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How to Make a 3D Paper Sunflower

How to Make a 3D Paper Sunflower main article image
Posted on July 7, 2021 by Creative Fabrica The Artistry


  • 3D Paper Sunflower
  • Cardboard sheets: two shades of yellow, two shades of brown, green and black.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Quilling tool
  • Modelling ball tool (optional)
  • Scoring tool
  • Stick
  • Paper molding mat

Crafting tools

Upload the images to Cricut Design Space

  • Log into Design Space
  • Click the Create New Project button
  • Click the Upload button
  • Click the Upload Image button
  • Click the Browse button and locate the SVG files for this project

The files will be uploaded to Design Space and will appear in the Uploaded Images gallery. From there you can access them and begin working on them.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, such as Cricut, you can print the shapes from the PDF files and cut them by hand.

Arrange the layers

Circut Design Space canvas

Select all the layers and ungroup them.

Cricut Design Space canvasSelect the layers containing all the dark brown pieces and attach them.

Cricut Design Space canvas

Do the same with the lighter brown pieces.

Cricut Design Space Canvas

And with the long black pieces.

Cricut Design Space Canvas

In order to save time, we are going to cut a few pieces of different colors at once. Select the lighter brown pieces and the dark yellow piece and set the material color option to black.

Cricut Design Space Canvas

Press the “make it” button. Move the different parts of the black mat to look like this:

Circut Design Space cutting mat

Make sure your mat is free from paper fibers and the adhesive is working well in order to prevent the work from being ruined by the cardboard being dragged by the Cricut knife while cutting, especially with the most intricate designs. Place the colored cardboard pieces according to this layout on your Cricut mat and start cutting.

Cricut Cutting Mat

Assemble the sunflower

Folding black cardboard strips

First, fold the black stripes. Insert one of the extreme ends into the slash of the quilling tool and start rolling, applying hot glue from time to time.

Quilling brown cardstock into a circle

Roll all the black pieces and brown pieces to make the center of the sunflower. Don’t let the stripes roll too tightly, or you will need to cut more of them in order to achieve the right dimensions.

Gluing brown car into a circular base shape

When you get to the end, apply hot glue, and attach to the circular black base.

Scoring a circle on yellow card

Press the tips outwards and score a circle around the external border of the yellow piece.

Bending tips of yellow card to create sunflower

Bend the tips with the help of a stick.

Attaching brown card circle to the middle of yellow card

Apply hot glue and attach the center to the yellow circle.

Curving petals of yellow cardboard sunflower

Apply hot glue and attach the center to the yellow circle. Use a ball tool to make the petals curve a bit (this step is optional).

Bending petals of yellow cardboard sunflower

Fold the petals towards the middle, then bend the petals outwards.

Gluing brown card to the center of yellow flower

Glue the petals and the center of the sunflower.

Folding green card to create leaf shape

Score a line in the middle of the leaf and fold the leaf using a stick to press.

Folding green card to create leaf shape

Score the nerves of the leaf, then apply hot glue and attach the sunflower to the leaf and sepals.

3D sunflower made form card

Project Ideas

3d sunflower made from card

Wooden 'home' sign with sunflower decoration

Assembly Video

Watch the video on how to assemble this craft as described above!

That’s it. Happy crafting!

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