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Get Ready for 2023 By Creating Your Own Planner

Get Ready for 2023 By Creating Your Own Planner main article image
Posted on October 26, 2022 by Lyndsey Drooby

New year, new planner, right? We always look at the start of a new year as a time to hash out new goals, intentions and plans for the next twelve months. So, with just a few months left to go of the year, it’s not too early to get a start on just setting up the pages you need to make the next year the best year for you.

You can easily put your own together that fit your own personal needs when it comes to organization. Weekly planner? Check. Monthly planner? Got it. If you’re a fan of making lists, and goals or managing budgets – you can put them all in a planner. Below is a collection of some great page ideas to add to your own planners that range from calendars to the much more personal-oriented goals tailored for your life: fitness, budget and finances, school and so on.


  • Daily Planner Page Inserts
  • KDP Interior Daily Planner Graphic
  • Seven Days Daily Planner Graphic
  • Daily Planner


  • Weekly Planner Page
  • KDP Interior Weekly Planner
  • Printable Weekly Planner – Thanksgiving
  • Weekly Planner Printable To-Do List


  • Printable A5 Undated Monthly Planner
  • Monthly Planner Printable (Undated)

Full Calendar Sets (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner Template
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner
  • Daily Weekly Monthly Planner Vol.2

Budget and Finances

  • KDP Interior Daily Weekly Monthly Budget
  • Weekly Budget Planner
  • Weekly Budget Planner L KDP Template
  • Budget Planner
  • Monthly Budget Planner

Health and Fitness

  • Fitness Planner Pages
  • Fitness Planner Log Book KDP Interior
  • Weekly Workout Tracker Log Book
  • Fitness Planner Log Book

Personal Growth, Self-Reflection and Journal Pages

  • 12-Week Growth Mindset Journal for Women
  • Printable Ultimate Planner Bundle Vol.38


If you’re the type that has to focus on things one day at a time, then these daily planning pages are great for you. Some are as simple as having the space to write down tasks or appointments, or if you’re the goal-setter type, some of these printables include space to focus on your own personal daily missions.

Daily Planner Page Inserts

If you find that getting through the day needs to be structured and broken down by the day’s hours, this daily planner page has space to fit in tasks for the hours of the day, a section to jot down goals and set up your meals.

KDP Interior Daily Planner Graphic

This is set up if you’re a task and goal-oriented list-maker throughout the day. No need to look at schedules, just list and go! Spaces include daily tasks, priorities, goals and notes.

Seven Days Daily Planner Graphic

A total package to set up each day of the week! The days are set up with hourly chunks as well as sections for notes and task listing.

Daily Planner

A clean daily page with hour blocks, a section for notes and the bottom features a space to make sure you’re staying on top of being hydrated.


Just like the daily pages, some of these weekly pages allow you to focus on goals on a weekly gaze as well as jot down motivational quotes and inspiration. Also, if you just need to look at the week at a glance, you can do that as well.

Weekly Planner Page

This is part of the same design aesthetic as the corresponding daily planner page. The layout features space to write what you need to do for each day and sections for tasks and notes for list-makers.

KDP Interior Weekly Planner

Again, like the weekly page from above, this is another match for the daily planner page. Along with space for the days, this weekly page includes habit and goal blocks if you’re laser-focused on accomplishing personal or career milestones.

Printable Weekly Planner – Thanksgiving

If you like your pages to put you in a seasonal or holiday mood, this Thanksgiving page is perfect. Plan your week and list your tasks for the week. This added bonus for this will definitely keep you on top of things if you celebrate the holiday, especially if you’re hosting and cooking!

Weekly Planner Printable To-Do List

This bright colour-blocked set helps keep all your weeks organized!


For those who look at the month as a whole. Some come in different sizes and styles that can fit any size binder or planner-keeping system you choose to use. Go as simple or intricately designed as you wish!

Printable A5 Undated Monthly Planner

When you need to look at the month-at-a-glance, this monthly planner page is undated so you can fill in the days and set up your plans along a two-page fold-out system.

Monthly Planner Printable (Undated)

Look at the month and goals all on one page! A small monthly calendar is placed at the top while you can fit your goals and daily priorities all in one spot.

Full Calendar Sets (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

Nothing wrong with being super organized! These bundles include daily, weekly and monthly pages to keep you organized. Focus on the day with your goals and smash your tasks, look ahead to the weekly grind and finally reflect and evaluate your month’s outlook.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner

This beautifully designed suite of planner pages is great for the super-focused and organized type who stays on top of daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner Template

A cheerful set of daily, weekly and monthly pages to look at tasks, priorities and space for any goal-setting.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner

A minimal set of planning pages that allow simple daily scheduling, meal planning and tasks. Along with weekly and monthly pages to look at things in the long term.

Daily Weekly Monthly Planner Vol.2

Along with simple and clean designed planning pages, you can plan a week of meals and reflect on the accomplishments of your day.


Here are some budget pages that can fit your life, whether you look at things day-by-day, week-to-week, or every month. You can also set yourself on track to maintain your expenses on a yearly plan. Stay on top of your finances with ease and peace of mind.

KDP Interior Daily Weekly Monthly Budget

This colour-blocked set breaks down a budget focus for daily, weekly and monthly expenses. You can track with ease with this set.

Weekly Budget Planner

If you look at expenses from a weekly standpoint, this will help you keep notes on what is going out when you set an expense limit for the week.

Weekly Budget Planner L KDP Template

This two-page set-up will let you track everything, be it for personal expenses or for business.

Budget Planner

This amazing set will have you money-smart for the year! Set goals, set expenses and stay successful with monthly tracking and bill planning.

Monthly Budget Planner

When you prefer to look at your finances for the month. This easy chart-format page is already set up with pre-filled expenses from utilities to personal spending.

Health and Fitness

Along with the new year always comes fitness and health goals. Set up your goals for exercise or strength training with daily tracking, weekly tracking and workout logging that fits your lifestyle.

Fitness Planner Pages

A cheerful fitness tracking setup allows you to create workout routines and track your progress along the way.

Fitness Planner Log Book KDP Interior

A simple-yet-bold design to track workouts, reps and sets, meals and water.

Weekly Workout Tracker Log Book

If you change up your routines, perhaps a weekly version works for you. Track exercises, weights, sets and reps so you don’t fall into the weightless plateau!

Personal Growth, Lesson Planners, Self- Reflection and Journal Pages

Besides setting up your work and personal tasks in your planner, working on personal growth and personal mental health goals can be a great supplement to a planner. Take a look at your days, weeks and months to set up goals, working on journaling and build your authentic self with self-reflection pages.

12-Week Growth Mindset Journal for Women

This is a fantastic set of pages if you’re looking to improve yourself and work on personal growth. Pages include spaces for reflection, habit tracking and bullet-journal pages to put down your thoughts.

About Printable Ultimate Planner Bundle Vol.38

The ultimate pack is here to keep you completely organized in business and life. Pages include daily through to monthly planning, habit tracking, goal-setting and business planning.

Here’s to a new year! Hopefully, you will find some pages and a planning setup that will motivate you to have your best year yet! Some of the pages created by the many designers at Creative Fabrica may have more options to choose from to customize your own planner. If you like a particular style of a daily page or monthly calendar, look through their other products to find a match. All the best to you and your goals!

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