Scrapbooking Tips: How to Fuzzy Cut Digital Designs

Scrapbooking Tips: How to Fuzzy Cut Digital Designs main article image
Posted on July 23, 2019 by Linnea Holgersson

A great scrapbooking tips for beginners is fuzzy cutting! All you need to bring digital designs to life is a printer and a small pair or scissors.

What is Fuzzy cutting?

But what is fuzzy cutting? It is as simple as cutting out an object around it’s edges. You can choose to cut close to the edge, or leave a white edge around the design. The cut out design can be used as a scrapbooking stickers in your scrapbook album, or as a design on your DIY cards.

Tips and tricks how to fuzzy cut

Lindsey from Nevermore Creations 17 created an how-to video showing how she fuzzy cuts for her ephemera project. 

In this video you will learn some really handy fuzzy cutting tips and tricks!

Get the files used in this video:

Happy Crafting!

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