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July’s Interchangeable Element

July’s Interchangeable Element main article image
Posted on April 14, 2022 by Jan Hunter

A recent cold snap has us thinking about warmer weather…. Much warmer weather and a day at the lake or bay are highly anticipated.  This thought is the perfect idea to create a beach scene for July’s sign element.

For this project you’ll need one central file and a couple of stencils.  If you don’t have the suggested stencils, you can make your own, using stencil material or heavy cardstock.  

Beach Umbrellas for the Shade

You’ll also need:
electronic cutting machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL 5 Pro)
pop dots
2-inch wooden square
1 ½ inch loop side of hook and loop tape
E6000 glue
Glue (clear drying)
Scor-Tape (optional)
Stencils (waves – found here on Creative Fabrica) Clouds – in stash
White gel pen
Silver Sharpie Marker

Let’s get started:
From the library, place a circle on the mat.  Size to 5 inches.  This circle and two additional circles will be cut using white cardstock (smooth).  Before cutting, however, using the Node Tool in SCAL, draw a line across the circle just below the halfway mark.  Add nodes as desired to create your sandscape making sure the new line intersects both sides of the circle. (You will use both pieces of this circle) Then cut the 3 circles. 

Open the umbrella file.  Size to fit (we wanted the umbrella to be just larger than the circle). 

Ungroup and create blackout shadows for each of the pieces of the umbrella.  You won’t need anything but those shadows for this version of the umbrella.   Create a blackout shadow for the chaise and for the cushion.  Again, delete the line version once you’ve created the shadows.  Cut and set these pieces aside.

Using ink and blender tool, add color to the sand (bottom) portion of the circle you have cut in “half.”  If you prefer a real sand feel, you can use some sandpaper on which you’ve traced the outline and cut it OR glue real sand to the paper.  You could also emboss with some texture plates if you don’t want to deal with that mess.    Set aside.

With a pencil, lightly draw a line of horizon on the upper piece of the circle half.  Using the wave stencil and 3 shades of blue, ink in the waves.  Add some white peaks to the waves if you’d like with the gel pen. 

Add clouds using the stencil.  It’s generally overcast here when we visit the lake – but the air is warm, so even with clouds, it’s a great day to get a little bit of fresh air.  You could use a lighter blue if you’d prefer and add some sunshine to the upper portion of the image if you’d like.  Make it your own.

Using glue or tape, adhere the sand and sky to one of the other 2 circles you cut from white paper.  Let dry if you’re using glue.  Once dry, add that third circle.  You’ll have a little bit of dimension.

Cut a circle that is 1 inch larger than the original 3 circles you cut (6 inches).  Cut in a color that coordinates with your image or a contrast color that will “pop” the images a bit more.  Set aside. 

Assemble the umbrella.  The two bottom pieces were held in place with a piece of tape until the pole was glued to the centers.  The two side pieces on the bottom layer were tucked under slightly and adhere with a thin line of glue.  Allow to dry. 

Line the two upper side pieces with the bottom side pieces.  Using a very thin line of glue on the outer edge, glue in place.  Lift the inner edges just a bit and slide a small piece of foam tape to lift the inner edges just a bit.  Before adding the top front piece of the umbrella, add the smaller piece of the pole.  It should stick just slightly above the top piece.  Add some foam tape to the underside of the top front piece of the umbrella.  Adhere in place.  Your umbrella is now complete. 

Ink the edges of the chaise cushion and for a little more delineation of the back cushion, you can draw a light line with a pencil giving a little more depth to the cushion.  Glue the cushion to the chaise base.  Add additional inking if desired. 

Adhere the umbrella to the circles.  Add the chaise and the front of the July element is now complete.  You may have some overlap of the edges. 

If you used glue to adhere, let dry before the next steps. 

Center the 6-inch circle behind the front piece you just completed and glue it in place.  The umbrella and a portion of the chaise may still extend beyond the borders of this circle.  That’s okay.  Let the glue dry completely.  If you experience any warping, place the piece under a heavy book for several hours.  This should flatten out the back.  If the foam tape is a little crushed, watch it for a bit and if it doesn’t lift, you can use a pair of tweezers to raise the pieces a little and add some new foam tape. 

On the back of the largest circle (the element back), you’re going to use some E6000 and glue the 2-inch wood square in the center. You shouldn’t need to use any weight at this point – just check it after about 3 minutes to make sure that all the corners are adhering to the paper.  Let dry for a couple of hours.

As done previously, Add the loop tape to the hook tape on the woodblock of your HOME sign.  Remove the release tape from the adhesive side of the tape.  With the woodblock laying on a flat surface, center your new element on the block and press down lightly.  You want to be able to pull the tape away from the hook side and then press more heavily on the wood square on the back of the element to secure the tape.  If you find the tape isn’t secure enough, using a pencil, draw around the element and remove the tape.  Apply a small amount of E6000 to the square within the drawn lines.  Re-apply the tape and let dry for a couple of additional hours. 

Your new element is ready to use! 

Below is an image of all the components we’ve created this far for our HOME sign.  We hope you’re inspired to create this or something of you own making. 

Be sure to share your makes with us and I’d love it if you’d tag me #nurtureyrheart and #creativefabrica on Facebook or Instagram. 

You’ll find more inspiration on my author’s page or my blog

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