The best Print on Demand assets for beginners

The best Print on Demand assets for beginners main article image
Posted on August 28, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Do you want to start curating a Print on Demand library? Do you want to know how to start searching for design assets? If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered!

In this post, we are going to explain what types of designs are the best for a POD library. Remember that, to use design assets on a Print on Demand project, you will need to have a Full Print on Demand license.

You can learn more about Print on Demand in our Ultimate POD Guide. To find more Print on Demand assets, check our growing library.


Premium fonts for POD designs


Fonts are, probably, the most versatile design assets that you can find. You’ll only have to download a font once, but you’ll use it infinite times. Here you have four examples of designs that we’ve created with four Free fonts from our library.



All fonts here at Creative Fabrica include a license for full Print on Demand purposes. You can use them to type messages on POD T-shirts, mugs, stationery, and almost any project.

Our advice is to get a good variety of fonts. An excellent way to start curating a library is to download one font of every kind. Choose a display font, a script font, a serif font, and a sans serif font.


Digital papers for Print on Demand assets


Digital papers are scalable and resourceful. You can use them as a background for almost any design. A good pattern can boost the look of a mug, a notebook, or a tote bag. Look at the different projects that we’ve made with our Aesthetic Sky Backgrounds.



The only disadvantage of digital papers is that they don’t work well with all-over prints. Here you can find an explanation about this.

Designers like to sell their digital papers in collections. A good collection of papers can help you create a series of items. If a customer enjoys an item’s aesthetics, they’ll be more likely to order more things from the same series.


KDP interiors for Kindle Direct Publishing


KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon delivers this service. It allows you to publish and sell paperbacks and digital books. It’s a great chance to generate passive revenue by publishing journals and books.


KDP interiors for Kindle Direct Publishing
You can download this planner template here.


To use KDP interiors, you must make sure to have a license for Full POD purposes. Otherwise, the designers could accuse you of editorial plagiarism.

KDP interiors allow you to create a journal from scratch. You only have to combine them and upload them to the E-commerce platform. This way, other people can find your journals and buy them on demand.


Quote bundles to print on POD assets


Quote bundles are an excellent resource for those who create collections of products. For example, if you’d like to release a series of T-shirts about animals, you can use all the files from this animal quote pack. 



By using collections of designs, you can give your products a familiar aesthetic. This way, your product catalog will look unique and authentic.

One of the best tips for Print on Demand sellers is to create products for a specific target. Here’s where thematic bundles can help you get the best ideas. These design assets are a must!


Cliparts for Print on Demand illustrations


Cliparts are sets of images that share a topic and an appearance. You can combine them to decorate your Print on Demand products and give them a fresh look. Look at these tote bags that we’ve created with our Cute Autumn Clipart set.



To use clipart elements on your POD designs, you must make sure to have a license for Full Print on Demand commercial use.

If you only have a Basic Print on Demand license, you must make significant modifications to the graphics before using them.

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