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Let the Magic Begin! A Book Lover’s Explosion Box

Let the Magic Begin! A Book Lover’s Explosion Box main article image
Posted on February 12, 2021 by Jan Hunter

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a guy can be difficult… However, this explosion box is adaptable to almost any hobby or interest, that when presented to the recipient, it will be most welcome. It appears to be nothing out of the ordinary on the outside… but it’s what is on the inside that counts!

This could be the perfect conversation piece for a “spellbound” book lover.

This is how your explosion box will look like when it’s ready! Continue to read this article to find out how.

To create this explosion box use these selections from Creative Fabrica

Dear Daddy Papers (by QueenBrat Digital Designs)

Book Lover Bundle – 12 Designs (by SVGExpress)

Dragon Lovers Mandala (by Weepy Willow Designs)

You’ll also need

  • Electronic die cutting machine and associated software (eclips2 and eCal3)
  • Hexagon Explosion Box SVG file Assembly instructions included with the file
  • Cardstock (you’ll need several pages of 12 x 12 for the box; a page for each of the panels  and an 8.5 x 11 for each book and tags.
  • Printed images from Dear Daddy (printed on 12 x 12 AC white textured cardstock)
  • ink and blender with pad (optional)
  • Attic Treasures SVG kit– book (
  • Quotes about books (from the internet and personal favorites)
  • Book Lover Bundle
  • Foil Quill (WRMK – standard tip, Brushed Gold foil)
  • Glue
  • Adhesive
  • Clear Sticker paper; suitable for Inkjet Printer (optional)
  • Other Embellishments as desired
  • Light Activated sound module* (Invite By Voice) (optional)

Cut out the base with your cutting machine

Using your electronic cutting machine and software, cut the base, insert 1, insert 2 and box lid using the card stock in a base color. Ink or chalk the edges if desired for a little more interest.

Cut the basic panels for the base, insert 1 and insert 2 and the box lid. Ink or chalk the edges for some additional depth to the project.

Cutting the inner panels (smaller panels) is next. You can use your software’s Print2Cut option to insert your favorite book quotes. Make sure you set the type to Print2Cut and print (be sure to check your preview option in the software as well as your printer settings in the software and printer before printing or cutting). Following the directions for your software, print, then cut the panels OR create a separate page, size, and print as stickers to add to the smaller panels after initial assembly.

Sticker TIP: You can add a blackout shadow (contour cut) in white to the image for a sticker like cut.

If using the Print2Cut features in your software, following the cutting, ink the edges if desired for more texture and interest.

Create the tags with the book quote

Repeat the same preferred process for the tags. The Book Lovers Bundle quotes are perfect for how this project.  Stickers were used for this step as well.

Once all of the panels and tags have been adhered –it’s time to begin the final assembly.  Several panels have been used for personal messages and are not shown.

Assemble with adhesive

Using your favorite adhesive, adhere the inserts to the base, insert 1 on top of the base and insert 2 on top of insert 1.  Adhere the inked panels to the box lid and glue the tabs to create the lid.

TIP: If using glue, be sure to let each layer dry before adding the next one. Too much glue or moisture may cause some warping. Double stick tape was used for this project.

As an added feature, a sound module was added to the underside of the box lid. This sound module is from – they are easy to record to and directions are included with every module.

Add the musical element

The module fits in the lid of the box. You can add a cover if desired, however, this box does not have one. If you were to add the small gift box also included in the cutting file, the sound module would need to be modified for use in the lid.  You can carefully separate the chip from the amplifier using a pair of scissors; being careful not to disconnect the wiring between the two pieces during installation.

The module in this project is light sensitive – when you open the lid, the music will play.

Decorate your explosion box

Adding embellishments to this project was an easy choice. BOOKS!  Small in size (original file size reduced 40%), but they will capture your attention when you check the details. Each of the books open to reveal a surprise – while not large enough to hold a gift card, a note referring to an envelope with the gift was left inside for the recipient to head to their favorite bookstore and online shop to get a new book or two or three.

Foil the book fronts as desired using the Foil Quill.  Every cutting machine uses a different adapter. Be sure to set each of the designs you use to pen or draw. Check your software’s preview option to make sure each of the designs has been set correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to foil your design. The book used on the top on the box lid uses a star shape from the library of the software used with the associated cutting machine. The size of the star is 0.100

The dragon mandala that decorates the top book in the stack inside the box is from Creative Fabrica and is beautiful on the cover of the book.

There’s still lots of detail in the reduced size of SVG file.

For an overview of the entire box:

Get creative with making your own explosion box

The layered explosion box has so many options. And you can adapt the box to meet any occasion by changing the papers and embellishments. Add pockets or mini albums to the insert walls.  And guy versions can be lots of fun!  Think holidays, tools, wheels, hobbies, camping, fishing and more. Creative Fabrica has a fabulous “library” of options to choose from browse the “racks” for a while. You won’t come away disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by and if you happen to create your own version of an explosion box, we’d love to see what you make. Happy crafting!

*Music for this project is licensed by the article’s author for commercial use.

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26X Added to favorites

Sandy Stark

August 20, 2021

You constantly amazing me with the details you put into every project. I love it!

Jan Hunter's profile picture
Jan Hunter

August 21, 2021


Thanks, Sandy. the file you created is certainly a great base to work with!


February 19, 2021

Wonderful job, Jan! This is just lovely! Excellent!!

Jan Hunter's profile picture
Jan Hunter

February 20, 2021


Thanks, Mike. Happy Crafting to you!

Deb Maurer

February 13, 2021

This is just fabulous, Jan! Love it so much!

Jan Hunter's profile picture
Jan Hunter

February 13, 2021


Thanks, Deb. It was so much fun to create with digital papers and images from Creative Fabrica.

Loooving this project Jan! The details are so cool, and whoever is getting a personal gift such as this is a lucky person.

Jan Hunter's profile picture
Jan Hunter

February 12, 2021


Thanks, Linnea. I'm so happy you like this one.

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