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June’s element for your HOME sign

June’s element for your HOME sign main article image
Posted on April 9, 2022 by Jan Hunter

This multi-piece sign welcomes each visitor to our home.  It’s fun to change out the “o” in HOME every month and celebrate with our family, friends, and guests.  The interchangeable element for June uses 2 files from Creative Fabrica. This element is relatively quick and easy to put together and have ready for use. So, let’s get started.

You’ll need these two files from Creative Fabrica:

Lemons and Lemonade SVG Files


You’ll also need:

Electronic cutting machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL 5 Pro)
Cardstock (AC Cardstock, smooth and textured, Stampin’ Up!)
Glue (Bearly Art)
E6000 glue
Dimensional Glaze (Mod Podge)
Outdoor Glaze (Mod Podge) – optional
Marker  – optional
2 inch wood square
1 ½ inch strip of loop tape (you won’t need the hook part of the tape)
Wood pieces for HOME sign (see original article here)

Let’s do the cutting first:

WATERMELON:  Download, unzip and open the software and file folder for the watermelon. Drag or import the file to the mat. Resize to fit on wood piece. The watermelon is a little larger than most of the previous designs and will be tilted to the side. Once you’ve finished resizing, you’ll need to ungroup the image for the layers. Place the layers on the mat and choose your paper colors. Cut each of the elements, cutting 2 of the back layer for a little extra overall sturdiness.

LEMONADE:  Open the file for the glass of lemonade.  No change in sizing was done.  Highlight the image once you’ve imported it to the mat.  In the Effects tab, choose Shadow Layer and create a background shadow (filled) at 0.00 in the window.  You want the shadow to be the same size as the original cut.  Cut the shadow layer in yellow and the original layer in white.


Assemble the lemonade glass.  The original cut is an intricate piece in places for some cutters, adjust the machine’s speed a bit.  If you did decide to reduce the size of the original cut, be aware that the edges are pretty thin.  Once cut, you’ll need to handle the paper cut with care.  Reverse the image and apply a light coat of glue and adhere to the shadow layer, lining up edges for a clean finish.

Assemble the watermelon, starting with the outer rind pieces and working your way in, using a light coat of glue.  Use only 1 of the base pieces. Let dry.  If needed, place under a heavy book to keep the piece(s) flat.

When dry, add some dimensional glaze to the glass of lemonade and the watermelon (seeds).  Let dry for about 3 hours.  If you want additional dimension, add another layer of the glaze and let dry making sure the glaze has dried thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

For a little more depth on the lemonade glass, using a yellow marker, add some additional details and color as desired.  It also makes the dimensional glaze pop a little more with the added shadows.

If your sign pieces will be in a sheltered area, but may be exposed to weather, you’ll also want to put a coat or two of Mod Podge Outdoor on the pieces, front and back following the directions of the manufacturer.  If your pieces will be indoors, you can opt not to seal them or you can use a Mod Podge sealer if desired for a little added protection.

Once the finish, if used, has dried, glue the watermelon and glass of lemonade together as shown below.  Now is the time to use that second piece of black.  Glue that one using a light layer of glue. This will give a little more strength to the whole unit. If you see any warping or curling, place a heavy book on top and let dry a little longer to flatten.

The next step is to glue the wood square to the back of your combined piece using the E6000. Allow the glue to dry for at least an hour.  It should be secure enough to complete the next step.  You can check to see if the square moves in any direction by lightly pushing one of the corners.  If it’s dried enough, it won’t move or tear the underlying papers.

Grab the block from your HOME set with the hook tape on it, place the loop tape on the hook tape and remove the backing from the tape.  Lay your new décor piece on top and press lightly to secure the loop tape to the wood square on the back.   Carefully, lift the piece with the tape with your fingers helping to separate the loops from the hook tape and turn over so the loop tape is facing you.  Press the tape firmly to the wood square.  If you feel you might need a little extra adherence, mark the edges of where the tape is supposed to go and peel the tape off.  Add some E6000 to the square within the markings you just made and replace the tape, press firmly into the glue and allow to dry for several hours.

Once dry, your new element is ready to celebrate June and the start of summer activities.

Enjoy your new addition to your “calendar” of elements. We’re looking forward to some summer fun and hope you are too!

Let’s Celebrate!  You now have elements for the first half of the calendar year!

Now that we’re halfway done there are only six more elements to come.

You’ll find the details for each of the previously introduced elements at the links below.
January’s Snowflake is here

Layered Heart for February
Shamrock and Flower filled boot for March and April
Sweet Truck – introduced here for May

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Feel free to leave a comment or reach out if you have questions.  We love hearing from you.

If you make this element or any of the others, be sure to share and tag me #nurtureyrheart and @CreativeFabrica in your posts on Facebook or Instagram.

For more inspiration, please visit my author’s page or my blog.

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