Create a Scandi Style Pattern in Procreate

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Posted on May 23, 2022 by Becky Liddle

In this article, we’re going to use downloadable brushes and elements from Creative Fabrica to create our very own Scandi style pattern. I love Scandi design in all forms, and you can find some really beautiful patterns and prints. Here we’re going to put our own together.

The brush set and element bundle which I’m using are linked below. It is advisable to save the elements into your iPad’s camera roll, and install the brushes to Procreate before we start.

Scandinavian Modern Folk

Scandinavian Abstract Procreate Stamps

You could also use your own elements or even draw them from scratch if you prefer. Everything which I’ll use in this article is from one of the above two sets, but feel free to substitute them for your own, or different elements.

The tutorial is suitable for beginners as we won’t actually be drawing anything. We’re just going to be arranging and recolouring existing elements. Below is an example of what we’ll be creating.

So, let’s get started! First of all, create a new canvas by tapping on the + in the top right-hand corner of Procreate’s gallery page. Select the Square option.

First of all, we’re going to use elements from the Scandinavian Modern Folk bundle.

On your new canvas, tap on the Actions tool and then select Insert a photo. Choose the elements picture from your iPad camera roll.

You’ll then see the full sheet of images appear on the canvas, as a new layer.

Tap on the layer, and then select Rename.

I’m going to call this layer Original Elements, just so that we don’t get confused when cutting parts of it out for our pattern.

Next, let’s turn on the Drawing Guide. Tap on the Actions menu again, and under Canvas, toggle Drawing Guide to on.

Then select Edit Drawing Guide, and ensure 2D Grid is selected. Amend the Thickness to 51% and Grid Size to 137px.

You’ll see that we have medium-sized squares covering the canvas now. We’re going to use these as a guide for the placement of our elements. You’ll also see a half-square border around the edge. We’re going to use this as the outside border of our project, so make sure you don’t allow any element to enter this space.

I’ve added an orange box below, just so that you can visualise the area in which we’ll be working in.

So, let’s choose our first element. I’m going to choose the patterned bird.

As we don’t want to use the element from the original sheet, swipe left on the layer containing the image and then tap Duplicate.

Rename this layer. I’ll just call it Bird 1. Uncheck the box on the Original Elements layer to hide the image.

So, we need to pull our bird image from the sheet. There are two ways in which this can be done. The first option is to use the eraser tool and physically delete everything on the sheet apart from the element that we’ll use. This way is straightforward but takes a little longer.

The other way is to zoom in on the element of choice and then tap on the Transform tool and select Freehand. Draw a line around the element, like below.

Then, tap on the Transform tool (button which looks like a cursor) and you’ll see the transform and move box appear around the bird.

Swipe downwards on the canvas with three fingers and select Copy.

Add a new layer, then swipe downwards with three fingers again, and hit Paste.

You’ll now have your bird on the canvas! Uncheck the box on the Original Elements layer to hide this from view.

Use the Transform tools to resize the bird if you want to, and then position it towards the left of the screen, in the centre. Use the snapping guides to help line up your element.

If you want to change the colour of the bird, you can choose your own shade in the colour palette and simply drag it onto the area you’d like to recolour.

Scandi design typically doesn’t include bright colours, there are a lot of muted tones and pastels, but of course, you can use whichever shades you like.

When you’re happy with the placement and colour of the little bird, swipe left on the layer and Duplicate it.

Rename your new layer Bird 2, just so that we don’t get confused.

Ensuring that you’re on Bird 2’s layer, tap the Transform tool and then in the menu along the bottom of the screen, tap Flip Vertical.

Position your bird to the right-hand side of the screen, and line it up with the original one.

Add a new layer. We’re now going to add some borders to our canvas. It’s important that we start our project with the central element and then add borders so that we can properly position all of our elements evenly in the space that’s left.

Using your Scandinavian Abstract brush set, choose Ornament 11, which looks like three diamond shapes.

Choose a colour, and set the brush size to around 10%. Stamp your brush on the canvas.

Tap on the Transform tool and move the stamp towards the top of the canvas, and position it centrally. Use the Drawing Guide grid to help with this. Again, it’s important that we start from the middle to ensure the even placement of the elements.

Add a new layer, and stamp again. Move the second diamond shape element next to the original one.

Repeat these steps until you have a full line, like below.

As all of the elements are in separate layers, let’s tidy them up a little. Once you’re completely happy with the placement of the diamonds, starting from the top, tap on each layer and select Merge Down.

Repeat this for each border layer.

Next, add a new layer and select Ornament 1 from the brush set.

Repeat the steps above to create a bottom border. I added a different element on each end for a little decoration.

Now we can add whichever elements we want! I’m going to add a tree shape from the brush set and then duplicate it and flip it horizontally.

I’ve also added a shape to each end of the tree.

We’re starting to get a lot of layers and we need to hide them to be able to see our Original Elements sheet.

Swipe right on every layer except Original Elements and then tap Group.

Uncheck the box on the group to hide each layer and re-check the box to show the Original Elements layer.

Choose whichever element you want to use next. I’ve placed a fox at each side of the top section and stags towards the bottom. I have also recoloured them to match the scheme.

Keep adding any elements you want, using the grid as a guide.

Below is my finished pattern. As you can see, I’ve used a mixture of elements and brushes. Take some time to experiment with all of the different options!

You can even change the colours of your pattern by using the Colour Balance tool in the Adjustments menu.

Play with the sliders to change all of your colours – you can get multiple patterns for the price of one!

Thanks for reading, and have fun creating your own Scandi style patterns!

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Create a Scandi Style Pattern in Procreate

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