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How to Make Paper Blossoms for Spring Crafts

How to Make Paper Blossoms for Spring Crafts main article image
Posted on March 12, 2022 by Zeldi Smulders

It’s that time of the year again for the northern hemisphere – springtime! After a long, cold winter the lovely blooms, extra sunlight, and blue skies are a welcome sight.

With this new season comes new energy, and an excitement to start crafting, be it to breathe new life into a home, bring some joy to a friend, or simply have fun! What better way to celebrate the new season than by making your own pretty blossoms?

Paper blossoms attached to thin branches arranged in a vase

These blossoms are so easy to make and require only a few basic craft supplies. They are also quite inexpensive to make, and you will surely be able to get a lot of paper blossoms out of the standard sizes craft paper come in, allowing you the luxury of having a few practise rounds before you fold them like a pro!

For this project, you will need the following:

  • A ruler
  • Scissors/craft knife
  • A pencil
  • Pink ink pad
  • Yellow ink pad
  • Crepe paper
  • White paper

For the flower petals:

  1. Start by cutting out 5×5 cm squares of the white paper. Use thin paper that can fold easily. Thicker craft paper will make unsightly cracked fold lines and will get progressively harder to fold as you move on to the smaller sized folds.
  2. Fold the square from corner to corner to make a triangle. Repeat this process 3 times, each time making a triangle by folding the piece in half from one corner to the other diagonally.
  3. Draw a single petal shape on the triangle with the smallest part of the petal starting from the corner of the triangle. One side of the triangle should have an open fold and the other closed. If you draw it with both sides open, you won’t get a complete flower after you have folded it open.
  4. Draw a small triangular gap in the rounded part of the petal to give the petal that blossom shape.
  5. Cut out along the lines. You can use your first petal shape as a guide for the other triangles so that they are all the same size, but this is not too important. Take care to cut the petals into a more rounded shape if it turned out to be a little bit sharp after your first cut.
  6. Cut off a very small tip of the petal’s angular part. It’ll make a small hole in the middle of the bloom so that the stamen can be inserted there later on.
  7. You can now fold the blossoms open, but then you will have to fold the bloom shape in half again so that it looks like half a blossom. This shape makes it easier to apply the colour in the next step.
  8. Use a pink ink pad to colour the insides of the flower, focusing the pink colour on the inside of the blossom and going lighter with the colour as you progress towards to outer part of the blossoms.
  9. Now, fold the flower open completely and set it aside.

    The process of creating paper blossoms from a paper square

For the stamen:

  1. Take the white crepe paper and cut pieces that are about 2.5 cm wide and as long as you would like the stem to be, keeping in mind that you will use a section to cut stamen of about 1 cm.
  2. Fold those white rectangular pieces in half vertically.
  3. Use scissors to create stamen by cutting about 1 cm deep slits on one side and keeping the cuts very close to each other so that it creates fine strips.
  4. Use a yellow ink pad to colour the tips of the cut crepe paper, focusing the yellow colour on the tips of the paper and a bit lighter to the base part of the stamen.
  5. Using your fingers, scrunch the area under the cut slits to bring the paper together while keeping the stamen part intact. Starting from there, start rolling the crepe paper up so that it forms a rolled-up, rope-like piece.

    The process of creating stamen from snippets of crepe paper

Assemble the paper blossom:

  1. Cut out two of the petals or a ‘heart’ so that there are only a total of 6 petals remaining.
  2. Cut small slits next to each petal so that they can be more flexible and get a natural bend (about halfway in vertically, along the fold lines).
  3. Insert the stamen you created into the hole found in the middle part of the petal arrangement with the missing petals.
  4. You will paste two petals over each other to close up the blossom shape. Take the petal you will paste over the other and cut off its top part so that it will be less visible (using the slits that were cut in a previous step as a guide of where to stop). This will give the flower a better look as one petal will not be thicker than the other ones. 
  5. Put a small drop of glue on the remaining part of the petal’s backside.
  6. Paste that petal over the other free petal with the stamen secured in the middle of the blossom. Don’t worry if you still notice the half petal as the stamen will cover the remaining part.
  7. As a final touch, use your fingers to curl the flower petals outwards to give them a more natural look. Be careful with the paper as these flowers can be quite fragile!

    The process of assembling paper petals and stamen to make blossoms

Remember, flowers look different, so don’t worry if yours don’t all look the same. In fact, it’ll probably make your crafts look more natural if they do differ. A different shape for a petal, a thicker stem, or a lighter colour can bring something special to the project and complete the picture.

Pretty easy, right? Now that you know how to make the paper blossoms and have produced as many as you want, you can decide what to do with them. Depending on your answer, you can keep the stem part long, cut it short, or curl it up so that it is easier to paste the blossoms on a flat surface. 

You can maybe think of using these flowers on a card or as a decorative element on a wrapped gift. You can also take some small thin branches and attach the blossoms to them to create a nice display item that you can put in a vase. Take a walk outside to get some inspiration or google what an arrangement like this might look like. See an example below.

Paper blossoms attached to thin branches and arranged in a vase

Even if these blossoms don’t like being fiddled with too much, you at least know they can never die!
Don’t feel like making your own? Browse through Creative Fabrica’s collection from talented designers who have already created beautiful blossom designs for you in the form of print templates, illustrations, patterns, crafts, and more.

What are your favourite spring crafts? Are you going to make some paper blossoms this year? Share your plans in the comment section below!

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How to Make Paper Blossoms for Spring Crafts

1 Comment
Joseph Pianta

March 12, 2022

beautiful 🌸 🌸 🌸

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