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How to create St. Patrick’s Merch for your POD business

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How to create St. Patrick's Merch for your POD business

According to tradition, on March 17, the Irish will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. And, plenty of people around the world will join them. It’s a lot of fun!

Saint Patrick’s day is a great chance to meet and drink beer with your friends. This party follows some unique aesthetic rules that you might have seen before. Green apparel and hats are everywhere. That’s what makes it a great day to earn money with merchandising!

In today’s post, we are going to show you an easy way to create merch products to sell on POD sites for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Choose your design


If you have the right design skills, you can create the patterns for your merch. If that is not the case (or you don’t have time), we’ve got you covered. There are two options for you.

At Creative Fabrica, you can find a whole Crafts category dedicated to Saint Patrick’s Day. If you want to use these designs, you have to take into account that they do not include a Full POD license. If you’re going to sell your final products at POD or Merch sites, you will have to make modifications. You can find more details about the license here. 

It is also possible to skip the modifications step. Open our POD landing page and type “Saint Patrick’s Day” at the search bar. You will find a selection of articles with a Full POD license. You can pick your favorite! Before you use them, make sure you understand the legal part. Please check the Full POD paragraph at our Single Sales or Subscription License.


For this article, we have chosen to work with Printify. The process is straightforward.

First, you have to pick the product where you want to print your designs. The platform provides you a catalog with over 200 products. Their advice is to choose according to print provider location and fulfillment. It is also essential to think about time and price.

Select your favorite product.
Select your favorite product.

The second step is to customize your product. Printify has set up a free Mockup Generator for this purpose. There, you can apply your designs to your chosen products. You’ll be able to see the mockup in high resolution. 

Adjust the design to the Mockup.
Adjust the design to the mockup.

Once you are happy with the result, you can publish it to your online store. If you sell at eBay, Etsy or Shopify, you can integrate automatically. 

Create your own product description.
Create your own product description.

And this is it! Your St. Patrick’s merch is ready to sell!

Some St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

Get inspired by the St. Patrick’s Day apparel that we have created. We have used the St Patrick’s Day Quotes Sayings bundle. It includes 25 different designs. Take a look at the ones we’ve chosen!

"Forget luck, give me beer"- You can get this design here.
“Forget luck, give me beer”- You can get this design here.


"Shamrock cutie"- You can get this design here.
“Shamrock cutie”- You can get this design here.


"Irish today, hungover tomorrow"- You can get this design here.
“Irish today, hungover tomorrow”- You can get this design here.


Designs for the young and older. - You can get them here.
Designs for the young and older. – You can get them here.


"Lucky & Magical"- You can get this design here.
“Lucky & Magical”- You can get this design here.

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