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Recycle! An Egg Carton Floral Arrangement

Recycle! An Egg Carton Floral Arrangement main article image
Posted on August 26, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Sometimes, you just have to do something a little different with things you have on hand. Recycling an old egg carton and using some files already in the stash…..  

A fun Halloween collection from Creative Fabrica provided the digital paper for this project.  The ferns and leaves can also be found at Creative Fabrica and were used in this post previously. 

But just in case…. here are the files used to create this fun and easy arrangement.

Halloween Kit Graphics


Ferns and leaves from the Easy Poinsettia

You’ll Also Need:

  • Printer
  • Copy Paper
  • Vellum
  • 1/8” double stick tape
  • Scissors
  • Electronic cutting machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL5 Pro)
  • Wire
  • Sketchbook paper
  • light green cardstock
  • Coloring medium (markers, chalks, ink, paint, etc.) Optional
  • eBrush (optional)
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue
  • Fairy lights (20 light strand was used)
  • Container
  • Foam ball
  • thin wire for filler flowers
  • Moss
  • Floral pins
  • Egg carton
  • Filler Flower (Maison Gregoria – Etsy)

To create the egg cup flowers, cut the cups from the egg carton.  Cut as many cups as you’ll need flowers.  We cut 10 cups from the carton.  If you’d like, you can paint the outside of the cups in a coordinating or a fun contrasting color. For this project, we didn’t paint the cups, just left them natural.  They blend in with the gray-colored moss we used.

Following the steps shown below, create your flowers. 

Step 1. Cut the cups from the egg carton.  Shape the cups by cutting the cups into petal shapes.  You can leave a few cups in their original shape, for a different version of the flower.

Step 2.  Choose the background paper you want to use for your flower.  Print on regular copy paper.  After printing your paper and allowing the colors to dry thoroughly, roughly trace the cups on the back of the paper.  Cut the paper with scissors or a craft knife. 

Step 3.  Mold the paper in the cup and glue.  Let the glue dry.  Once the glue is dry.  Pierce a hole in the bottom of the cup.  The hole needs to be large enough to accommodate the light.

Step 4.  Make the stamen.  Cut a piece of vellum 2-inches x 1-inch.  Using the scissors cut the vellum to make the stamen as shown in the image. 

Step 5.  Prepare the light strand.  Twist the end of the strand around the first light.  This will be the light that will go through the bottom of the flower.  Skip the next light.  Twist the light strand again to prepare the light to go into the flower.  Repeat for the remainder of the strand.  Be careful not to break the wires. 

In step 5, look carefully at the light strand and notice that there is a slight twist in the wires to form a standing light that can be threaded through the hole of the egg cup. Repeat for each of the flowers you make. 

Step 6.  Thread the flowers onto the light strand, and wrap the stamen* around the wire as tightly as possible.  Flare out the cut edges.  Using the hot glue gun, carefully, apply a small dot to the bottom of the flower cup and adhere the stamen in the glue.   If the stamen is wrapped around the light tightly, you shouldn’t have to worry about the light slipping out.  However, if the wrap is loose, be sure to catch the wire in the glue too.  Adjust the cut edges of the stamen as desired.  

*color the cut ends of the stamen strip with a marker, ink, or chalk, if desired before wrapping around the light.

Here’s a recap of the above steps.

Repeat the process for each of the flowers.  We made 10 in all. 

Next, we’ll prepare our filler flowers. 

Cut and assemble the filler flowers into small groupings of 3 to 5 flowers.   They will take a little bit of time to put together.  You’ll need about a dozen groupings. 

Cut a dozen ferns and about a dozen leaves. All of these are cut from a light green piece of cardstock.  We used the eBrush and some Tombow markers to add a little more color and interest. 

Once the leaves have been colored and thoroughly dried, you can begin the process of putting your arrangement together.

For our arrangement, we have a decorative metal pail approximately, 5.1/2 – 6 inches tall.   We filled the pail with Styrofoam – a 6-inch Styrofoam ball that extends about 1 – 2 inches above the pail.  Cover the ball with a nice layer of moss.  Allow some of the moss to hang over the top edge of the pail.  Again, we chose a neutral gray moss.  Attach with a few floral pins if necessary to keep it in place.  (We’ll likely use this pail and Styrofoam for another project in the future…. so gluing the moss to the Styrofoam or the pail isn’t necessary)

Weave the flowers around the ball and arrange them as desired.  Using the floral pins, pin the lights as needed to keep all your blooms in place.  Leave the switch outside the pail in the back for ease in turning the lights on and off as desired. 

Next, add the small filler flowers to fill in any large gaps between the flowers.  Pin in place.  Again, we plan on reusing many of these components in the future, so pinning allows us this option for reuse. 

Add leaves and ferns.  Again, pin in place, if needed. Let some of the moss and ferns drape down the side of the pail.   Some of our ferns and leaves are just snuggling in the moss and aren’t pinned. 

I hope this idea inspires you to try something similar for your upcoming fall décor.  Try painting or inking the outside of the egg cups or even painting the interior of the cups.  Glue a vellum print to the inside of the cup for more color and design.  Switch up the stamens, and add color and glitter on the ends.  There are so many ways to make these your very own. 

Have fun and enjoy!  If you choose to make this project, be sure to tag us at @CreativeFabrica or #nurtureyrheart.  We’d love to see your creations! 

For additional inspiration, check Jan’s page here or her blog

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Recycle! An Egg Carton Floral Arrangement

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