Minimalist Christmas Decoration

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Posted on October 21, 2021 by Fernanda Rafagnin

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post on The Artistry! Today we are talking about the most magical time of year, Christmas!

I grew up in a Catholic household, so it’s safe to say that Christmas was a big deal. As a kid, I helped my mother decorate the tree, arrange the Nativity scene and decorate the rest of the house as well. We had a big house and a big Italian family, so it was always the celebration everyone waited all year for.

Then I went to college and didn’t want to decorate my living space that much because I would go back home for the holiday itself. Then after college, I moved into an apartment that wasn’t that big and I also didn’t have lots of money to buy decorations. I couldn’t go all in, but I wanted something, and I’m sure there are lots of other people who, like my younger self, want to decorate a little but don’t have the space or time for it. Maybe they have small kids and pets who would totally take the Christmas tree down. Or maybe they don’t like to exaggerate on the decorations.

So here are three ideas that might not be the exact definition of minimalism to a T, but are definitely toned down and inexpensive decorations among a sea of wreaths, mistletoe, and colorful flashing lights.

simple garland with a wooden background

For our first project, a twist on a classic: a garland made of only two paper flowers (and a banner). You can cut them on your cutting machine or even by hand, the design is super simple and the results are beautiful.

Supply list:

Christmas Paper Flowers Template

– Cutting machine, scissors or craft knife

– Printer

– White, green and red cardstock

– Cardboard or any thicker paper

– Compass

– White paint

– Paint brush

– Glue

– Double-sided tape

Our garland won’t be too big, the point here is to have smaller and simpler things. I used a compass to mark and cut the base of my garland on kraft paper, but it will be firmer with a cardboard. The size I chose was 20cm (7.8 inches) diameter.

I chose the first flower model to use, I used 120 gsm (32 lb) green cardstock for the leaves and 150 gsm (40lb) red metallic paper for the petals. I usually work with heavier paper, but the flowers are easier to assemble when the paper is a little bit lighter, specially if you are doing rolled flowers. I opened the design on my computer to resize the flower files to a size that fit my base (although I do think I should have made them smaller). I love these flower designs because they’re so simple. I’ve struggled with paper flowers before and these are really easy to assemble, so that was a relief.

petals, straight and folded, and flower

The flowers are really easy to assemble. You need to cut each of the sizes five times, plus five times the largest one in green for the leaves and the circle for the base (it can be any color). First, you bend the petals and leaves, just fold them in half. Then you glue the leaves on the base, separating them as if you were glueing them to a five-point star. The next ones are the largest petals in the color you chose, alternating with the leaves, and after that you keep alternating the places, always from largest to smallest. The result may look fancy and difficult, but the best part is that it’s really simpler than it looks.

I ended up not using the smallest petals, so instead of four sizes, I used three. It came out nicely. I used golden sequins for the middle of the flower and the result was better than I expected.

I then made a banner to put at the top of the garland. I wrote “Merry Christmas” in white letters over the red banner. The fonts used were “Better Valentina Sans” and “Valentina”. I actually cut the banner by hand, but you can use print-and-cut on your cutting machine as well.

For the base, I used kraft paper that was thicker than the cardstock I would normally use, but you can use cardboard if you want it to be really firm. You can use a compass to mark the size of your garland like I did, and then cut it with a scissor or a craft knife. Since I wanted a white background, I painted over it, but you can also glue white paper over it before cutting.

After everything is glued onto the base, all you need to do is add double-sided tape to the back, to stick the garland to your door or wherever you wish!

mosaic Christmas tree with wooden background

This papercraft is something you can also do with kids. It’s easy, simple and it’s a work of creativity. Make it a family craft!

Supply list:

– Cardstock for the base

– Scraps of paper in shades of green and brown (including patterned scrapbook paper)

– Ruler

– Scissors or craft knife

– Glue

– Double-sided tape

The first thing you have to do is the base. I used white cardstock for it, but you can use other colors because the scraps will be all over the base and it won’t be seen.

For the base, get an A4 sheet in vertical position and make a triangle. You just need to find where the middle of the top side is, by folding it or using a ruler, and trace a line between this spot and the bottom corners. From the parts that were cut, you can make a rectangle to use at the bottom of the triangle, as you can see in the picture.

base for the tree and scraps of green and brown paper

After the base is ready, comes the fun part. You take all the green scraps of paper that you have. The more diversity, the better. Light and dark tones, patterns, glitter, whatever you have. And also, a few pieces of brown for the base. I cut them in various sizes and shapes of triangles, but you can use the same size for everything, specially if you like everything to be balanced and symmetrical. You can also use stripes. So many possibilities!

After everything is done, you just need to use double-sided tape to attach it wherever you wish, like your door or a wall.

white lightbox cube with a wooden background

Supply list:

Christmas Light Box template

– Cutting machine (you could do it by hand, but it’s going to take a lot of time and work)

– White cardstock

– Glue

– Foam board strips

– Tea light or LED base if you wish to light it up

Okay, some will definitely not consider this one minimalist, but I think the small size and the lack of color makes it a very elegant and modest decoration. Also, it’s so beautiful that it can be used by itself without the need of much else.

One thing I love about this lightbox is that the designer put two sizes ready to cut, and one of them is A4, which is the size I use most of the time. I didn’t have to resize anything, it was ready to cut! I used strips of foam board at the bottom between layers, to make the piece steady and firm, and to separate the layers equally, so the best shadow effect can be achieved.

all sides of the lightbox, with yellow light inside

The design is so detalied, it’s breathtaking! I also found it really creative. Despite the many details, the piece is very easy to assemble. Just separate the parts by size. The designer also has a video explaining the how-to:

The original design was supposed to be used with a base with LED lights under it, but since I didn’t have one, I used an old tea light (or two) under my lightbox and it worked out really well. I guess it isn’t as bright as it would be with the base, but it makes an awesome piece of decoration. It’s small enough to fill any space you have and still make it known it’s a holiday decoration without grabbing too much attention. Plus, it works great by itself if you don’t want to add the lights.

I hope you get inspired to do some Christmas crafting, even if you’re not too big on decorations. See you next time!

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