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It’s a Scroll Book… Just Look Inside.

It’s a Scroll Book… Just Look Inside. main article image
Posted on April 21, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Creating this scroll box in a book was such a fun make.  Depending on how you choose to decorate, embellish and all of that you will be making a one-of-a-kind piece… not exactly like this one nor anyone else’s.  Each will be slightly different.

The finished size of the sample project is, Front Cover: 3 ¾ inches wide (not including the extending skewers) x 7 ¾ inches (you’ll need to measure the inside box for the spine and add another piece for the back cover); Inside box with scroll:  3 ½ inches wide x 6 ¼ inches in height –

For this project, the following files were used: 

Watercolor Meadow Flowers Digital Paper

Tileable Background Paper Texture Summer

This project is for intermediate or advanced crafters.   

You’ll need:
electronic cutting machine (Skycut C24 and SCAL 5 Pro were used)
cardstock; copy paper
double-sided tape
chipboard for the book cover

You’ll also need:

bamboo skewers (6-inches)
Wire cutters
Hole punch or eyelet punch
beads (clay, glass, paper, plastic) for the ends of the skewers
Embellishment Materials for cover as desired


For paper boxes:  Using Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Blender, create a 3D box using the dimensions of the box sides, top and bottom you desire to create.  Follow any additional steps needed to save and import your file into SCAL.  Once the file has been imported, highlight the pieces (individually or as a whole group) as desired, using the Pattern option in the Styles palette, fill with the desired image.  Print.  Cut the bottom and top pieces, following the software’s instructions for your machine.  Score and fold along the score lines.  Assemble and close the boxes.  You will have 2 side pieces and a top and bottom piece. 

To assemble the box, line up the edge of one of the bottom pieces and a side piece.  Make sure they are at a 90o angle and adhere in place. 

Using glue will give you a little time to adjust to make sure that the angle is spot on.  Allow to bond.  Glue the other side piece to the other side as shown below.  Finish by adding the other bottom piece.  Let dry.

Create your scroll.  Make sure that the width of the scroll is about ½ less than the width of the inside of the box you just created.  For the box made in this sample, the width of the scroll was 2 ½ inches.  Yours may be a slightly different width. 

A strip approximately 9 1/2 inches long was filled with a background image and the floral image added to the background.  Add text as desired.  Set the text to Print.  Feel free to personalize using your own handwriting. 

The scroll piece used for this sample was printed on plain copy paper.  It’s light enough to roll and doesn’t wrinkle.  It will hold the shape of the roll much easier than heavier paper. 

You can hand cut, use a paper trimmer, or let your machine do the cutting following the print to cut print settings for your machine and settings for the paper you’re using.

Once the paper has been cut, adhere a strip of double stick tape to the upper edge on the back side of the scroll.  Leave the release paper in place.  Add an additional piece of double stick tape to the bottom edge of the scroll, leaving the release paper in place. 

Slide a skewer through the upper set of holes in the sides of your box.  Place another skewer in the bottom set of holes.  You will need about ¾ of an inch extending beyond the box on the right side.  Leave about 1 inch extending beyond the left side as both skewers will be threaded through the spine of the cover if you choose to add a cover.   Otherwise, leave ¾ of an inch on both sides.  Mark the skewers and remove from the box.  You can use the wire cutters to clip off the excess wood of the skewer.  If you need to sand the edge, do it now. 

Make the cover of the book, now, if you want to have a cover.  The chipboard used for this cover was thin.  The chipboard was covered with a piece of cardstock, but you could use fabric or any other material suited to your project.  Mark and punch the holes in the spine, lining them up with the holes in the scroll box.

Place 2 strips of glue or heavy-duty double-stick tape on the left side of the box.  This will attach directly to the spine of the cover.  If you’re not using a cover, this step can be skipped.

Add a strip of tape to each of the edges of the back of the box.  The box will adhere to the inside back of the cover if you’re adding the cover.  If not, skip this step. 

Make sure that you line up the holes with the spine of the cover.  Remove the release tape from the back of the box and adhere it to the inside back cover.   Rethread the skewers through the box and into the cover. 

To add the scroll, prepare the tape on the upper edge.  Wrap carefully around the top skewer, making sure it is centered and hanging straight.  Repeat the process for the bottom edge.  Once both edges are secure, begin winding the strip – you can go either way.  Then to finish training the paper, unwind from the top and wind to the bottom.  You may need to train the paper a little more using both skewers to get the winding to go a little more freely.

Secure the beads using heavy-duty glue to each end of the skewers.  Let dry, before proceeding to the next step.

You can decorate the inside cover by adding a strip of the floral paper using the same image you chose for the scroll.  You can add a personalized message there as well.  Be sure to sign and date your project. 

For the front cover, a mixed media option was used.  Stencils, texture paste, paint, Pearl Ex and more we used. 

You can do anything you want – even leave it plain! 

We hope that you will give this a try!  And if you do, please share with us.  Be sure to tag #creativefabrica and #nurtureyrheart if posting to Facebook or Instagram.  We’d love to see your take. 

For additional inspiration, please visit Jan’s author page here or her blog

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