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Learn the techniques of book folding

Easy tips & tricks on how to master book folding.

Book folding is an artform that is just as fun as it sounds! With different techniques you can fold books to create artworks which will look terrific as decorations or as the perfect gift for friends.

In this tutorial, crafter Dannielle from PreMadeReMade guides us through some of her best techniques and tips on how to book fold! 

How to book fold: Step-by-step by Dannielle

Welcome to the wonderful world of book folding!

Creating a folded book is quite easy, it can just be very time consuming. In each step of the tutorial you can find Youtube videos, showing you how to do the different types of patterns that are available in my Etsy shop. There are other ways, but they require you to print out images, which in turn ends up costing money in paper and printer ink.

Materials needed:

Optional: You will eventually need a small heavy object to hold your pages down as you progress. I use a block of wood.

Techniques for book folding

Measure, Mark and Fold

The video below shows you how to fold a regular measure, mark & fold pattern, using a paper ruler.

The woman in this video doesn’t mark her pages. Until you get the hang of it, I highly recommend that you do. It will make your life easier should you get distracted.

Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold

(3 different styles)

Regular Cut & Fold 

Inverted Cut & Fold

Shadow Fold

This video shows you how to complete a Measure, Mark, Cut & Fold.

In the video, the designer uses “inset pages.” Some patterns use them, some don’t.

Combination Fold

This video shows you how to complete a combination fold.

These are great for utilizing books with a smaller page count and are usually very detailed.

Tips before you start 

A tip for all types of cut & fold patterns: make a mark on your scissors that is 1 cm deep. When you begin to cut the pages, always cut to the depth of the mark and your cuts will all be even.

If you start a fold with a specific ruler, be sure to finish it with the same ruler. Otherwise you risk your pattern being “off.”

No fold and half fold

Sometimes a pattern will have No Fold or Half Fold.

No folds are exactly that. You don’t fold the page at all. They are always at the beginning and ending of a pattern. They help to center a pattern in a book.

When it comes to half folds, you can do one of a few things:

  • You can either fold each corner of that page to meet in the middle, to form a point. Then fold the point to the spine of the book.
  • You can simply cut that page out
  • Ignore the Half fold line and move onto the next measurement (This is what I do).

How to center your pattern

Most patterns are not designed for the book that you are using. To center your pattern use the following formula (below) That way you have an even amount of pages at the front and back of the book.

Your books page count – the patterns page count = extra pages divided by 2 = start page

As an example: 640 – 563 = 77 divided by 2 = 38.5 (round up to 39)

So you’d start on page 39.

Sometimes the two marks on your MMF patterns will be really high or low on the page. In those instances you’ll want to take a utility knife or razor blade and cut off some of the excess page. This will allow you to create a nice 90 degree fold.

Happy folding!

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