Spring Decor with Scrapbook Paper

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Posted on March 29, 2021 by Candace Sanders

Spring has finally arrived and flowers will soon be blooming in the garden.  Spring also brings an opportunity to freshen up your home with new decor.  These two projects are an easy way to add some freshness and spring colors without spending a lot of money.  These projects will in fact give you an opportunity to change your decor for any season.

Project 1:  Spring Wall Hanging

Supplies Needed:

  • 4-inch cardboard coasters
  • Scrapbook paper (assorted)
  • Paper cutter or scissors and ruler
  • Glue stick
  • X-Acto knife or scissors
  • Ink pad and sponge dauber (optional)
  • Cutting machine for letters (or cut by hand)
  • 1 ½ inch wide ribbon
  • D-ring (size to fit your ribbon)
  • Adhesive
  • Embellishments such as buttons, flowers, pearls, etc.

The cardboard coasters used here were purchased in a lot of 50 on the Amazon website.  You can sometimes find cardboard coasters at your local dollar stores.  Once you make one wall hanging, I am sure you will probably find that you will want to make many others for different seasons or different occasions throughout the year.  These would also be great for gift ideas (Mother’s Day is just around the corner).

The scrapbook paper used for both of these projects came from a package called “Botanical Tea Collection” by Graphic 45.  Select your papers and cut a 4-inch by 4-inch piece for each square.  Six different papers were used here, but it is your choice as to how you want to design yours.  You could use just one or two papers for the background or make every background different as was used in this project.  Using a glue stick, adhere each piece of scrapbook paper to a cardboard square.  It is easiest to place the glue on the cardboard then press the paper on to the surface (you can use a scraper to make sure it is flat).  Let glue dry completely.  Turn square over and use an X-Acto knife or scissors to trim around corners and sides as necessary.  If glue has not adhered completely, just add a little more glue to the edge.

If you want to add an aged or vintage look to your wall hanging, use a brown ink pad and a sponge dauber to go around the edges of the coasters.  This also covers the edges in case the paper doesn’t quite cover.  This step is entirely optional depending on your personal style. 

Select an additional sheet of scrapbook paper to make the letters.  You can use a solid cardstock or use printed paper to coordinate with your backgrounds.  Just make sure your letters will stand out from the background.  Cut out the letters using a cutting machine (such as a Cricut) or you can use a stencil and draw and cut the letters by hand.  These were sized to about 2-5/8 inches tall.  The edges of the letters were also aged with brown ink.  The letters in the other wall hangings shown below were not aged.  Instead, a dotted line was drawn by hand around the inside edges.  Using the glue stick, attach letters to squares, centering as much as possible.  It does not have to perfect so don’t obsess with it.

Embellishing is always fun.  You can embellish these with different buttons, flowers or other embellishments related to the theme of your wall hanging.  Lace and ribbons could also be used as well as pearls and rhinestones.

Next you will attach your coasters to the 1 1/2-inch ribbon.  Wait to cut the length of the ribbon until everything has been glued in place.  Fold one end of the ribbon through the d-ring and glue into place on the back (overlapping about one inch).  

Evenly space the cardboard letters on your ribbon and glue into place.  Leave about one inch or so between each letter.  Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue was used for this but other glues will work as well.  Hot glue would probably also work.  Leave a tail of ribbon about 2-1/2 inches after the last letter square and trim.  Your wall hanging is now finished and ready to hang.  You can create wall hangings with names, seasons, holidays or whatever you decide.  This was the first time I have made these with more than four letters and I would probably recommend that you don’t use more than five or six letters, or they may not hang properly.

Project 2:  Spring Decorated Paper Mache Letter

Supplies Needed:

  • 8-inch paper mache letter (or size of choice)
  • Acrylic paint and brush
  • Scrapbook paper
  • X-acto knife, Scissors and pencil
  • Glue/adhesive (such as Beacons 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue)
  • Ink pad and sponge dauber
  • Buttons, flowers or other embellishments

Once you have selected the paper for your letter, paint the back and edges with a coordinating acrylic paint.  Also paint about ½ inch on the front edges of the letter. Let paint dry completely. 

Turn letter over and place on the backside of your paper.  Draw around your letter.  You may want to do this step before painting.  Cut out paper on drawn lines.  Glue paper to the front of your letter using your choice of adhesive.  Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue was used here but any glue that works well with paper could be used.   I would not recommend using hot glue.  Turn letter over and trim any excess paper with an x-acto knife or scissors close to the edge.  If desired, “age” the edges of the letter with a brown inkpad and a sponge dauber.  This is completely optional but gives it a nice look.

Select several coordinating papers and tear pieces to add to the front for contrast.  These pieces can also be “aged.”  Glue into place and trim as necessary along the outside edges.  See pictures for examples.  Note, if you want a “white” torn edge, tear the paper towards you.   Remember to again “age” any edges that have been cut if you are using this method.  Flowers, buttons, pearls and other embellishments can now be added.  Again, see pictures for examples of different items that can be used.  I would recommend laying your embellishments on the surface to check the arrangement before gluing them in place.  The finished letter can be hung on a wall (by gluing a hanger on the back) or placed on a table or shelf.

Just one letter was used for this project, but you can use as many letters as you want.  You can spell out names or holiday words (such as EASTER, BOO, NOEL, etc.).  This would be a cute project to make for a kid’s or baby’s room.  Another option to making these letters is to paint the whole front of the letter (especially in different colors if spelling words) and just adding the torn edge coordinating pieces of paper and embellishments.  If you wanted to really get creative you could do a collage of paper pieces over the entire letter.  I have also seen people use photographs (print on regular copy paper first).  I did not seal this letter with any type of sealer, but you could seal the paint before adding paper and embellishments, if desired.  You could also coat the letter and paper with mod podge before adding embellishments. 

Be as creative as you want with both of these projects.  I hope these projects have given you some ideas towards making your own personalized spring decor.

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