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‘La Guadalupana’ Poster Card by Fanni Mayo

Mexican Scrapbooker Fanni Mayo, makes one of her beautiful creations!

On December 12th, Mexicans and Latin Americans celebrate the day of the ‘Virgin of Guadalupe’, better known as “Guadalupana”. The Virgins veneration was rumored to appear four times to “Chichimeca” indigenous Juan Diego in 1531, above the hills of Tepeyac, near present-day Mexico City.

On this special date for Latin Americans, we couldn’t miss the chance to ask our dear “Amiguita” – the Mexican Scrapbooker Fanni Mayo, – to make one of her beautiful creations, inspiring on this special celebration using one of our amazing Crafts from our lovely Mexican category and share it with our community of crafters worldwide.


“I am Catholic and I studied in a college of nuns all my academic training, so for me, this project has a very special value. Not only for the special affection that I have for La Guadalupana Virgin but also because it is a way to honor those beautiful moments that I lived as a child when doing projects inspired by the “Guadalupana.”

Supplies needed:

How to create ‘La Guadalupana’ Poster Card

1. We chose the white card stock and trimmed the previously printed virgin carefully with scissors.

2. We cut the printed flowers,  giving the little shapes a more natural edge with a handy popsicle.

3. Then, we Pierced the small and large flowers in the tones wanted with flower-shaped paper cutters.

4. We painted the background with our watercolors and brushes in several thick lines, to give a transparent appearance and made some splashes with the brush to bring out the droplets.

5. We pasted the foam dots to our virgin, arranging the flower designs underneath and around her.

6. Ready! We have a pretty little Virgin of Guadalupe with watercolor flowers for this lovely celebration.

Don’t forget to follow Fanni on her social media channels where you can find more about her (and her amazing work!):

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fannimayo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fannimayo/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/fannimayo

Website: www.fannimayo.com




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