How to Create a Stamp Brush in Procreate

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Posted on May 14, 2021 by Kymmie J.

A stamp is used to mark or impress a pattern on surfaces such as documents, letters, products, and even the photos you post on Instagram to create brand awareness.

Creating a stamp brush in the Procreate app is super easy and convenient as you won’t have to draw or create the same element you previously drew.

Why you should create your stamp brush?

  1. You want to keep the rights of your photos that you post on Instagram to avoid people reposting them without your consent
  2. You want to add a watermark on your YouTube videos so people would immediately identify your brand
  3. You want to create a template whenever you release your new functional stickers
  4. Instead of signing a lot of documents, you can add your signature using a stamp brush.
  5. You can make seamless patterns using a stamp brush

After reading this, you will learn how to:

  1. Create your own brush stamp with a simple drawing
  2. Create a signature stamp
  3. Create a watermark or brand stamp using text
  4. Import purchased stamps to Procreate
  5. Export brush stamp or brush set and share/sell it to your friends

Things you need:

  • A tablet, stylus, or any iPad version that is compatible with Apple Pencil
  • A drawing app, I prefer using Procreate to create digital stickers

A. Drawing the Stamp

1. Open Procreate app and create a new square canvas of 3000 x 3000 pixels and 300 DPI

2. There are multiple ways on how to create a stamp, but the easiest would be to disable the background color so it’ll be transparent.

3. Set the Color to pure white (double-tap the white so it’ll automatically set to pure white)

4. Tap on Brush and choose any brush you want, I prefer using Monoline brush in the Calligraphy section to create a more solid shape

5. On Layer 1, start your drawing

NOTE: Ensure that you are drawing inside the square canvas, preferably in the middle and as large as possible. You don’t want your brush to look small even at its 100% size.

If you are having difficulties drawing in a transparent background, you can change the interface of the Procreate app, so you can see clearly your drawing on the canvas as it has a white line.

Actions (wrench icon) > Prefs > Enable Light interface

6. If you prefer to use a lot of layers to draw each element that comprises your stamp (so later on, you can change each element) you can save the stamp by exporting it to PNG file (to retain the transparency)

Actions (Wrench icon) > Share > PNG

B. Creating the Stamp Brush

Now that you have saved your stamp (for multiple layers) you can now start creating your stamp brush

NOTE: The simplest and easiest way, if you create 1 layer for your stamp is to just Copy the selected layer. For multiple layers, Duplicate each layer and Group it then set to Flatten.

1. Layers > Tap on the layer you want to create a stamp > Copy

2. Tap on Brush > Tap the Plus icon to start your own collection and rename it

3. Once you created a new brush collection, you can now create your first stamp brush by tapping on the plus icon. It will show you the basic brush with default settings.

4. Tap Shape > Edit

5. Tap Import, here you can import the PNG file that you saved, for when you used multiple layers. As for 1 layer which we have copied in Step 1 of Creating the Stamp Brush, we can tap Paste

6. Your stamp is now imported, tap Done twice (first to exit the Image Source Options, and second to exit the Shape Editor). You will see in the Drawing Pad that the line is not a solid line anymore but rather the shape or the stamp we have imported.

7. Tap on Stroke Path, set the Spacing to 100% or Max. Use your Apple Pencil or stylus to test if the stamp is working, one tap should be one stamp.

8. If the stamp is too small or too big for your liking, go to Properties and play with the Maximum Size. If you test and see that the stamp is smaller than the maximum size, that means you need to play with the Minimum Size too

9. If you tap gently, the stamp creates a fade effect but when you tap with pressure, you get a solid stamp. Since we are making a stamp brush, we want a solid and crisp-looking stamp. To solidify and make it more opaque, go to Apple Pencil > set Opacity to its lowest or None, so that every time you tap using your Apple Pencil or stylus, whether it’s gentle or with pressure, the stamp will always be solid and bold.

10. Once satisfied with the settings, click Done

C. Customizing the Stamp Brush

We have created our new stamp, however, in the preview it doesn’t look like a stamp but rather a brush when you try to draw continuously using that brush.

1. To show only one stamp image as preview, click on the stamp brush to edit, go to Properties > Enable Use stamp preview. Click Done to check.

Note: If the Stamp preview is too small or big for your liking, click the stamp brush to edit, go to Properties > play with the Preview slider then click Done.

2. Personalize your brush by tapping the stamp brush > About this brush > tap the Untitled Brush to edit and rename. You can also add a photo, your name, and signature. Once satisfied with the name, click Done.

Great! Now, you are ready to create different stamp brushes. You can create:

  • Basic shapes – circle, square, triangle, rectangle
  • Planner functional stickers – lists, bullets, lines, boxes, arrows
  • Banners and headers
  • Free-form or doodles – sparkles, glitters, animals, kawaii
  • Your signature for forms or watermark for videos and photos

D. Recreating the Stamp Brush

The easiest flow to create and recreate stamp brush is to prepare all your stamps first, whether you’ve saved it as PNG or have drawn it in each layer and would like to Copy + Paste, then instead of following the Creating the Stamp Brush instructions, to save you time and redundancy of tweaking the brush settings, just duplicate the first brush we created and change the Shape Source.

1. Tap on the layer that you want to create a stamp brush then Copy

2. Go to Brush tool > Make sure that the stamp brush we created before is selected (or is in blue)

3. Swipe to left > Duplicate

4. Tap the duplicated stamp brush, go to Shape > Edit > Import > you can import the new PNG file or Paste the new layer you’ve previously copied.

5. Tap Done twice to exit the Image Source Option and Shape Editor

6. Tap About this Brush to rename the brush, then tap Done to exit the brush settings

E. Exporting a Stamp Brush or Brush Set

To save a single stamp brush, tap the stamp brush you want to export then swipe to left > Share then you can choose from the sharing options such as AirDrop or Save to Files and other actions.

The file format will be name_of_stamp.brush

To save multiple brushes in one collection, tap the stamp brush collection we created previously > Share > then choose if you want to Save to Files or AirDrop.

The file format will be name_of_collection.brushset

You can share it with your friends or even sell it! Once they downloaded the files, they can import them easily in Procreate or just tap the files and it will automatically import and open in Procreate.

Download the free stamp brush featured in this article plus more!

That’s it! Pretty easy, right?

Enjoy making stamp brushes and happy creating!

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