Let’s Make an Easy Quilled Easter Card

Let’s Make an Easy Quilled Easter Card main article image
Posted on March 9, 2021 by Corbie Kortz

Do you love making greeting cards? Have you tried quilling a card? Quilling is intricate and time consuming but if you’re up to it you can make beautiful works of art, even on a greeting card that your card receiver will want to frame and keep instead of throwing it away.

quilled Easter card

Here’s a tutorial that will break the process down into easy steps and before you know it, you’ll have your own quilled greeting card. Just be prepared because you’re going to love this so much that you’ll want to keep some works of art for yourself.

In this tutorial you’re going to make a 5” by 7” Easter Greeting Card using some basic quilling techniques so that it’s not overwhelming or too complicated. It looks quite challenging, but it really is simple.

quilled card 2


  • Quilling tools
  • Cardstock for your card and for each of the eggs.
  • 1/8” quilling strips
  • Glue
  • Scissors

quilled card 3


  • Cut your cardstock 10” by 7”.

quilled card 4

  • Score at 5” along the long side of the cardstock.

quilled card 5

  • Fold along the score line and press with your bone tool or your fingers.

quilled card 6

TIP: If the edges of your card look rough because your cutting blade may be a little dull, you can soften the roughness with an emery board.

  • Cut out your eggs. You can do this with your cutting machine or by hand. You might even find an egg punch that you can use. The eggs measure 1.772” by 2.418”.

quilled card 7

  • If you have a stamp that says, “Happy Easter” or another sentiment that you want to add, you can stamp it on your card. You can also print it with your computer, which is easier done before you cut your card down to 10 x 7. You can also hand write your sentiment. This is great use of your handwriting skills or may even inspire you to learn calligraphy.
  • Glue your eggs down starting with the pink and yellow then layer the green egg on the top center. You don’t need a lot of glue.

quilled card 8

TIP: To keep your glue bottle from clogging, as you are working keep your glue upside down on top of a damp sponge.

quilled card 9

Trim your eggs

  • You’ll do this by putting a line of glue around the egg and trim with your paper strip on edge. Start with the center green egg. You’re going to need about a 7” strip for each egg. It is better to have too much and trim off the excess.

TIP: Glue the outlining strips gradually or the glue will dry before you get your strip down. You’ll have to hold each portion of your strip in place until it begins to dry. Run a small line of glue at a time and add the paper trim, holding it in place with your fingers or tweezers until that portion is dry.

quilled card 9

quilled card 11

There you have it. The foundation is set, let’s get to adding the pretty stuff.

quilled card 12

Center green egg

  • Make 3 green teardrops by rolling a 15” paper strip on the quilling tool. If using the quilling board, drop into the number 15 circle. Remove from the circle and using a small amount of glue on the end of the strip glue so that it does not unwind. This is a closed loose coil. Now shape them into teardrops and glue them in place on the bottom of the egg.

quilled card 13

quilled card 14

  • Make three pink teardrops using 15” strips and the number 15 circle for the top of the egg and glue in place.

quilled card 15

  • Using 5” yellow strips and the number 10 circle, make five pieces.

quilled card 16

  • Leave two as a circle and shape two into marquis shapes and one into a square. Glue to the egg under the pink teardrops.

quilled card 17

  • Using 5” light blue strips and the number 10 circle on the quilling board, you’re going to make six pieces.

quilled card 18

  • Shape them into squares.

quilled card 19

  • Glue them under the row of yellow shapes.

quilled card 20

  • Using orange strips, take a 12” strip and use the number 12 circle, then shape into a half moon. Glue this above the center green teardrop at the bottom of the egg.
  • Take two more 12” orange strips, use the number 15 circle and shape those two into curved teardrops. Glue them above each of the other teardrop shapes.
  • Now take four 6” strips and drop into the number 8 circle. Pinch these into marquis shapes. Glue these in the space that’s left. You may have to squeeze these shapes to maneuver them into place. It’s ok if they are squashed and if you don’t have room it’s ok if you leave them out.

quilled card 21

Yellow Egg

  • You can now make a little duck to go in the yellow egg.
  • Using a 10” strip of yellow and the number 12 circle, shape into a teardrop and slightly curve the pointed end for the body of the duck. Glue into the yellow egg.
  • For the head, use a 5” strip and the number 8 circle and make a closed loose coil. Glue just above the body of the duck.
  • Take about ½” strip of orange for the beak. This will be long but easier to work with and you can trim it after it dries. Fold in half and apply a small amount of glue to the outside of the fold and glue to the duck’s head.

quilled card 22

  • Let this dry before you trim. Once dry, trim the beak.

Pink Egg

  • Fill in the pink egg using the beehive technique.

quilled card 24

TIP: Using shorter strips, about 6 “, makes this process easier.

quilled card 23


  • Using one 15” strip of green and the number 15 circle, shape into a marquis.
  • Take three 15” strips and number 20 circle, shape into marquis.
  • Use two 15” strips and number 25, it may not fill up the whole circle but let it open, shape these into curved teardrops.
  • Take two 8” strips and number 12 circle, shape these into marquis.
  • Glue down as shown in photo.

quilled card 24


  • You’ll need five teardrops from 10” strips of white and the number 12 circle. Glue them together to form your flower.
  • For the center of the flower, you need about a 3” strip of yellow and form a closed tight coil. Glue this to the center of the flower.

quilled card 26

  • Position your flower just above the leaves and on top of the center egg and glue down.

Voila! You’ve done it. You now have an adorable, quilled Easter card. Who are you going to give it to?

quilled card 27

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I love this project, will definitely give it a try for this year's Easter cards 🐣

Wendy Boulay

March 10, 2021

So excited to try this! I am just starting to broaden my quilling projects and this is perfect!

Mary Bort

March 10, 2021

This is awesome, thank you!!

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