How to Create 3D Paper Stars in a Jar

How to Create 3D Paper Stars in a Jar main article image
Posted on October 11, 2021 by Kymmie J.

In today’s article, we will learn how to make 3D paper stars using strips of colored papers, fold them and collect them in a jar – perfect as a gift or for decoration.

How to get started:

1. Strips of colored paper

  • Any color will do, the more colored papers you have, the more stars you can create. The thicker the strip is, the bigger the size of the star we can create.

2. Scissors

  • For cutting the colored papers into strips

3. Any adhesive (glue / tape)

  • Although this is optional, you can use this to secure the ends of the paper.

4. A glass jar

  • Or any transparent container to collect and store the 3D stars. The bigger jar you have, the more stars you need to create.

This is a simple yet enjoyable project for anyone. The more stars you make, the more pretty your jar will look. 

Watch the video below on how to create your own 3D paper wishing stars in a jar

Written instructions:

  1. Prepare all necessary items
  2. Start by holding both ends of the paper and loop it around
  3. Pull gently until you can create a pentagon shape (5-sides)
  4. Flatten the sides
  5. You can either tuck or fold the excess shorter end or trim it with scissors
  6. Wrap and fold the long end on each side while maintaining the pentagon shape
  7. Once you reached the end, tuck it or use the adhesive to secure it
  8. Using your thumb and index finger, push the sides and make the points to create a puffy 3D star
  9. Pinch each corner of the pentagon
  10. Repeat and create more stars to fill up your glass jar

There are many ways on how you can use these stars for decoration, you can also display them in your craft room or kitchen, and even send them as party or wedding giveaways.

Enjoy and happy creating!

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Wendy Boulay

November 23, 2021

Oh I’ve always wanted to make these adorable little stars! Thank you! So many great ways to use these!

Kymmiejournals's profile picture

November 24, 2021


Happy to help! Enjoy creating cute stars!

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