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Scandinavian Style Christmas: 5 Easy Paper Decor Ideas

Scandinavian Style Christmas: 5 Easy Paper Decor Ideas main article image
Posted on December 11, 2021 by Katsiaryna Sipakova

I love neutral colors in my interior with a spark of bold or muted dark here or there. Also, I prefer minimalism. At the same time, I love that holiday vibe we get from fairy lights and festive decor all around me. If you feel the same – Scandinavian Christmas decor might be your pick. It’s all about light neutral colors with some muted dark hues or a sudden blob of bold color (but only as an accent). Another important feature of Scandinavian style in design and decor is using natural materials. A small addition from me here would be upcycling

So, I challenged myself with making stylish, easy, and varied Christmas decor in Scandi style. To narrow down my project list, I’ve decided to use paper as a primary material. Let’s see what I came up with 🙂 

List of supplies

  • Paper lunch bags with pointed bottoms – brown and white
  • String or thin rope for crafts
  • Needle 
  • Paper knife or hobby knife
  • Scissors 
  • Wooden beads
  • Wooden hoop for dreamcatcher 
  • Glue 

Stars (or 3D snowflakes) from lunch bags

These are my favorites! Call them stars or snowflakes – they look beautiful anyway. And these Scandi Christmas stars are super easy to make. I had some light-brown and some white lunch bags, scissors, and glue. Just make sure you pick the bags with the right bottom (see picture, please).

Paper lunch bag for Christmas stars

There are two ways to make them: 

  1. Glue together 7+ lunch bags and cut them all together with a paper knife or hobby knife.
  2. Cut a single bag, then glue another one to it and make the same cuts, then add another bag and cut it. Keep adding bags until you have enough of them to make a full circle when unfolded. 

Scandinavian Christmas stars from paper lunch bags

Option 2 is easier for cutting, especially when you know exactly from the beginning what pattern you would like to make on your Christmas star or snowflake. 

No-waste paper garland

This one was my son’s idea as he started playing with cut-offs from my 3D snowflakes. We glued those diamond-shaped pieces of paper bags together. Each piece was initially folded in half diagonally. We simply put glue on the outer side of one half and stuck it to the outer side of another folded piece. Then glued its second half and stuck to the third piece. 

No-waste Christmas paper garland

Before gluing together the sides of the first and the last pieces, we’ve put a rope inside. These things remind me of the star anise – a spice that is so good to add to mulled wine in winter. 

Paper angel

To make paper angels you will need to add wooden beads to the supply list. To make an angel I used 3 equal pieces of craft paper. I’m not giving exact sizes here, because that depends on your liking and the future placement of the angel. 

So I took 3 paper rectangles and concertinaed each of them up. Then I folded two of them in half and glued together the inner sides. 

Scandinavian Christmas: Making paper angel step by step

Next step – gluing those two folded concertinas to the sides of the third one. Keep to the top, as these are supposed to be angel wings. 

To make the top of the angel’s body stay folded, I used a small strip that I glued as a clip. Before doing that I’ve added a string loop with a wooden bead on it – to make a head for my angel. Of course, you may use a bigger bead – that will even look better. In this case, I would suggest making a hall in the paper strip on top so that your string loop can go through it and the angel’s head will be placed in the center. 

Wreath with houses

For this project, I used a simple and cheap wooden hoop – the one you would use to make a dreamcatcher. Mine is about 26 cm (10 inches) in diameter. 

Paper Christmas wreath with houses in Scandinavian decor style

Then I improvised 🙂 I’d call that luck that I didn’t throw away nice beige tissue paper from a recent present box. I wrapped my wooden hoop with tissue paper keeping the paper layer thick and airy. 

Then I’ve put some strings over the paper to fasten it. 

The inside of the wreath is made of simple 2D paper houses glued to 3 strings. 

Paper pom-poms: Upcycling an old book

For this super easy though cute pom-poms I’ve used pages from an old dictionary I found recently at my parents’ house. It’s completely outdated – no chance anyone would want to use it as a dictionary again. So I’ve decided to give it a second life. 

Making Scandi style paper pom-poms from old book page

Making paper pom-poms is as easy as this

  • cut a page in narrow strips;
  • take 10-16 strips (depending on their size and on how dence you want your pom-pom to be);
  • put them in a stack;
  • make a hall in one end and pull a string or a thin rope through it;
  • make knots on your string on both sides of the strips pack;
  • make another knot to mark how “high” you want your pom-pom to be;
  • make a hall in another end, pull the string through it, and finish with a knot again. 

My string was very thin, so I’ve used two of them together – and made a loop on the top to hang my pom-pom in a Christmas tree. If you are brave enough to make a lot of them – that would make a lovely garland! 

3D paper house

I would call this a classic of Scandinavian Christmas decor. Mine is made from regular office paper, but you may use craft paper, heavy-duty paper of other neutral or darker colors, or cardboard to make the houses longer lasting. 

Paper house and Christmas lights

Hardly any instructions are required here, so I’m just sharing the simplest paper house template I’ve used for my express Scandi Christmas prep. 

Free Scandi style paper house template

I had so much fun making those minimalistic and eco-friendly decor projects! Hope this article inspires you to try some of the ideas this year. Would be great to see what you make for a Scandi style Christmas 🙂 

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Love the wreath with the little houses!

Love the wreath with the little houses!

KaSia Design's profile picture
KaSia Design

December 14, 2021


Thank you, Linnea! A spontaneous idea :) Sometimes you just need to start moving the parts around.

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