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Print on Demand licenses: an overview

Learn how to stick to the rules for merch sellers.

pod licenses an overview basic pod full pod print on demand


There are two types of licenses for Print on Demand products: Basic POD and Full POD.

Knowing these licenses and sticking to their terms and conditions is crucial. Avoiding copyright mistakes is key to the success of your Print on Demand business.

We will solve some of the most frequently asked questions about Print on Demand in today’s post. Let’s get started!


pod licenses an overview basic pod full pod print on demand


Basic Print on Demand license


Can I use designs with a Basic POD license to create products for my Print on Demand store?

Yes. You can use these designs for that purpose as long as you make sure to modify them. The final aspect of the design must be vastly different from the original.


Can I use fonts with a Basic POD license to create designs for my Print on Demand store?

Yes, you can! Bear in mind that you must use these fonts to crate quotes, lettering, and compositions.


What can I do with the products that I create with Basic POD assets?

You can generate infinite sales and receive correspondent revenue. You are allowed to ship your products worldwide.


Can I combine multiple POD assets to create a “new” design?

No, you can not. You must make evident modifications to these designs. The final result must have a brand new aspect.


Can I upload files with Basic POD designs to a Print on Demand marketplace?


No, you can not. You must never share these files with anyone. Every license belongs to a specific user. You can use your files as many times as you want, but they must always remain yours.



pod licenses an overview basic pod full pod print on demand


Full Print on Demand license


Can I use Full POD designs to create products for my Print on Demand store?

Yes, you can use Full POD files to design products for your Print on Demand store. In this case, you won’t need to make any modifications to these assets. You can use them in your products as they are.


Do I need to make any changes to Full POD designs before I use them in my projects?

No, there is no need to make significant changes to the designs if they have a Full POD license.


Can I use Full POD designs after I’ve canceled my subscription to Creative Fabrica?

You can’t keep selling products with Full POD designs after you’ve canceled your subscription. If you finish your subscription, you have to remove your products from all the POD marketplaces.
If you’ve used a font or made modifications to the design, there’s no need to remove them if you end your subscription.


We hope you’ve found our advice useful. If you want to find designs with a Full POD license, check our growing library. Also, remember that all the fonts at Creative Fabrica include a license for Full POD purposes.


Have fun creating!

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