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Create a Valentine’s Tree Card Using Procreate

Create a Valentine’s Tree Card Using Procreate main article image
Posted on January 16, 2023 by Becky Liddle

How to create a Valentine’s card featuring a tree with heart shaped leaves!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what is more special than a homemade, personal card for your loved one? In this tutorial, we’re going to use Procreate to draw a tree with a special kind of leaves – ones shaped like love hearts. This project is really cute, and also really simple to do; it’s suitable for Procreate beginners, and it’s quite quick too! Below is our finished project:

What you’ll need

There are only three things which you’ll need for this tutorial. The first is a downloadable brush set, and the second is a colour palette. Lastly, I’m going to use a certain font, but you can also use any font which you want. Everything else we’ll use is a preset in Procreate. Click the links below to download these items:

Pearly Nature Procreate Colour Palette

Doodle Stamps Heart Brushes

Magical font

How to create a Valentine’s tree card

1. To get started, create a new canvas from the Procreate gallery page by pressing the + in the top right-hand corner. Select the option named Screen Size.

2. Manually rotate the canvas around so that it’s in portrait view.

3. Open the Brush Library and under the Calligraphy section, select Monoline. This is a great brush for drawing outlines and doodles.

4. Roughly in the middle of the canvas – and with Monoline set to the smallest size – draw the beginnings of a tree trunk, like below. I’m going to use a black shade but you can always amend this at the end.

5. Draw a branch towards the other side of the tree. It doesn’t have to be exact or symmetrical, just like a real tree.

6. Continue drawing smaller branches coming from the larger ones.

7. Keep going, adding more branches and filling in any major gaps.

8. Continue drawing branch outlines – like below – until you have a full tree. It’s fine if the lines are a little messy, we’re going to colour the tree in anyway.

9. Fill the tree in with your chosen colour. Zoom in to check if you have any gaps left – most likely in the corners and edges of the branches.

10. If you haven’t already, install the Pearly Nature colour palette. You can always use your own chosen colours too if you’d prefer.

11. Add a new layer, and choose Heart 2B from the brush set.

12. We want our hearts to be facing all different directions, so tap on the heart brush itself and then under Shape, change Scatter to 60% and Rotation to 46%. This will ensure that each time we stamp a heart, it’s facing a different way.

13. Choose your first shade from the colour palette, and stamp some hearts randomly in the branches, like below. The brush size should be around 10%.

14. Add a new layer, and repeat this step with a different shade of pink and the brush size slightly lowered.

15. Add another new layer, and repeat the above step.

16. You guessed it – add another new layer, change your brush colour and continue filling in gaps. It’s also a good idea to amend the brush size to ensure variation.

17. Set your brush to the smallest size, zoom in on the tree and fill in any gaps.

18. You should be left with something like the below. We can always tidy the edges of the tree up later.

19. Stamp some hearts towards the bottom of the tree, to appear like falling leaves.

20. Add more falling heart leaves in another shade and a different brush size.

21. Now we’re going to add a sentiment. You can write whatever you want – perhaps a personal greeting, or the name of your card recipient. Tap on the Actions menu and select Add Text.

22. I’m going to write “you’re my favourite” so I’m going to add each word separately, then I can arrange the text in a curved shape around the top of the tree. Type your first word, and size it accordingly using the text panel. I’m also going to use the font Magical which I love because it’s so versatile.

23. Add your second word, in this case it is “my”.

24. If your text overlaps any of your heart leaves, this isn’t an issue! Zoom in on the text and simply use the eraser tool to get rid of the overlapping heart (you’ll have to locate the layer that it’s on first).

25. Add your final piece of text, and arrange it around the top of the tree. Use the Transform tools to rotate and adjust your text.

26. At this stage, you may want to tidy up the edges of the leaves, for example on my tree some of the love heart leaves are sticking out a little further than I’d like, so I’m going to use the eraser tool to get rid of them and have a more circular shaped tree. Feel free to also change the colour of your main tree trunk and branches, I’m going to make it the same colour as the text so that it all blends in together well.

27. Open the layers panel, and swipe right on each layer so that it highlights blue, and then tap Group.

You can now use the Transform tool to move your tree around as you wish, use the Magnetics and Snapping features to align the shape in the middle of the page.

We’re all finished! Below is the final project, I hope that you enjoyed this super easy and really cute project, it’s quite unique and you can use any colours which you want. You could even repurpose this project for other occasions by using different shapes instead of love hearts! Let us know in the comments how you got on.

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