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Plaid Pumpkin Centerpiece

Plaid Pumpkin Centerpiece main article image
Posted on October 31, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Pumpkins abound this year.  The farmers’ markets have carts, barrels, and boxes full… we generally set ours outside, however, for a longer-lasting option, set your table with this fun plaid pumpkin all made of paper.

This 3D Pumpkin Centerpiece file is easy to put together and the pdf included in the file is pretty clear instructions-wise.  Choose an even plaid – it is easier to match at the “seams.”

The files used to create this project are found at Creative Fabrica.

Pumpkin Centerpiece – 3D Papercraft

Halloween Plaid Scrapbook Papers

You’ll Also Need:

  • Electronic cutting machine and software (Skycut C24, SCAL5 Pro)
  • 12×12 cardstock (white, kraft)
  • Pan Pastels (fall colors: olive green, red, yellow, brown)
  • Blending tools
  • Glue (Bearly Arts Precision Craft Glue)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Brown wrapped floral wire
  • Dowel for wrapping wire
  • Printer

Choose the plaid from the collection you want to use.  We chose to use pattern 6.  If you haven’t unzipped the 3D pumpkin file, do so now and open the file.  Place the odd-numbered pieces for the pumpkin on the mat.  Ungroup (depending on your software, you may also need to break apart). Delete the number found on the tab at the bottom of the piece. Regroup one of the score line sets with one of the cut pieces. Delete the remaining pieces for the sides of the pumpkin on that page.  For best results in matching the plaid in SCAL, fill the image using the Pattern option on the styles/color palette in the software.  The image size was 12 x 12 in the set-up box.  Do not skew or change the direction of the plaid image.  Click Preview, then make any adjustments you desire at the point in your settings.  Once satisfied, click OK.   Highlight the image, copy, and paste an additional four images on the mat for a total of five pieces. They should look identical to the first image.  You can add a number on the tab if desired, but it isn’t necessary at this point.  If you don’t want the score lines to print, change them to none in both fill and stroke.  You’ll need to print two sheets of this page with the registration marks printed following the directions in your software.  Number these two sheets with odd numbers (1, 3, 5,…. 19).

AGAIN:  Be sure to change the score line color for stroke and fill to none before printing.

Open a page that has the even number pieces on it.  Repeat the matting process for the even-numbered pieces.  When you have one piece with score lines remaining on the mat, open the styles/color palette and select Pattern in the fill menu.  Rotate the pattern fill 180 degrees.  Click on the preview. Click on okay.  Return to the previous page and copy one of the pieces.  Go to the new page with the single image and see if the plaid matches up.  You may need to make a few adjustments to the image for the even-numbered pieces to get the plaid to match as closely as possible. Once you’re satisfied, delete the odd-numbered piece.  Highlight, copy and paste four additional even-numbered pieces on the mat for a total of five pieces.  The Pattern fill should remain the same and not shift with each paste.  Print two sheets using the Print and cut instructions in the software and number with even numbers (2,4,6 ….. 20).

Now that you have printed and numbered the pieces on your sheets, using the software directions for print to cut, cut the pieces.  If you didn’t number the pieces before cutting, do so now.

Glue the pieces together, making mountains and valleys as directed in the pdf file that is included with the pattern file.

Once the pumpkin has been glued together, you can do a little manipulation of the shape.  Glue the bottom on the pumpkin shape.  You can use the dowel or a long pencil to make sure the tabs are secure to the bottom shape.  Glue the top to the pumpkin.  As an alternative method, use the hot glue gun and use the dowel again to secure the bottom of the tabs with as little separation as possible.

Cut the stem and leaves pattern pieces using kraft paper.  The scoring lines on the leaves are very nice to add a little dimension to the leaves.  Using the pdf instruction sheet, follow the directions for scoring the stem pieces.  Glue and assemble each piece as directed.

Add additional texture and color to the kraft pieces.  We didn’t add any color to the stem but did add color to each of the leaves using the pan pastels and blending the colors.  Rub well into the paper.  Spray with a fixative if the centerpiece will be handled much.

Once you’ve finished with the leaves, cut some wire into 5-inch pieces.  These will be glued to the back of the leaves you’ll be adding as part of the décor on the pumpkin.  Cut some additional pieces of wire and wrap around the dowel for some curled pieces.  We used five pieces.  Pull to loosen some of the coils or add an additional shape to the coil if desired.

The original design has you adding wire, coils, and leaves to the top of the stem.  We decided not to complete the original design option offered in the file by creating a wreath with the extra leaves.  TIP:  If you want to create a wreath, but don’t have a wire form, just cut a piece of cardboard or doubled cardstock and arrange the remaining leaves on the cardboard after securing the pumpkin to the center of the cardboard.

Create an arrangement with the leaves to go on the pumpkin. Using the glue gun, secure the arrangement to the stem and drape down one side of the pumpkin.

Now that you’ve completed the pumpkin, choose how you’ll display the pumpkin.  We plan on using the pumpkin as the ‘O’ in our HOME sign for most of the month of November.

We look forward to seeing your version of the 3D pumpkin soon.  There’s still time to make one of your own!  Be sure to share with us using the hashtags:  #creativefabrica and #nurtureyrheart

For additional project inspiration using files from Creative Fabrica, feel free to visit Jan’s author page, here, or her blog!

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Plaid Pumpkin Centerpiece

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