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Make a "Bee In The Moment" Bookmark with Cricut

Make a "Bee In The Moment" Bookmark with Cricut main article image
Posted on March 18, 2021 by Wendy Boulay


Warmer days are fast approaching, and there is nothing quite like grabbing a book and heading outside for a little afternoon reading on your patio. This adorable bee-themed bookmark whips together easily and takes very little time to make, leaving you the rest of the day for getting lost in your favorite book!

Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock (I used 80lb matte white)
  • Digital paper: Serenity Bee (or other)
  • Laminating pouches and laminator (or self-sealing) 
  • Clear drying glue (such as Mod Podge) 
  • Embellishments (mini gems, rhinestones, tassels, etc.)
  • String, yarn, or other tassel attachment
  • Cricut metallic markers (or another brand with pen adapter)
  • Craft knife or trimmer
  • Cutting mat
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 (or another cutting machine)

Creating Your “Bee in the Moment” Bookmark – Printing Your Digital Paper

The first thing you will want to do before anything else is select and print off your digital paper. You definitely want plenty of time for the printout to dry so that there’s no smudging while you work with it. Go ahead and choose your paper style. I am in love with this Serenity Bee digital paper from Creative Fabrica. It comes with 18 patterns that you can choose from and the metallic accents really “shine” on bright white cardstock. Printing digital paper is extremely easy – Simply open the paper file, adjust your printer settings (paper size, best quality, and paper type), and then print it out on each side of your cardstock. Once printed, leave it on the tray to completely dry while you work in Design Space.


Creating Your Bookmark in Design Space

Open up Design Space and, from the shapes library, insert a square. Unlock it and resize it to the standard bookmark size which is 2 inches wide x 6 inches in length, then lock it back up again so that it doesn’t accidentally lose its shape and size while you’re working. For this bookmark, we are using a “bee” theme to continue with some crafty spring spirit, so from the images library search for a bee that you like and insert it into your canvas. I used a simple (and free) image, then contoured it so that it would only cut out a silhouette. To do this, select the contour button and click on any inside details so that they will not cut. Next, size and rotate the bee to fit nicely at the top of your bookmark – keeping a good distance from the edge for later punching in a hole for your tassel. 


Now that you have the bee placed where you want it, slice and delete the extra pieces so that you are left with a cutout of the bee only. Rotate the bookmark 90 degrees.

At this point, you can create your text. I chose “bee in the moment” using the Cricut sans font – but as always I encourage you to use your imagination! If you would like to make this same design, insert a text field and type “bee in the” then duplicate it and type “moment”. By creating two separate text fields, you can now curve the “bee in the” and leave “moment” straight. Reduce the letter-spacing as needed and adjust your placements. Now align > center horizontally, then group and place on your bookmark.

  • Remember! Make sure you change the text to Draw otherwise Cricut will cut out your words instead – we don’t want that! 

Now you are ready to cut and draw! Insert your metallic marker into Clamp A. If you are using a brand other than Cricut, first remove your Cricut pen adapter and insert your custom adapter. I used a Sharpie metallic gold paint marker so I changed my adapter with one that I bought on Amazon. Once your pen and fine point blade are loaded and ready, attach and select make it.

Weeding and Coloring

When your project is finished drawing and cutting, wait about 5 minutes before weeding to ensure that your marker is dry. Using your spatula, carefully lift the bookmark off of the mat. Don’t throw away the bee cutout as you can use that too! The writing on your bookmark is only the outline; you can leave it like this or to really make it pop, you can go ahead and color it in as I did. To add even more gold accents you can take the bee that you weeded earlier and color it in on both sides as well. As I used a sharpie gold paint marker I gave everything two coats.


While you are waiting for your metallic marker ink to dry on your bookmark, turn on your laminator and let it heat up; if you do not have a thermal laminator, grab your self sealing pouches.

Once your bookmark and bee are dry, place the bee slightly off-center in the cut-out area on the bookmark. I put the point of the bee inside towards the back while having the antenna and top wings on the front side. Carefully place it in your pouch and laminate it according to your machine’s instructions.

  • Laminating Tip: When the pouch is finished laminating, quickly (and carefully…it’s very warm) move it under a heavy book while it cools. This helps to avoid any warping from the heat.

After your bookmark has cooled, you can now trim away the excess plastic with your craft knife or portable trimmer; be sure to leave a small edge to keep your bookmark protected.

Embellish and Finish

Now that your bookmark is laminated and trimmed, it’s time to add some embellishments! You can use absolutely anything you would like to “fancy up” your bookmark – get creative and have some fun with this part!

I chose to use some yellow gemstones to create a faux “touch of honey” look to my bookmark. To do this, you will want to collect some flat backed gems in a variety of sizes. Take some Mod Podge (or other clear drying crafting glue) and stick them to the bookmark from largest to smallest, creating the effect of honey drops. Allow them to thoroughly dry before handling.

Next, I wanted to add a traditional silk tassel, but I only had leather ones on hand; feel free to use any kind of tassel you wish! Using a small hole puncher, punch a hole near the top edge of your bookmark. Attach your tassel using either string, O-rings, yarn, or anything else you have on hand that you can tie your tassel to. Voila! Your bookmark is ready for an afternoon of relaxing reading!

Keep on Crafting!

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