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Creating your own Color palette in Procreate

Creating your own Color palette in Procreate main article image
Posted on May 31, 2021 by Akanksha S Rawat

I’m Akanksha Rawat aka Design2Last and I absolutely love the procreate app. It’s so much fun to use from everything from digitally sketching and doodling to creating a finished piece of art. But I struggle with getting just the proper color palettes when I’m working digitally. I love twiddling with color when I’m using paint tubes ahead of me. But for some reason, when I sit down with my iPad, I just can’t seem to hit that exact right balance. So, I’m going to show you the way I’ve learned to get a perfect color palette, ready to go for whatever project you might be working on. So, I hope you enjoy this article and get some cool color palettes.

Finding Inspiration

To start prepping our color palettes, we’re going to go to the place where it seems like all inspiration lives these days. And I’m talking about Pinterest. You can search for literally anything over here. we’re actually just going to go and search color palette. And once we do this , you will see there are tons of pre prepared, balanced lovely color palettes and example photos. I highly recommend you start a board of your favorite ones. You can come back and reference them later. We’re just getting to start with one today to use as an example. So, we want to pick one. You can do that with any photo in the least , but i prefer those that are pretty found out with color inspiration on behalf of me. So, we’re going to take a photo and you’re going to screenshot it for most iPad are believed to screenshot. You need to press the house button and therefore the lock button at an equivalent time and you will see it’ll take a picture right there. Just like that. Once you’ve got your screenshot of the color palette you would like to use immediately. Now, let’s move on to saving colors.

Saving Colors

All right, so you’re going to open up procreate. And you’re going to go ahead and load the photo. It’s going to take you to your camera and you’re going to select the photo that we just took on Pinterest and that will bring up the photo, and it’s already placed on the page for you. This is very, very simple. You’re going to click on color, click down here where it says palette. You’re going to hit the plus button then scroll down. You’ll have a replacement palette sitting at rock bottom of your existing palette. I like to name my palettes. You tap on your name and it’ll automatically give you the option of writing in a new name. So, I’m naming this one Rainbow. Now taking all of our pretty colors from our inspiration and putting them here where we can save them forever is very easy. All you need to do is take your finger, hold it down on your color until that little wheel pops up. Now you’ll see that it’s my working color to save lots of the colour you’re working with. All you have to do is tap. Okay, so now that you have your colors saved, your primary colors for your palate saved, you can go ahead and move on to the next step, and I will show you how to add lighter and darker values from of those to your color palette.

Expand your palette

Now that you have your basic colors from your inspiration piece in its palette, you’re going to go ahead and set that to default, and then press this button here that says value That’s going to take us to this nice little set up here. And our colors are down at the bottom here. What we’re trying to do now is set up our palettes so that we have a lighter shade and a darker shade available to use easily without having to mess with settings when we’re working. And that’s really easy to do. I’m going to slide this black and white adjuster to go for a brighter of the same shade, and I’m going to go down to a darker version. That one’s a touch darker than I’d wish to be again. Hold it down to delete, and you’re just going to keep kind of doing that until you get the three shades you like the best, and then move on to the next one. So, there you have it. And then we’ve a pleasant , complete color palette with three reminder each color that we would like to use and that we even have some space.

Drag and Drop Option

Procreate has some great new options for creating color palettes that i feel you’ll enjoy using. I still use the first options that I shared with you above. But this manner is quite a really quick thanks to quickly grab a palette. It’s less customizable, it’s less personalized, but it works.

On clicking the palette option, you will see a couple of different options. Now it’ll say create new palette, new from camera, new from file or new from photos. So rather than creating just a replacement empty Palette like we did before, we’re getting to click New from photos. And you’ll pick any photo from your photo real. It’s getting to download it and it’s getting to automatically populate from the foremost present colours from that photo. then you’ll as before, tap and alter your name as you wish . Alright. There’s how that works. The downside of that’s there is no way to control the alternatives that it does for you. It’s all very, very automatic. So, what you see is what is pulled from the image . Sometimes if you run it a second time from an equivalent photo, you would possibly get a rather different result here. So, if you are not a 100% proud of the primary result, you’ll try running it again.

Another way to try is that if you regularly use your procreate side-by-side together with your image, you’ll just drag your photo, bring it up here , drop it. And it’ll auto populate. And same thing if you are doing it quite just one occasion. You’ll get slightly different results whenever . And a bit like anything , if you opt you do not want that anymore, you slide it to the left, hit Delete. Doing it from a file or from your camera, does the precise same thing. you choose a picture and it’ll auto populate your palate for you. So, enjoy fooling around thereupon new method. I enjoy it. I still like doing the old method. I showed you before. I exploit that every time. But this new method is additionally an excellent way if you’re just looking to quickly get something. it is also really helpful if you grab a picture . If say, you’ve got a color palette from a picture, it is the fastest way to do this.

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