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Posted on January 9, 2022 by Jan Hunter

It’s a brand-new year and time for a slightly different take. They’re similar but not the same!  Celebrate winter with this new version of a sweet “snowy” banner. 

It was lots of fun to browse the “library” at Creative Fabrica and find just what was needed to bring this seasonal banner to life.  If you’ve been following previous projects, you’ll notice a few files are being used in different ways.  It’s fun to know that you can use the same file over and over – and the outcome always has your unique touch to it. 

Creative Fabrica Files needed:

Banners Bundle

Snowflake Bundle

Fonts:  LSF Front Porch font

A Little Mixed Up

You’ll also need: 

  • Electronic cutting machine and associated software (Skycut and SCAL 5)
  • Rosette file (SVG Cuts)
  • Snowflake patterned paper (from digital stash)
  • Distress Inks (chipped sapphire, faded jeans, stormy sky, weathered wood)
  • Blender tool and felt
  • Cardstock (kraft, white)
  • Vellum (white transparent)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Double stick tape (1/4 inch wide, 1/8 inch wide)
  • ½ inch white organdy ribbon
  • Small hole punch
  • Small safety pins (optional)
  • Embroidery floss or twine; white or cream (optional)

TIP:  Prior to beginning, unzip the files.  Install the fonts. 

Make the snowflakes

Open the cutting software and import the desired snowflake SVG pattern from the bundle.  Make sure that the elements of the snowflake are connected  (snowflake 33 was used for this project).  Size the snowflake as desired.  Open the Effects tab and select Shadow layer.  Use the default setting and select 4 layers.  Click okay.  In the layer palette, select the shadow group.  Separate the layers.  You’ll notice that each of the layers has a different pattern – the layers are very similar to the patterns you find in a 3D layered project.  Save your project.  Cut 2 complete snowflakes for the banner. 

NOTE:  All of the layers for the snowflakes used in this project are cut from white cardstock AND are colored using distress inks and the blender tool in blues and gray. Leave the top layer of the snowflake white. 


Glue each of the layers together.  Use a light touch with the glue.  Too much glue will cause some warping.  You can put a heavy book on the top of the snowflake to keep any warping at a minimum. Once the glue has dried completely, you should have a flat image ready for the next step.  The image below shows extra snowflakes.  They will be used for another project.  Only 2 snowflakes are needed for the banner. 

Tags for the banner

Import the SVG version of the tags.  Ungroup and delete the tags you won’t be using.  Size the tag as desired. 

Select the nodes tool and highlight the node in the middle of the inverted V at the bottom of the tag. 

Drag the node downwards a bit toward the bottom of the tag, making the inverted V shorter. And less deep.

Once you’re satisfied with the change, save the file, then, copy and paste the tag as needed.  4 tags were used for the project.  One for each of the letters in the word SNOW.  Cut from the Kraft-colored stock.  If your paper is thin and in need of additional support, cut a backing for the tag in the same size.

To create the panel, select one of the tags, copy it, and open another page in the software.  Paste the tag on the new page and select Shadow Layer under the Effects tab.  Set the size to 1.50, select Inset Shadow.  Click okay.  Highlight the shadow and move to a different part of the mat.  You can delete the copy of the tag you initially pasted to the mat.  Highlight the inset shadow again and copy and paste 3 additional shadow pieces on the mat.  These will be cut from patterned paper.  If you have a digital image you want to fill the shape with, go to the color palette and select pattern.  Load the image, size as needed, and click on okay. 

Adhere the patterned paper cuts to the kraft paper tag bases using double-sided tape.    Set aside.  Using a small hole punch, punch two holes in the top of the tags to use to thread your ribbon through.

Cut the rosette pieces from the Vellum (the size of the piece used are 3.077 x 2.865 inches with 7 equally spaced vertical score lines for folding).  You will need to adjust your cutter to a vellum setting.  3 strips per rosette.  1 – 12 x 12 sheet of vellum was used for the 4 rosettes.  Assemble. Double stick tape was used to avoid any warping since the vellum used was about the weight of regular copy paper. 

Cut the letters, circles, and diamonds.  The circles were cut from the patterned paper and the diamonds and letters were cut from white paper.  The edges of the diamonds were inked with distress ink.  The letters were colored using the distress inks.  Color the bottom layer of the letters with a darker blue used on the snowflakes.  Color the letter top with the lighted blue used when coloring the snowflake.  Center the diamond on the circle and adhere.  Add the letters. To add a little shimmer, use some Wink of Stella across the circle, the edge of the rosette, and add a few dots to each of the letters if desired.

Using the hot glue gun, adhere the rosette to the layered tag centering on the tag.  Repeat for each of the tags. 

Add the letter piece to each of the tags. 

Add 2 hanging tags to the back of each of the snowflakes.  2 strips ¼ inch by 1 ½ inch were used.  A pencil was used to shape the tags.

Glue in place.  Let the glue dry for a couple of hours before threading the ribbon to assemble the banner. 

If desired, create one or more small tags to add to the banner.  This tag has a cute winter saying created using the font A Little Mixed up using the Print 2 Cut feature in the SCAL software.  The tag shape was found in the SCAL library. 

Find the perfect sentiment for your January banner.  There are many options available in the files found at Creative Fabrica.   

You’re now ready to thread the ribbon and assemble the banner.  Space the tags as desired.  Create a loop at each end of the ribbon for hanging. 

If desired, add additional embellishments such as small tags, words, buttons, gems, etc.

Your banner is ready for display!


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Snow Fun Banner

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