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Make Your Own Winter Coloring Pages

Make Your Own Winter Coloring Pages main article image
Posted on November 25, 2022 by Naomi Garcia

Winter is knocking on the door!  That means that soon, kids will be home for school breaks, and they’ll need something to do.  How about some DIY winter coloring sheets?

When I was young(er), my mom always had things for us to do while we were out of school.  We had board games, crafts, and even cooking and baking activities.  But one of my favorite things was that we always had coloring books!

Coloring Books to Coloring Pages

We all know that technology is everywhere today.  That definitely is the case when it comes to coloring books.  Now we can find downloadable and printable coloring pages all over the internet.  And while we can still find coloring books in the store, there’s something cool about being able to just print out what you or your child wants to color on a whim.

Kids coloring winter coloring pages

But let’s take that a step further.  What if you could create your very own coloring pages?  More specifically, what if you could design and print up personalized, winter coloring sheets and pages whenever you wanted?  Wouldn’t that be perfect?  (Of course it would).

Why Make Your Own Winter Coloring Pages

You may be wondering, “Why would I want to take the time to create my own coloring pages?  For me, the answer consists of 3 main reasons.

Less waste: 

I cannot tell you how many coloring books we have in my home.  With 3 children, we’ve built up quite a collection.  But the thing is, most of those books have tons of pages my kids skipped because they didn’t want to color them.  With creating my own coloring sheets, I only create what they’re going to actually use, so there is less waste.

Fosters creativity: 

Although I do a lot of the designing myself, I often involve my children in the process.  I let them choose the theme, the graphics, and even the fonts for their coloring sheets.  This brings them so much pride.  It lets their imaginations go wild.  And they start to learn the basics of design.

Limitless possibilities:

I am always happy to support small businesses and other creators.  So I still make purchases when I see coloring sheets I know my kids (or I) would like.  But being able to create my own coloring sheets means that I can make all kinds of themed sheets.  I can make coloring sheets for school lessons.  Whether I need coloring sheets for a kids party or for another occasion, I know it’s doable.

winter coloring sheet 1

What You Need to Make Your Own Winter Coloring Pages

The cool thing about making your own coloring sheets is that there are very few necessary supplies.  In fact, there are only 3 (that seems to be the magic number right now).

  • Computer or mobile device with internet access: this can be a Mac or Windows PC, iPad, Android tablet, or even a smartphone.
  • Home printer:  Nothing fancy required.  You just need a plain ink jet printer that you can connect (either wirelessly or via cable) to your computer or device.  And since we’re making coloring pages, you only need one color ink.
  • Printer paper:  Regular printer or copy paper. 

That’s all you need to get started.  Of course, you’ll also need software or an app for creating your design and a platform where you can find usable images.  I’ve got you covered on both!

winter coloring sheet 2

Software and Mobile Apps

Many people I’ve talked to think that they need specialized software to create coloring pages.  But you don’t.  You can use any word processing software.  So that means if you have a computer, you probably already have what you need.  For example, you can use Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  

If you already have a graphic design software, like Adobe Illustrator or even Photoshop, these can also be used.  My personal preference is Illustrator.  It makes designing my coloring pages quick and easy, and I basically use only 2-3 functions.

If you’re using a mobile device, creating coloring sheets can easily be accomplished using an app like Procreate (iPad) or Affinity Designer.  

winter coloring sheet 4

Where to Get Images for Making Coloring Pages

When making coloring sheets, you’ll want to find quality images.  Many of us started by just using the screenshot function or the snipping tool.  But that doesn’t produce the best quality image.  If you’ve noticed, once you try to enlarge those kinds of images, they become pixelated and it just doesn’t make for a clean coloring sheet.

The solution is purchasing or downloading images from reputable sites, like Creative Fabrica.  When I get images from Creative Fabrica, I know they’ll look amazing at any size.  I also know that I can go there to find tons of images and fonts for any coloring page project I’m working on.  

winter animal sets on Creative Fabrica

I know that was a lot of information.  But guess what?  We’re ready to get into the “hands on” portion.  So read on to learn how to create your very own winter coloring sheets that your kids will LOVE!

Materials and Supplies

  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet connection
  • Inkjet printer
  • Plain printer/copier paper
  • Word processing or design software (I’ll be using Google Docs and Adobe Illustrator for this article)
  • Black and white clipart or digital stamps.  (I’m using Hello Winter Animal and The Snowman Family sets from Creative Fabrica.)

Winter Animal Set from Creative Fabrica

winter clipart set from Creative Fabrica

The Process

Using Google Docs

  1. Download the Hello Winter Animal and The Snowman Family sets from Creative Fabrica.
  2. The files will come in zipped folders.  Be sure to unzip them before going the next step
  3. Open a new blank page in Google Docs
  4. Determine whether you’d like to create your coloring sheet in landscape (horizontal) or in portrait (vertical).  To change the orientation, choose file > page setup, then choose the orientation you want to use.
  5. From the toolbar, choose insert > image > upload from computer
  6. Navigate to the downloads folder or wherever you saved the files you downloaded.  (Your files will need to be unzipped prior to this)
  7. Open one of the folders and choose the folder that is labeled “PNG”
  8. From the PNG folder, choose an image you’d like to add to your coloring sheet.
  9. Double-click on the image or select “open” from the bottom of the window

Now that your image is on the page, we’ll work with formatting and sizing it.

  1. With the image selected, click “wrap text” from the small toolbar below the image.  It’s the 2nd option from the left.  (This is going to allow you to move the image freely on the page.) Google Docs wrap text
  2. Now, using the handles (little squares on the corners around the image), you can resize and place the image where you want it.
  3. When you’re ready to insert another image, repeat the process above from steps 5-9.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from this section to resize and place your images.

Experiment with placement and sizes.  Play with it until you are satisfied with the results.  

If you want to change the layer position of any of the images, select the image and choose either “behind text” or “in front of text” from the toolbar below the image.

layering images in Google Docs

If you want to add text to your page like I did, using Word Art is helpful.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. From the top menu, select insert > drawing > new
  2. From that window, select actions > word art
  3. In the bar, type in the text you want to use and press enter
  4. Now you can change the font or other features of the text you created
  5. NOTE:  Use the handles to size your text to fit within the grid area.  You can make it bigger or smaller once it’s added to the coloring page
  6. Select Save and Close
  7. Move your text wherever you want it.  Use the text wrap feature on the bottom of word art box to change the position, just like you did with the images.

word art in Google Docs

Printing the Winter Coloring Sheet

Once you have your winter coloring sheet designed, it’s time to print.  

  1. From the top toolbar, select file > print (all the way at the bottom)
  2. In the print preview window, take a look to be sure your document looks the way you want it to print
  3. HINT: I almost always change my paper size to Letter: Borderless.  That gives me a larger print area and my design won’t get cut off
  4. Now select print.

How did you do?  I know it seems like a lot of steps.  But once you’ve practiced them a few times, you’ll be pushing out coloring sheets for winter and all the seasons!

Like I mentioned earlier, this can also  be done in Microsoft Word.  The process is pretty much the same, although some of the functions are located in different places.  

The “Text Wrap” options (which we used to be able to move our images on the page freely) will be found in the “Picture Format” menu on the top.

If you want to add text in Microsoft Word, you’ll want to look for the “Word Art” option.  It’s located on the “Insert” menu.

Variations of Winter Coloring Sheets

Remember that the only limit is what you place on yourself.  So get creative with these winter coloring sheets.  Maybe you can make alphabet-based coloring sheets that your kids can later put together to make a book.  Or maybe you can use a different style of clipart to create winter coloring pages for older children and teens.

3 coloring sheets made using images from Creative Fabrica

Whatever you make, have fun.  Please let us know if you make winter coloring sheets.  Tag Creative Fabrica and me when you post.  I am @EJsFunCrafting everywhere. 

Now, go make something COOL!

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Make Your Own Winter Coloring Pages

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