Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Posted on May 5, 2021 by Ronda Cook

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world with the majority honoring mothers and motherhood during the month of May. Besides the obvious biological mom, mothers can also be step- or foster-parent, an in-law, or someone who knowingly (or unknowingly) stepped into the role. If you have special women in your life that you’d like to honor this year, then check out some of these inexpensive and creative gift ideas.

Cards to Color

Kids love it when they can make something for their parents, especially for a holiday. It gives them a creative outlet and lets them feel like they are contributing to the celebration. Here are some black-and-white Mother’s Day Cards I found on Creative Fabrica, and I thought these would be perfect for the kids to color and make their own card(s). How cute are these??

Mother's Day Cards to Color

I created a card template in Canva on letter size paper (remove the “guidelines” before printing). Once printed, fold the paper horizontally first, then vertically. The child can color the front and have plenty of room on the inside to write their own sentiment and/or create their handprint. What Mother wouldn’t absolutely love receiving one of these?!

Mother's Day Card

Card template by Ronda Cook

Coupon Book

Here’s another idea to get the kids involved. Create “coupons” or a coupon book for their Mom. This is also a great gift idea for grown “kids” to give their Mom and/or a husband to give his wife. Even though they can be hand-drawn, creating the coupons on a computer are much quicker because you can copy and paste the coupon design, just changing the words on each coupon.

Create the Coupons

I created my coupons on Canva, setting a custom size of 5” wide by 2.5” tall. I outlined the coupon to provide a cutting guide when printed. Next, I added a vertical dotted line on the left side of the coupon. This will serve as the “perforated” line so the coupon can be torn out from the book. (Tip: you can use a sewing tracing wheel to make a perforated line, once printed.) To the left of the dotted line, I placed two small circles to serve as the hole punch “guide.”

To expedite the process, keep the design simple. I started with a cute frame design I found on Creative Fabrica and uploaded the specific color frame I wanted to Canva. I decided on two different fonts so that the “face value” of the coupon (or “gift”) stood out from the other text. On the coupons from an adult, I added heart elements from Canva; and on the coupons from a child, I found these sweet handprints. The fonts I used were Mother Vanilla, Indigo, and Mother’s Day.

Adult and Child Coupons

Coupons designed by Ronda Cook

Create a Cover

Decide what you’d like on the cover of the coupon book. You can get as creative as you like, but a good rule of thumb is to keep it consistent with the style and/or colors of the coupons. I created a very simple cover using the same basic design as my coupons.

Coupon Book Cover

Coupon Book Cover by Ronda Cook

Make a Coupon Book

Once you’ve created the number of coupons you want, print, and cut out each coupon and a cover so they are uniform in size. Use a ¼” size hole punch to punch holes using the circles on your coupons as a guide. Once you have all the holes punched, assemble the coupons in the order you’d like, place the cover on top, then thread from back to front a 12” long piece of coordinating ribbon (not too thick, or it won’t feed through). Tie the two ends together into a bow, cutting off any excess length. Voila! You have a super cute gift to present to your special Mom or wife.

Printed Tea Towels

Tea towels make for wonderful gifts because 1) they wear out and need replacing, and 2) even if they’re not “used” as a towel, women love to change out their tea towels for various holidays or seasons. Mother’s Day should be one of them! This quote is perfect for scoring some brownie points with your Mom!

Mother's Day Tea Towel

Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts always make wonderful gifts, especially when you can pick out what you want to be printed on the shirt. Even if you don’t own an electronic die-cutting machine or a heat press, chances are you know someone who does, since custom printed t-shirts are all the rage right now. There are so many quotes for t-shirts on Creative Fabrica, you are sure to find something that suits your style. Here’s a couple of great Mother’s Day quotes that any Mother should love!

Mother's Day T-shirts

Quote on left; quote on right

Subway Art

If you have the “words” to express how you feel about your Mom, but don’t know how to “say it,” why not take an evening to write down those words. Type those words into Canva or a Word document, play with different fonts, layouts, and colors to create your own piece of subway art. Print it, frame it, and give it to Mom for her special day. Subway art makes for unique home décor and Mom will think of you every time she sees it. For inspiration, check out subway art on Pinterest, and then get to creating your own! Here’s the one I put together:

Mother's Day Subway Art

Subway Art designed by Ronda Cook

Here are the files I used from Creative Fabrica:



I hope this article has provided some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. The ideas for gifts are endless when you have a great go-to resource, such as Creative Fabrica. Consider a premium membership if you don’t already have one. The benefits are amazing!

Image credit for main preview image: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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