download the elements that interest you, even if you may not use them.

Easy Homemade Cards

All you need to create a handmade card is 8 ½” x 11” white paper (not cardstock) and ink for your printer. No need for scissors, adhesives, or stamps.

I created my card on Canva, which I love, but you can also create your card on Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Pick what you’re used to working with. Whichever program you use, make sure the size dimensions are set to a vertical 8 ½” x 11”.

I like to insert a vertical and a horizontal line so that the blank “paper” is divided into four equal quadrants. I will remove these temporary guidelines before printing the card.

The front of the card will be created in the lower right quadrant. Upload the graphics and fonts you want to use and design away! You can resize any of your graphics to where they will retain the correct proportions by holding down the left button on your mouse and dragging the corner of the graphic.

If you want a sentiment for the inside of the card, type up or insert what you want on the upper left quadrant of the “paper,” BUT UPSIDE DOWN. Your graphic or text box has an arrow in the shape of circle which allows you to rotate your design or text.

Once you have your design the way you want it, be sure to remove any guidelines you inserted before printing. After printing your design, fold your paper perfectly in half horizontally so that you’re looking at the bottom 2 quadrants of the page (your card front will be on the right). Next fold your paper vertically so that the card front is on the outside and your sentiment is on the inside.

The finished card will measure 4 ¼” wide by 5 ½” long, which will fit many of the invitation size envelopes that can be found at craft and hobby stores, big box stores and office supply stores.

Here’s an example of an Easter card I created with Canva. I left the “guidelines” to provide a visual of what I’m talking about. Links to the graphics and fonts used are as follows:

Handmade Card Layout

Two-Page 12” x 12” Digital Scrapbook Layout

Picking out papers and embellishments for digital scrapbooking is no different from traditional scrapbooking. It’s just as fun to “shop” for all of the elements needed to complete your layout(s). Once again, there’s no need for a paper trimmer or adhesives!

I’m a proponent of scrapbook sketches for a couple of reasons. First, they are a HUGE time saver, and second, I have a basic design for my page(s) that I can customize to make my own. There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page trying to figure out how to design my pages.

There are sketchbooks on the market, but I find most of my inspiration on Pinterest. There are hundreds, if not thousands of scrapbook sketches on Pinterest. My starting point is the number of photos I want to include on my page(s), and the orientation of the photos (vertical or horizontal). I then glance through the sketches I have saved and can pick out something fairly quickly.

The sketch also gives me an idea on the number of different scrapbook papers and elements are used, but sometimes I change it up to customize it more to my liking.

Here is the sketch I started with:

Scrapbook Sketch

I try to use papers that coordinate with colors that are in the photos, if possible. I think it draws focus to the photos instead of the papers. This particular sketch gives the exact dimensions of the papers and some of the elements. Sometimes I like this and sometimes I just eyeball where I want the paper placed.

Here are the papers and elements I chose, along with the completed layout. I used papers from two different digital paper collections.

Easter Layout Page 1

Easter Layout Page 2

Again, I created this 2-page layout in Canva, and set up a custom size of 12” x 12” design area. Canva is simple to use and easy to learn. Once your layouts are completed, download and save them as printable PDFs. If your printer doesn’t accommodate 12” x 12” printing, I suggest you send the PDF file to an office supply store that offers printing.

Easter Subway Art

An inexpensive and fun way to decorate for each holiday is to create your own subway art or signs. Again, I get my inspiration from Pinterest, decide what phrases I want to use on my design, then look for fonts that tend to “match” the personality of the word or phrase.

Again, I chose Canva to create my Easter subway art. I decided on an 8” x 10” size so it should fit in a picture frame once printed out. I like to always include graphics in my subway art, but you can stick with words or phrases only.

I type out the words I’ve chosen and apply the font type I want to use. Then I play with the size of each word and whether I want the word vertical or horizontal. I leave spaces where I may want to insert a graphic depicting one of the words or phrases. It can be a bit tedious, but I don’t mind since it is something I enjoy. In fact, once I begin working on a creation, it’s hard for me to stop once mojo kicks in!

The last thing I do after getting the words and graphics placed is to choose the color of each word or phrase. I like to pull out the colors of the graphics and/or use colors that project a certain feeling or emotion. When I think of Spring or Easter, I think of pastel colors.

Here are the fonts and graphics I used:



And here is the completed project:

Easter Subway Art

You’ll want to download and save it as a printable PDF. When it comes to printing out your subway art, an important tip to remember is that if it is not an 8 ½” x 11” size, you’ll want to trim your cardstock to the size of the print and make sure your printer is set for the same size. Or you can send the PDF file to an office supply store that offers printing and let them do it for you.

Get Busy!

The many creations you can make are limited only by your imagination. Hop on over to Creative Fabrica to get started on your projects!

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