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Valentine Tiered Tray Ideas with Creative Fabrica

Valentine Tiered Tray Ideas with Creative Fabrica main article image
Posted on January 28, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Set the “mood and magic” this Valentine’s Day using files from Creative Fabrica! Papers, vinyl, and fonts all add to the spirit around February 14th if you’re among those who celebrate the holiday. This tutorial will walk you through steps to make a decorative tiered tray full of love.


Designs from Creative Fabrica:

The Monday Font

Digital Doodle Black and White Pack

Love Graphic

Square Box Frame SVG Collection


  • Electronic cutting machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL 5 Pro)
  • Cardstock (white, red, pink, black, mixed media paper scrap)
  • Watercolor markers (Poetique Refillable Watercolor markers)
  • Water brush
  • Glue
  • Foil Quill (standard point)
  • Foils
  • Vinyl (Red 631)
  • Transfer tape
  • Wood shape (house)
  • Twine
  • White gel pen
  • Foam tape
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesives

The House:

Open your cutting software and create a 6-inch square from the library. Using the color palette > pattern > load image > select the desired doodle from the pack and fill the square. Set the size to 6 x 6. On the color palette, make sure that the stroke is set to none. Print on red cardstock. Remember that the white background of the image will not print.

Lay the wood shape on the paper and trace around the edge of the shape on the red cardstock. Cut with a craft knife or scissors. Glue in place. Sand the edges for a little more texture and to trim any excess from the edges of the wood shape.

Wrap some twine around the lower third of the shape.

Using some scrap mixed media paper, cut 3 heart shapes found in the software library. Using the markers, watercolor the hearts as desired. Allow the hearts to dry; it should only take a few minutes. Add a few highlights using the white gel pen. Apply a small piece of foam tape to the back of each of the hearts and adhere to the front of the wood shape.

The Book Covers:

This is one of my favorite pieces for every tray. It is so simple and yet these covers add a special touch for every season or holiday they are used in.

In the cutting software, create a rectangle that will cover the wood you’re using (Scrap wood pieces approximately 3 x 2 x ½ were used in this project). Create three rectangles that will become a cover that will fit your pieces of wood (2.987 x 4.5). Because the spine of the cover used is about ½ inch, make sure that your text will fit in that space. Set the text to draw and place it in the horizontal center of the rectangle.

The foil quill was used for these covers, make sure the pen has heated up for 15 minutes before you use it. Secure the foil with some tape in the area where the text will be drawn (If you don’t have a foil quill, you can use a pen as most machines have options for that). Draw the text. Do not remove the mat from the machine, if you used the foil quill, remove any tape or magnets that might impede the blade from cutting the rectangle. Once the drawing is complete, replace the foil quill with the blade and cut the rectangles.

Apply a piece of double-sided tape on the top and bottom of the wood pieces and secure the covers in place centering the text on the spine. Trim any excess along the edges if needed.

Stack the three “books” together and wrap them with some fun ribbon and embellish as desired.

The Square Box Frame with Vinyl image: 

The 4-inch frame was selected from the group included in the set. Place on the mat, cut, and set aside.

Open the Love file and size to about 3 inches. Set the zoom to 100% and using the eraser tool in SCAL5, erase the tails on the letters and the bow from the image if desired. Cut using vinyl. Weed and apply a transfer tape. Transfer to a backing and trim to 3.75” square. This should fit in the center of the frame.

Fold the edges of the frame and secure the two straight-sided pieces in place. Add the vinyl piece, fold the remaining two sides, and secure. If desired add some additional embellishments.


Place your new creations on a tray of your choice! Check your stash for additional things you could add to your trays to celebrate the holiday. For example, I found some red beads, heart-shaped ornaments, clear glass hearts, some antique handkerchiefs, and more. Below is a photograph of the final result.

For additional inspiration the Valentine’s Day and beyond, please visit Jan’s page here.

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Valentine Tiered Tray Ideas with Creative Fabrica

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