How To Create Magnetized Bookmarks

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Posted on September 1, 2021 by Jan Hunter

These fun bookmarks are great for anyone that loves the feel of a book in their hands.  They are great to “hold” your place in a textbook or mark that upcoming assignment… AND they’re great for using in a planner or journal.

Supplies needed:

  • Digital images
  • Cardstock (Neenah 110 lb white)
  • Printer
  • Electronic die cutting machine & associated software (Skycut, SCAL 5 Pro 5.063)
  • Magnet sheet or old fridge magnet
  • Xyron X with permanent adhesive or E6000 glue

Choose your images.  There are thousands of images to pick from at Creative Fabrica! For these samples, the following collections were chosen:

Ballerina Ballet Dancers – Designer: kabankova

Books Clipart – Designer: Architeckt_AT

Watercolor Sunflower Clipart Bundle – Designer:  nattapohncha

and Sunflower Paper Pack – Designer:  LeCoqDesign

Here is a video of the complete process:

Create your project:

This is covered in the video from the beginning, up until 10:21. 

Open the software.  Open the library if it’s not already open.  Choose the horizontal rectangle.  Resize to 2” x 1”.  If you’d like to add some color or a pattern to the rectangle, choose the Fill & Stroke palette (artists’ palette icon on the right side of the window).  Choose Fill and select pattern.  Select Load Image and find the pattern you wish to use. Set the size to 2 x 2.  choose Preview.  Select OK.  Click on Stroke and choose None.

From the file dropdown, choose Import.  Select the png version of the digital image you want to use, choose Open.  Resize when the image has loaded on the mat. Choose the wrench icon (Styles Palette) and change the cut line to Print + Cut Print if that has not already been selected.  If desired, you can copy and paste an additional image to the mat, flip it vertically and horizontally if there is text included.

Move the images to the horizontal rectangle and place them near the edge on opposite ends, but allowing some overage.  Select all three images.  Choose the Styles palette and select the Move to Selection option and click on the Center Horizontal icon

Click on Preview  – Check those cut lines.  Additional changes may need to be made.

The next step is to add a shadow behind each of the imported images.  Highlight one of the images, then click on Effects in the toolbar; choose Shadow Layer/Contour Cut.  Choose Print + Cut Outline shadow.  The default setting is .050. Change the setting to 0.00.  Change the color to white.  Repeat for the second image.  The shadow layer will be behind the image, however, the shadow may not be behind the rectangle.  You’ll need to move both shadows behind the rectangle.  Using the Shift key, click on each of the shadow images and the rectangle.  All three pieces should be highlighted.  Click on the wrench icon and click on ‘weld’.  This will make the three images linked as one.  You will still be able to make adjustments.  TIP:  If you’ve turned off any CUT layers, you’ll need to turn them back on. 

Click on the Preview image showing the cutting lines.  Red lines should show on the exterior of the image for cutting.

If necessary, make any adjustments. Save your project. 

Check preview again.  If you’re satisfied, open the File dropdown and choose Page Setup.  Select the printer – Choose the paper size (US Letter was used in this project).  Click OK.  Click the cutting icon and select Print & Cut in the cutting window (lower left corner).  It’s also important to make sure that your printer default is also set to the same size of paper if you will be using a tray different from the main train.

Print + Cut

The next step is to print.  Choose the Cutting icon on the bar and select Print + Cut in the lower left of the cutting window. 

Make sure all the settings are correct before you choose print.

Make sure that the correct printer tray is selected and paper is selected if you’re using a specialty paper.  Click Print.

Following the Print + Cut directions for your software, cut the image and remove it from the mat.  (Refer to video if needed – 0:25 – 13:20)

Bookmark Assembly

This part is covered in the video from 13:28 – 20:00. Fold the cut image in half.  Images should match or nearly match at the bottom edges.  Images that have a larger shadow will match easily.  Those with more detailed edges may be a little off.

Cut the magnet material to a size that will work with your image.  You’ll need two pieces. If your magnet material does not have adhesive on one side, you can place the magnet in the Xyron X and run it through there.  The Xyron places an edge-to-edge adhesive layer on the back of the magnet and you can then place the magnet with the adhesive side down on the wrong side of the image.  Lay the second magnet on top of the first with the adhesive side right side up.  The magnet may not want to attach to the bottom magnet.  Just turn it in the opposite direction and you should see a different result.

VOILA!  Your bookmark is finished!  These are fun, quick to make, and are fun items to have around the house, desk, or in the classroom.  They can be personalized as well.

TIP:  For additional durability, you can laminate the image front, or front and back, using some peel and stick laminate cut to the size of the image BEFORE cutting.  Do not cover any registration marks that have been printed.  Make adjustments for the additional thickness of your cutting material (blade depth and pressure may need to be adjusted). Follow the directions above for printing and cutting.  Once cut, fold in half, use E6000 to secure the magnets to the back of the image.  Allow to dry thoroughly before using.

We’d love to see any bookmarks you create — be sure to share them with us.  You’ll find additional inspiration on Jan’s Artistry Author page and on her blog.

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