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67 Stunning Procreate Brushes

67 Stunning Procreate Brushes main article image
Posted on August 11, 2021 by Kymmie J.

Already installed the Procreate app? Great! Let’s get started.

Procreate app is truly remarkable and a game-changer for everyone who does digital illustration as a hobby or as a profession. All you need is your desire to produce digital artwork, a time to enjoy the process and a couple of these 67 Easy-to-Use Procreate brushes to choose from.

Table of Contents

Brushes are an essential part of creating an illustration. Think of literal paint brushes with different sizes, bristles, styles, and usage. You need the right brush to create your artwork. Procreate is an advanced graphics app that lets you paint, draw, illustrate using your tablet or mobile device and a stylus to produce a digital masterpiece. It supports thousands of versatile brushes that are made for calligraphy, font design, texture, stamps, paints, sketches and so much more. Procreate also supports pressure sensitivity which makes painting a lot easier and smoother.

Organize your brushes in the Brush Library into categories, styles, themes. This serves as the list of your brush collection.

The Brush Studio is used to edit, organize and customize existing brushes to suit your drawing needs.

There are several types of brushes, to name a few:

  • Watercolor brushes
  • Ink brushes
  • Texture brushes
  • Pattern brushes
  • Comic-book-inspired brushes
  • Liner brushes
  • Lettering brushes
  • Gouache brushes
  • Painting brushes
  • Hand-drawn brushes
  • Stamp brushes

How to Download and Import Procreate brushes (.procreate)

  1. Download the files on your preferred cloud storage (iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc.)
  2. There are 2 ways to open and import the Procreate brushes:
  • Option 1: Open the Files app and locate the recently downloaded Procreate brush pack. When you tap it, it will automatically import it into your Procreate app.
  • Option 2: Open Files app, locate the Procreate brush pack then tap on Select (upper right corner) > Share > Procreate
  • Option 3: Open Procreate app > Tap any canvas > Tap on Brush tool > Tap ➕ > Tap Import > Choose the recently downloaded brush file.

Procreate now supports Photoshop brushes (ABR file) with its new Valkyrie graphics engine that lets you customize your brush and can import and use Adobe Photoshop brushes. It really is a game-changer for those who have been using Photoshop for their hobby and profession. It’s important to have the right brush for your artwork as it is part of your workflow and style.

How to Download and Import Adobe Photoshop Brushes (.ABR) in Procreate app

  1. Download the files on your preferred cloud storage (iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc.)
  2. Open Files app, locate the Procreate brush pack then tap on Select (upper right corner) > Share > Procreate, or if you don’t see Procreate option, choose More to look for it

Choosing the right brush can be intimidating and overwhelming, so we carefully selected and compiled these best procreate brushes to download which you can explore and start using.

67 Procreate and Adobe Photoshop Brushes

1. Dash Line Brushes for Procreate

The 16 Decorative dash line brush set is perfect to add as a finishing touch to your digital masterpiece. You can create headers or frames out of this brush set.

dash line brushes

2. Procreate Brick Seamless Texture Brush

Create your dream home or infrastructure using these 34 Procreate Brick Seamless Texture Brush. Perfect for Interior, Architecture, and External design that will give your illustration the right texture. For a better effect, use Clipping Mask when using these Brick seamless texture brushes. [Learn more]

brick seamless

3. Procreate Animal Paw Print Brush

Are you a dog lover? How about this cute paw print as a procreate brush stamp?

animal paw

4. Procreate Human Silhouette Stamp Brush

Enjoy creating silhouettes using these 100 Procreate Human Silhouette Stamp Brush. Perfect to use for invitations.

human silhouettes

5. Butterfly Procreate Stamps Brush

These Beautiful 8 Butterfly stamps and 2 Bugs can also be used for coloring. You can also use this as a tattoo motif.

beautiful butterfly

6. Snowflake Stamps Brushes for Procreate

This is a set of 30 Snowflakes Stamps Brushes for Procreate. These are perfect to add to your other illustration projects with a Christmas theme.

snowflake stamp

7. Christmas Tree Stamps Brushes Procreate

The set includes 30 Christmas Tree Stamps Brushes. Use this to create Christmas cards, invitations, or add to your letters for Santa.

christmas tree stamp

8. Circle Art Flower Stamp Brush Procreate

Enjoy this brush set of 18 Circle Art Flower Stamps. Create lovely cards or patterns with ease using this Procreate stamp brush set.

circle art flower

9. 12 Procreate Feather Stamp Brush

Add these 12 Procreate Feather Stamp Brushes to your stash. These Procreate brushes are also for tattoo motifs.

12 feather stamp

10. 5 Metallic Mermaid Procreate Brushes

Add a bit of metallic finish to your digital illustration. The set includes 5 shiny fish scales to create your mermaids.

5 metallic mermaid

11. About Strawberry Procreate Brush Graphic

This is great for making your own graphics, doodles, Instagram posts, blog posts and so much more!

strawberry brush

12. Balloon Stamp Brush for Procreate Vol.2

Build your own 3D Character Balloon characters using these Procreate Brush for craft designs, Christmas Clip Art, Book covers New Year, Birthday, Valentine day and more. Perfect for Home Decorations, vinyl, personalized T-shirts, apparel, cups, stickers, card stock, and other DIY projects.

balloon stamp brush

13. Mushroom Procreate Brushes – Stamps

These brushes are digitally hand-drawn and made of botanical elements. These brushes can be used in decorating your projects such as stickers, invitations, cards, branding, and artworks.

mushroom brush stamp

14. Procreate Brush – Gel Pen Lettering

This brush is hand-drawn and designed mainly for lettering and modern calligraphy designs. With this lettering brush set, you can create calligraphy designs and elegant letters

gel pen lettering brush

15. Seamless Plaid Pattern Procreate Brushes

Created using real fabric textures (Flannel) to create a realistic look for fabric products. These are seamless plaid pattern Procreate brushes.

seamless plaid pattern

16. Procreate Shape Brushes

Introducing “My favorite shape brushes”, a collection of 215 stamps, shapes, and pattern brushes for Procreate in a large variety of styles.

shape brush

17. 43 Star and Sparkles Procreate Brushes

The set includes 43 Star and Sparkles Procreate Brushes stamps. You can use these wreaths to make cards, decorate your bullet journal, digital planner or to create new artwork, make Instagram posts, etc.

43 star and sparkles

18. 4 Plaid Watercolor Brush for Procreate

4 Plaid Watercolor Brush For Procreate perfect for making cards and invitations.

4 plaid watercolor brush

19. 14 Denim Texture Procreate Brushes

10 Denim Textures Brushes and 4 Denim Seams Texture Brushes included in .brushset file. Match it the denim color swatches also provided in the listing.

14 denim texture

20. Fish Stamp Procreate Brush

You can do so much with these 10 beautiful fish stamps Procreate brush. You can also use it for coloring.

fish stamp

21. Christmas Tree Brush Stamp Procreate

This Christmas Tree Brush Stamp For Procreate is perfect to create cards and invitations as Christmas presents.

christmas tree brush

22. Frosten Sweet Procreate Brushes

Hand-designed and created for Procreate 5X. You can use the dripping frosting in green for a slim look or use the different frosting top stamps for ice cream as well. Stack them to create soft serve ice cream looks.

frosten frosted frozen sweet

23. 30 Procreate Fingerprint Stamp Brush

Add a fingerprint stamp to your artwork. These Procreate brushes are also for tattoo motifs

30 fingerprint brush

24. Fireworks Stamps Brushes for Procreate

This set includes 20 Fireworks Stamps Brushes for Procreate. These are perfect for adding to your other illustration projects. You can use these in any color or opacity.

fireworks brush

25. Procreate Brushes – Moon and Stars

These moon phases, zodiac stamps and crystals can be used to decorate mystical graphics and drawings. These Procreate brushes are also suitable for tattoo motifs.

moon and stars

26. Holo Brush for Procreate 5 and Above

This brush is hand-drawn and designed mainly for lettering and modern calligraphy designs. With this lettering brush set, you can create calligraphy designs and elegant letters. With this brush, you can create lots of graphics, quote designs, greeting cards, logos, wedding stationery, and more.

holo brush

27. Procreate Brush – Fuzzy Bristle

Fuzzy Bristle Lettering brush for Procreate 5 and above is perfect to jazz up your workspace and home.

fuzzy bristle brush

28. 25 Procreate Stamp Brushes, Plants Twigs

You can design and print these botanical line art illustration brush stamps to create fun clipart, coloring pages, clipart for Teachers, bulletin boards, digital and traditional scrapbooking, designing note and postcards, invitations, stickers, for birthday parties, showers, T-shirt designs, and more!

25 plant twigs brush

29. Procreate – Tattoo Peony Stencil Set

These are 50 brushes for the Procreate app. With these tattoo stamps, you can create and draw tattoo illustrations and stencils for your customers.

tattoo peony stencil

30. Lace Theme Procreate Brush Bundle

Add this Lace Theme Procreate Brush Bundle. The set includes 13 Stamp Brushes,18 Lace Chain Brushes,13 Seamless Pattern Brushes.

lace theme brush

31. 9 Butterfly Brush Stamps for Procreate

9 Butterfly Brush Stamps for your artwork. You can also use the illustrations for all other projects, there are no limits to your creativity!

9 butterfly stamps

32. Stamp Brush Procreate | Zodiac

Enjoy creating horoscopes using this 12 Zodiac Symbol Stamp Brush

zodiac stamp brush

33. 56 Procreate Mountain Stamp Brush

Create beautiful background and silhouette of mountains using these 56 Procreate Mountain Stamp Brushes

56 mountain stamps

34. Procreate Brush “Female Dummy”

Create a female character in the style of Line Art. You do not need to know the proportions and position, just use the stamps and add something from yourself.

female dummy brush

35. 88 Procreate Stitch and Sewing Brushes

Add stitches to your digital illustrations using these 88 Procreate Stitch Brushes. Perfect for fashion or fabric design.

88 stitch and sewing

36. 16 Seamless Tartan Procreate Brush

Use this 16 Seamless Tartan Procreate Brush to create a sample of your fabric or add texture to your digital illustration.

16 seamless tartan

37. Individual Christmas Paint Brush Stroke

10 Design Elements of Individual Christmas Watercolor Paint Brush Strokes

individual christmas paint brush

38. Procreate Stamps Brushes Cute Doodle

This set includes 70 Doodle Stamp Brushes. Use these brushes for any artwork of your projects.

cute doodle stamp

39. Feather Procreate Stamp Brush

10 Feather Procreate stamp brush to use for your artwork or journaling.

feather stamp brush

40. Brush – Ink Solid Lettering

This brush is hand-drawn and designed mainly for lettering and modern calligraphy designs. With this lettering brush set, you can create calligraphy designs and elegant letters. With this brush, you can create lots of graphics, quote designs, greeting cards, logos, wedding stationery, and more.

ink solid lettering

41. Heart Two Stamp Brush Procreate

Enjoy creating lovely cards or patterns with this Heart Two Stamp Brush set.

heart two stamp

42. Stamp Brush Procreate | Cow Pattern

Enjoy creating a card or pattern with this Cow Pattern Stamp Brush set.

cow pattern stamp brush

43. 38 Procreate Architecture Brushes

Create your buildings and create a city map or background using these 38 Procreate Architecture brushes

38 architecture brush

44. Procreate Ruler Template

Procreate does not have standard rulers. This brush set has been created to scale your artwork and elements.

ruler template brush

45. Procreate – Tattoo Basic Stencil Set

These tattoo stencil brushes are perfect for all tattoo artists and illustrators!

tattoo basic stencil brush

46. Procreate Stamp Brushes Brush Set Animal

Use Animal stamps to create cards, invitations, digital planners, and more.

animal set brush

47. 20 Procreate Music Stamps Brush

Perfect for music majors and lovers! This set includes 20 Procreate music stamp brushes.

20 music brush

48. 12 Pine Tree Procreate Brush Stamps

Add these 12 Pine Tree Brushes to your stash. Use this to create beautiful silhouette background.

12 pine trees brush

49. Procreate Brush – Clean and Fuzzy Chalk

This brush is hand-drawn and designed mainly for lettering and modern calligraphy designs.

clean and fuzzy chalk brush

50. Stamp Brush Procreate | Sakura

Enjoy creating lovely cards and journal pages using these 18 Sakura Flowers Stamp Brushes for Procreate.

sakura stamp brush

51. 22 Procreate Brushes – Stipple Shading

These are 21 brushes for the Procreate app. You can add grainy details to your illustrations with these Styling Shading Brushes. This popular shading technique gives your artwork a vintage tattoo or retro comic effect.

22 stipple shading brush

52. 6 Pine Tree Photoshop Brushes

This set of 6 brushes for Adobe Photoshop, includes 6 unique real-like Pine Tree brushes. You can use these brushes for outdoor environment scenes to achieve a real-like form of nature background.

6 pine trees brush

53. Wood Texture Brushes for Procreate

A Procreate brush created with a bit of wood texture. Great for hand lettering, adding texture, and illustration.

wood texture brush

54. 70 Procreate Diamonds Stamp Brushes

70 Procreate Diamonds Stamp Brushes perfect for creating gemstone, diamonds, jewel line icons, jewelry designs.

70 diamond brush

55. Procreate Stamp Brushes Set Borders

Tap on the screen once to apply the stamp to your design. Use the stamps to create cards, invitations, digital planners, and more.

border stamp brush

56. Confetti Photoshop Brush

A set of 6 brushes to add some excitement to your project. Each of the 4 brushes has a different scattered effect level, it is also color dynamic.

confetti sprinkle brush

57. 100 Spotlight Photoshop Brushes

These brush textures are high resolution and could be a great addition to any project. Use can use them as photo overlays, for digital photo manipulation, as visual effects for games or artwork, as decorative elements!

100 spotlight brush

58. 170 Watercolor Brushes Pack for Photoshop

These stamp brushes are for Photoshop with watercolor texture. Each element is drawn on paper and carefully digitalized. Use them to add handmade effects for your creative projects, e.g. wedding invitations, greeting cards, prints, packaging design and etc.

170 watercolor brush

59. 30 Marble Photoshop Stamp Brushes

30 Digital stone marble texture brushes in 2500 pixels size work with any photoshop version and can be imported in Procreate!

30 marble stamps

60. 117 Paint Stroke Brushes for Illustrator & Photoshop

This extensive set of vector brushes has a wide selection of realistic prints with high-quality textures. Created by hand, using a wide range of brushes on smooth watercolor paper.

117 paint stroke brush

61. 45 Abstract Fire Photoshop Stamp Brushes

Add a bit of flame and flair to your artwork! You can use this set as photo overlays, for digital photo manipulation.

45 abstract fire

62. 30 Flour Photoshop Stamp Brushes

You can use them as decorative elements for photos, print templates, social media, as backgrounds for your projects.

30 baking flour brush

63. 30 Sand Dust Photoshop Stamp Brushes

The sand dust effect can be used to add a bit of texture and manipulation to your artwork and design. These brush textures are high resolution and could be a great addition to any project.

30 sand dust

64. Photoshop Pencil Brush

A Photoshop brush that simulates pencil strokes. This gives you the look and feel of a real sketch giving your projects a handcrafted feel.

pencil sketch brush

65. Scratch Photoshop Brushes

This is a digital download of 20 Photoshop Brushes and PNGs. The brushes feature a variety of scratchy brushes to make any surface look aged distressed and grungy.

scratch brush

66. 60 Powder Photoshop Stamp Brushes

This set can also be used to add clouds or smoke to your illustration. Perfect as a background just play around with the opacity.

60 powder clouds

67. 15 Crayon Texture Photoshop Stamp Brush

Enjoy using this brush set that gives a crayon texture to your artwork.

15 crayon texture

More Photoshop, Illustrator & Procreate Brushes

Once you’re ready for more, explore these growing Photoshop, Illustrator & Procreate Brushes here.

You can also download this Free Sprinkle Stamp Brush which includes 6 playful doodle stamps, 1 text stamp, and a sample signature stamp.

six sprinkle brush stamps

Take your time when choosing the right brush for your artwork, it’s okay to do a trial and error. This is the perfect start to your next creative digital illustration.

Enjoy and happy creating!

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