How to find winning Print on Demand Designs

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Posted on October 9, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Print on Demand is a low-risk online business opportunity. If you learn how to create and publish the best designs, you can turn them into a recurring passive revenue source. POD is a great option even if you are not a designer: if you have a Full POD license, you can use third-party designs in your products.

In our growing Full POD designs library, you can find plenty of useful resources for your Print on Demand products. Having many options is great, but sometimes you have to focus and see which designs are the best choice. Don’t stress about it: we’ve got you covered! In today’s post, we’ll give you some tips that can help you figure this out.

Here are some pieces of advice that you can take into account when searching for designs. We hope you find them useful!


Consider the upcoming events


People like to buy merchandise for their favorite holidays and celebrations. For this reason, Print on Demand sellers must check their calendars regularly. Being aware of the upcoming events is key to launch related products in advance. Bear in mind that the fulfillment process takes some time. If you publish your products in advance, people will have time to order them and receive them at their homes before the celebration.


winning pod designs
You can find these Halloween papers here.


Make a list of all the holidays you’d like to design for. You can’t miss some popular events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and New Year. It would help if you also considered some local celebrations, like Thanksgiving, Saint Patrick’s Day, or Oktoberfest. Most fulfillment services providers allow you to ship your products worldwide. Take the chance and create products for a potential audience around the World.


Take a look at the Best Sellers


Print on Demand marketplaces like to feature their most popular products on their home page. There is a lot of information that you can get here! No, we are not advising you to copy (and we never will). You only need to take a look and see which designs people are buying the most. By knowing what is trendy in a marketplace, you can get many hints about their audience. Having your potential buyers in mind is key to the success of any POD product.


How to find winning pod designs
You can find this design here.


If the buyers at a certain marketplace seem to like designs with cactus, you can search for some cactus POD designs and add them to your products. If they like apparel with messages in handwritten fonts, you can create your letterings with a cute script type. This information is really insightful because it’s based on real sales. Please make use of it!


Focus on a specific target


This is a common piece of advice for Print on Demand sellers. Focusing on a specific target will help you make your POD journey easier. Niche audiences are easier to segment, and this can be great in terms of paid advertising. Creating your products with a specific customer in mind will help you design something they really like.


winning pod designs
You can find this bundle here.


Professional designers know this, and they like to sell their Full POD products in bundles. If you get yourself one of these sets, it will become your best design resource. Think about what target you would like to focus on. Do you want to sell assets for runners? Painters, travelers, and plant lovers can also be a great audience.


Stick to the conditions in the license


Once you’ve found the perfect designs for your Print on Demand products, you must carefully read the license conditions. It’s essential to know what you are allowed to do with third-party designs. There are two types of POD licenses. If your designs include a Full POD license, you can use them in your POD products without making modifications.


winning pod designs
You can find these digital papers here.


If your designs only include a Basic POD license, you’ll have to make significant modifications before you use them. Following these rules is essential for the success of your POD business. Respecting copyright is the first step to find winning designs.


We hope you’ve found our advice insightful. Good luck with searching for the best POD designs. Enjoy the process!





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