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Posted on August 18, 2021 by Julie Richards

More and more parents are turning to homeschool their children so they can narrate the curriculum their kids are taught. This can be a daunting task for those of us who don’t know where to find the much-needed printable home-school worksheets for moms. Look no further than Creative Fabrica!

The awesome designers at Creative Fabrica have put together a plethora of printable home-school worksheets that are perfect for moms just starting out. There is everything from monthly curriculum-planning worksheets to daily agendas available all for free!

Printable worksheets

You can tailor these printable home school worksheets for parents to contain everything you want your kids to learn and when you want them to learn certain subjects. These worksheets are also flexible for different age groups, from pre-k to 12th grade. Some of the printable home school worksheets are designed only for moms to set up the curriculum, take attendance, record grades, and so forth.

There are also printable homeschool worksheets for moms to use when teaching certain subjects, such as handwriting, phonics, shapes, and colors. There are even college-rule, handwriting, and graph paper PDF files you can download from Creative Fabrica to use for your homeschool classroom work.

Many beginning homeschool parents fail to realize that organization is of upmost importance when embarking on the homeschooling journey. The printable home school worksheets for moms that are available from the Creative Fabrica designers make staying organized and on track very easy. Some of the printable home school worksheets for organization include daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. These are great for recording special family events that will happen throughout the school year, such as reunions, vacations, doctor’s appointments, and special holidays. This allows the parent to glance at the monthly or weekly calendar and see instantly which school days may need postponed or delayed.

The printable home school worksheets are designed for use during the entire school year. Some of the worksheets come with dates and others are available without dates so you can print them again for future school years. Most of the printable worksheets that have dates are weekly or monthly calendar sheets. The majority of the printable home school worksheets that are designed for parents and home school students do not contain dates.

Different types of worksheets

A sampling of the printable home school worksheets available to parents includes subjects like addition and subtraction, sight words, science, and anatomy, tracing letters, shapes, and numbers. There are even crossword and word search printable worksheets designed to teach your home school children. Remember that many of these printable worksheets are geared towards Pre-K so you can prepare your child for mainstream school if you choose a more traditional schooling experience.

The printable home school worksheets I loved discovering are flashcards. There are so many available. With 14 grandchildren and one on the way, I love pulling out a set of flashcards I printed out and testing what the grandkids know. It also helps them to retain this knowledge during the summer vacation. Some of the printable flashcards include letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. For the older students, there are formula and terms flash cards. There are printable worksheet flashcards for biology terms as well. There is something for every age group in your home school classroom.

The designers who created the printable home school worksheets did not leave out anything. You can find printable sheet music, clipart designs for bulletin boards, posters for classroom walls, worksheets on Creative Fabrica, parents should use terms like “flashcards”, “music sheets”, “teaching materials”, and “teacher planner” or “teacher journal”. There are hundreds of resources available for each of these terms. You can also search terms like “anatomy”, “handwriting”, or “spelling”. You can narrow the search by choosing “TEACHING MATERIAL” on the sidebar of the results page.

While looking through all the printable home-school worksheets available to moms, I was pleased to find fun worksheets for the kids. There are quite a few printable worksheets with games like “Hangman”, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles. There are mazes and color-by-number printable worksheets for the kids (and the adults) to give everyone a break during the school day. These printable home school worksheets for parents are also great on those rainy days when “there’s nothing to do” comes from the lips of every child at one time or another.

With every classroom, there are things teachers keep track of during the day. Remember earning a star beside your name for participation or good study habits? You can find these same types of home school worksheets for parents on Creative Fabrica. There are printable certificates, stickers, and classroom posters that you can print out and use while you home school the kids. One 12-poster bundle includes a 1 to 100 counting chart, a Days of the Week poster, and a poster to teach the months of the year.

While these printable home school worksheets for parents do not include the complete curriculum required by the education department, they do help with reinforcing the lessons you do teach. The students can get additional practice with the lessons they learn during the day. Or you can use these printable worksheets as an aid in conjunction with the regular classwork included in the curriculum you choose to use.

As I said before, these home school worksheets also work well for practice if you have a child enrolled in a conventional school or one who is starting school in the fall. Gone are the days of the three “R”’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) when schooling was simple. Now kids need to have a head start in their schooling. The printable home school worksheets allow parents to get their youngsters ready for the 12 years that lie ahead.

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