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Mix-It-Up Floral Wreath

Mix-It-Up Floral Wreath main article image
Posted on May 27, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Who said you shouldn’t mix checks with bold patterns or stripes and?  Well, you won’t hear it from me!  This fun wreath is all about bold and mixing it up!  Black, white, yellow, gold, green and well, just lots of fun.  Deciding on which images to use is probably the hardest part.  And did you know that the Poinsettia from Maison Gregoria isn’t just for the holidays?  Yep, we’ve used the file as the base for our flowers on our wreath.

The following files from Creative Fabrica were used:

Cool Teens (black and white check)


Floral Watercolor Graphics

You’ll also need:

electronic cutting machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL 5 Pro)
Poinsettia and Filler Flower (Maison Gregoria Etsy Shop)
12 x 12 cardstock (Smooth in white and green light and mid-tone)
Sketch pad sheet (8.5 x 11)
Black fine tipped pen to edge cuts
Mod Podge gloss
foam brush
eBrush and markers (Tombow)
Glue Gun and glue sticks (low temp was used)
Ball stylus
Beads (optional)
24 Gauge wire
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Floral tape
12” grapevine wreath
2” wide wired ribbon (18 inches for a simple bow, 3 – 4 yards for a larger bow)

Let’s print and cut our flowers.  Open the software and import the Poinsettia flower petals to the mat.  Highlight the entire pattern you’ve imported. Using the Styles panel, in the color box, choose Pattern and Load Image and select the pattern of your choice.  The sizing is up to you.  However, for our sample, we used 12 x 12.  Make sure that your turn off the stroke for the images on the mat or change the stroke to a compatible color if desired.  Print using the print and cut menu of the software.  Let the print dry for 15 minutes or more before cutting. 

Repeat the process using two additional prints, including the checked print from the Cool Teens collection.  You will have enough pieces for 9 flowers.  Set these aside for right now. 

Import the leaves and ferns to separate pages.  Cut from the green papers.  We used the mid-tone for the fern and the lighter for the leaves. 

The filler flowers are small and time consuming to put together.  You can substitute some fresh baby’s breath from a florist shop if you prefer.  If you choose to do the filler flowers, cut from the sketch pad paper.  The paper is easy to shape and it’s easy to attach the wires and bundle into groups with the florist’s tape.  Just follow the directions provided in the PDF of the file. 

No coloring is necessary.

Before assembling the larger flowers, using the tip of a black permanent marker color the cut edges of the pieces.  This will give the edges a little more finished look and the white will be covered.  Make sure the marker is dry and then paint a thin coat of the Mod Podge on the flower pieces.  You do not need to apply a coat to the back of the flowers.  Let dry thoroughly before going to the next step. The sheen adds a nice touch and catches the light a little more. 

While the flowers are drying, you can add some shading to the leaves using the eBrush and a marker.  Lightly spray the edges to add a little more texture.  You can score the leaves using a stylus or a craft knife (with a very light touch).  Add color to the ferns as well.  Just a little darker color here and then looks great!  You may want to glue a wire to a few of the leaves and ferns and add a pick or 18-gauge wire for a little more stability and making sure the greenery stays put. 

Now that the flowers are dry, you can begin to assemble.  Choose elements from each of the 3 patterns you printed.  You can shape the petals using your fingers or using a ball stylus.  The petals should mold towards the back of the flower and no pinching of the petals is necessary. 

Begin with the bottom petal and place a small dot of hot glue there.  Quickly place the next layer and press to make sure the glue has made contact with the new piece. 

Follow the assembly process for the remaining pieces as shown in the video for assembly.  Once the stamen was added and glued in place, we added a bead to the center using a little hot glue.  No wiring is needed unless you plan on reusing the flowers for other projects OR wish to use the wreath again. 

TIP:  To wire the flower, cut a disc about 1 inch in diameter and punch two holes about ¼ inch apart near the center of the disc.  Thread the wire through the holes and glue the disc to the center back of the flower.  The wire can be used to wrap around the wreath and hold the flower in place and no glue is needed. 

We used 3 fully assembled flowers for the wreath and have plans to fill a vase with the remaining flowers for a complimentary arrangement.

Arrange and glue the flowers on the wreath base as desired.  Fill in with the greenery and the filler flowers. 

Make a bow for the top of the wreath and wire or glue in place. 

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you’ll have some fun creating your own style and do it with bold patterns and background images.  If you do make this project, please be sure to tag us – we’d love to see your make!  #creativefabrica and #nurtureyrheart

For more inspiration, visit Jan’s page here or her blog

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