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Best Procreate Color Palettes Library: Get the Perfect Colors Every Time!

Best Procreate Color Palettes Library: Get the Perfect Colors Every Time! main article image
Posted on September 14, 2021 by Becky Liddle

All artists, whether using physical or digital mediums, know how important color choice is. Very subtle differences in our color schemes can make a significant change in our work. Colors are also inspirational, when we see a set of complimentary colors, it can give us ideas for our own art and design.

Sometimes we get by just fine selecting our own colors, but sometimes it can be really useful to have a varied color palette collection at our fingertips. In this article, we’re going to showcase some of the best color palettes for Procreate which are available for download from Creative Fabrica.


What is a color palette?

A palette is a collection of color swatches, and we can create, use and download our own Procreate color palettes. By tapping on the color circle in the top right corner of Procreate, we can access our Palette Library, which will show any that we have created or imported, alongside the Procreate preset ones.

What are the basics of using Procreate color palettes?

It’s really easy to use color palettes in Procreate, for a guide on getting started with them click here. This article includes some of the basics which you need to know, such as swipe gestures and creating a palette, it’s a great place to get started. It’s also advisable to check out Procreate’s handbook which covers all you need to know about color palettes.

What makes a great color palette?

Our color choices really are a personal thing, we all have preferences with how we like to color our digital art. It also depends on what you’re going to use the palette for, we may need a range of vibrant colors to create a specific pattern or drawing, or we may just need certain hues and tones.

A handy website that I like to use when planning colors for my digital artwork is Coolors. This tool allows us to generate color palettes (which sometimes creates color combinations you wouldn’t expect, but look really cool), design our own, and view related shades. Another useful website is Adobe Color, this is an absolute must-use – the website allows you to select points on the color wheel, and then creates a palette using complimentary colors.

What are some good color palettes for Procreate?

There are millions of color combinations we can make use of, which means there are many Procreate palettes online available for us to download and bring to life. Keep reading for our hand-picked selection of some of the best free Procreate color palettes.

Best Procreate Color Palettes

Autumn is Coming

Autumn is Coming color palette

I thought I’d share this palette first as Autumn is my favorite season of the year. The selection of colors in this palette is beautiful and is ideal for creating nature scenes in Procreate. It offers shades of orange and brown to replicate the wide range of autumn tones, alongside a selection of green and brown Earthy tones.

Moody Blue

Moody Blue color palette.

This gorgeous palette from Rough Draft Design is available via Creative Fabrica and contains 30 shades of blue which are bound to leave you dreaming of clear skies and enticing oceans.

Boho So Soft

Boho So Soft color palette.

I absolutely adore boho-chic and this palette from Soft Pastel on Creative Fabrica offers an ideal color combination for that style. It contains muted tones which are perfect for so many projects including Scandi style seamless patterns. For some beautiful Boho stamps, check out this brush set by Jyllyco.

Boho Fresh

Boho Fresh color palette.

Whilst we’re talking about Boho, check out this palette by Rough Draft Design which is a unique take on Boho style. This palette offers 30 calming, neutral tones and would be perfect for botanical designs. If you’re looking for brushes to use with this color palette, be sure to check out Creative Fabrica’s range of brushes.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party color palette.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love the costumes, the decorations, and the party spirit. Alongside this, I also love the colors, this palette by Duckyjudy on Creative Fabrica offers the perfect orange for your pumpkin or the most beautiful purple for your haunted house’s spooky sky background.

Skin Tones 1

Skin Tones 1 color palette.

This is a must-have palette for every digital portrait artist. The palette by Rough Draft Design is available for download from Creative Fabrica and contains 30 different skin tones.

Skin Tones 2

Skin tone color palette.

Check out this skin tones palette too, for all of your portrait drawing needs!

Hair Tone

Hair Tone color palette.

If you are a portrait artist or like drawing people, check out this hair tone palette by Sine Digital Design – available from Creative Fabrica – which contains 30 different hair colors.

Pastel Passion

Pastel Passion color palette.

Who doesn’t love pastel colors? Personally, pastels are my favorite tone to work with, this palette by AM Digital Designs contains 30 beautiful shades. The colors included are a must-have as they aren’t your conventional pastel shades, they are slightly brighter and so versatile, but still offer the on-trend pastel look.

Sweet Pastels

Sweet Pastels color palette.

This is another beautiful pastel palette, the shades are more muted than the Pastel Passion one mentioned above. The tones in this palette are perfect for watercolor digital artwork; to check out Creative Fabrica’s range of brushes click here.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break colour palette.

Nude shades are so in right now – check out this palette for a range of versatile neutrals and browns.

Forest Sunset

Forest Sunset color palette.

If you love neutral, Earthy tones, this is definitely the palette for you. Another one by Rough Draft Design, this palette contains 30 swatches that would be at home in the woods. The tones range from sage green to a stunning lilac. Check this color palette out if you’re looking for shades suitable for botanical or natural digital art.

Easter Egg

Easter Egg color palette.

This palette contains some beautiful Spring tones, perfect for your Easter designs alongside pretty florals or Spring botanical blooms!

Citrus Fresh

Citrus Fresh color palette.

A little different to the Burnt Orange palette above, the Citrus Fresh Procreate color palette is made up of 30 fresh colors which will make you reach for the fruit bowl (or fruit punch!). These colors are classy but modern, a must-have in your collection.

Outer Space

Outer Space color palette.

One of the amazing things you can do on Procreate is to make space-themed artwork. This palette has 30 intergalactic colors, suitable for everything from the Orion Nebula to the rings of Saturn. Procreate has some really great preset Space themed brushes too, however for even more, be sure to check out Creative Fabrica’s variety of downloadable brushes for Procreate.


Grayscale color palette.

Although our focus is on color palettes, it’s essential to have grayscale tones in your collection too. Sometimes, using pure black can be too harsh, for example on outlines. A digital drawing may look more authentic and soft if you use an off-black shade of dark grey. Check out this palette which goes all the way from white to grey, by Duckyjudy.

Sage Green

Sage Green color palette.

Green is my favorite colour as it’s so versatile – with this one color and multiple shades of it, you can create some beautiful nature scenes and botanical designs. This palette is a must-have in every collection, it’ll make you think of eucalyptus and tropical palms.

Shades of Blue

Shades Of Blue color palette.

Blue is such a versatile color – each shade can represent something totally different in our artwork. Check out the Shades of Blue Procreate color palette for a selection of 30 azure tones.

Beach Romance

Beach Romance color palette.

Whilst we’re on the topic of azure tones, the Beach Romance palette will whisk you away to a white sand, blue ocean destination. I think all of us could do with that right now! Download this palette to put your beachy dreams on canvas.

Pink Palooza

Pink Palooza color palette.

Having multiple color palettes containing shades of the same color can be super handy, as using an array of shades offers depth and texture to your artwork. This palette by AM Digital Designs is a complete collection of 30 striking pink tones.

Retro 60s

Retro 60s color palette.

We all love the 60s and its retro style! This palette gives us images of high fashion and high hairdos and all of the quirky and bright patterns which were represented. This palette is very versatile and can be used for almost any genre of digital art.

Retro 70s

Retro 70s color palette.

The next decade, the 70s, still offered up some great color combinations. This palette is a little more muted than the 60s one but it’s still a must-have download.

Retro 80s

Retro 80s color palette.

A fantastic selection of bright colors, the Retro 80s palette by Sine Digital Design contains bright pinks, purples, and turquoises and alongside giving us a retro feel, it also gives off tropical vibes.

Retro 90s

Retro 90s color palette.

I think that the 90s was one of the best decades in history and it can also serve as an inspiration for a color palette. This bright and bouncy collection gives vibes of Spice World, Game Boys, and those bright Discmans we all used to own.

Christmas V.2

Chrismas V.2 palette.

A time of year we all love – whether it’s for the turkey, or for the crackers – this Christmassy palette contains 30 bright colours which will make you feel like it’s Christmas in July.

Rose Nude Pink Blush

Rose Nude Pink Blush color palette.

Back to pastels and nude tones – this palette contains some stylish muted pinks. These neutral tones are really on-trend and will come in handy for everything from portrait drawing to florals, and even natural landscapes.

Solids Tasty

Solids Tasty color palette.

We’re going to end this article on two quite contrasting palettes. This one contains some vibrant tones, perfect for your Spring digital art.

Muted Rainbow

Muted Rainbow color palette.

The Muted Rainbow palette by Rough Draft Design is classy and stylish. Offering six different tones of five colors, it’s easy on the eye and extremely versatile. Check out this color palette on Creative Fabrica.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and found inspiration from our hand-picked selection of the best Procreate color palettes. Be sure to check out the rest of Creative Fabrica’s selection of color palettes and brushes. Have fun!

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