How to Make 3D Christmas Cards: Easy Ideas with Tips

How to Make 3D Christmas Cards: Easy Ideas with Tips main article image
Posted on December 16, 2021 by Katsiaryna Sipakova

Oh, the Christmas season is jingle-belling all around us. I’m pretty sure that many of you have started preparing for it early. I did too, however, there is always something left for the last days. For me, these are greeting cards that accompany presents and are given in person.

This year I’ve decided to go for easy but not too simple-looking 3d cards. I hope, a couple of basic tips that do not include the most commonly used pop-up mechanism (which, I bet, is the triangle fold inside the card) will give you the inspiration to add more flair and interest to your cards in no time.

List of supplies 

  • Cardstock or heavy-duty paper
  • Acrylic markers or gel pens (I used Posca)
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Hobby knife or paper knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Some spare time and inspiration 🙂 

#1: 3D Christmas tree unfolding card

For this card, I used pastel paper of 2 colors: muted red and lime. They work really well together and are very close to the traditional Christmas color palette. Besides, I love the soft texture of the pastel paper – it adds some coziness and is pleasant to touch.

The muted red became a base. Its size is 29.5 x 16 cm (about 11.6 x 6.3 inches) and I folded it in half. So the size of the card is 14.8 x 16 cm. 

3D Christmas card with tree, red, green and gold

Then I’ve cut three pieces of my simplified and stylized Christmas tree from lime-colored paper. I wanted to add some playfulness to it and make the parts asymmetric. Of course, this is just an example and trees may have different shapes or a different number of pieces. Or these may be not trees at all – you know 🙂 

Then I took three tiny rectangles of muted red paper. On each of them, I made two cuts (on top and bottom) right where you would fold them in halves. Then I folded each rectangle and bent the “wings” of the cuts (like in the photo). 

Making paper stands for floating element in 3D card

These will be the stands for the three parts to make them float above the card base. We need to glue the halves and then stick the “wings” on one side to the card base and the other – to the tree part. One stand per piece. 

Then I used my golden Posca marker to write the text and add some details to the Christmas tree. 

Since my red paper is rather dark, I’ve decided to put a lime green rectangle on the inside to brighten it up. I will use this space to write some warm wishes to my friend for the holidays. 

#2. 3D house in silver snow

This card is more complicated to make, but it also looks more spectacular. I used cardstock of three colors to make it: silver, light blue, and a piece of gold. 

The final sizes of this card are 13 cm high, 10 cm wide, 1 cm deep.

3D Crhistmas card with a house and snow piles

For the base, I used a silver rectangle 23 x 13 cm (about 8.7 x 5.1 inches). The back part is 10 cm wide, as well as the front part (the snow piles). And we have 1 cm on both sides (plus 1 cm for the “wing” to glue the base closed). 

The final size of the house is 5 cm wide, 10 cm high, 0.5 cm deep. To make it, I used a blue rectangle 7 x 10 cm. Then I made two bends 0.5 cm from the left and right sides and then two other bends 0.5 cm from the first ones. 

The small golden rectangle which imitates the light in the window is floating above the base on the stand – the same as we made for the Christmas tree in card #1 above. 

3D winter holidays card with a pop-up house: side and bottom views

I’ve drawn and cut all the parts by hand using a regular hobby knife. However, you may try to find the fitted SVG designs from the Creative Fabrica marketplace and use your cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, or other) to cut them. 

This project is the hardest of three to assemble, but still fairly easy and should not take you more than 10 minutes to put all the parts together. Start assembling the card by placing the golden piece. Then put glue to the outer bends of the house and stick them above. The last step is closing and gluing the base. And voila! 

I’ve recorded a quick video showing the process of assembling:

#3. Super easy and fast 3D card

This one is the easiest and fastest to make, however, it looks stylish and somewhat unusual. I used golden cardstock, muted red pastel paper, and acrylic pens for the text. This color combination is also very typical for Christmas and gives the necessary mood and associations. 

No specific sizing is required for this card. Mine is fairly small – 10.5 x 9 cm (about 4.1 x 3.5 inches). The red part with the text is floating on two stands – please check the instructions to make them in card #1 above. 

Hand made greeting card with simple 3D elements

The only tip I would like to share here is notching the outer layer of your cardstock where you are going to fold it. It will help you prevent the card from looking creasy and will add a more professional flair to the final piece. 

Making of a simple 3D greeting card with floating element

And that’s it – as easy as that 🙂 Hope my projects have inspired you to try something new for this holiday season. These simple cards will not take much time to make but may bring lots of joy to your loved ones when they receive them. 

Happy holidays to you and yours! 

Ho-ho-ho 🙂 

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How to Make 3D Christmas Cards: Easy Ideas with Tips

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