Quilled 3D Christmas Tree

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Posted on December 6, 2021 by Corbie Kortz

Are you looking for unique Christmas Décor? Or maybe a unique Christmas Gift for your friend who loves to decorate? Are you looking for something miniature, and cute, and fun, and surely a conversational piece? Try this 3D Quilled Christmas Tree. It is definitely unique, and you can make it yourself.

Table of Contents

  • Supplies
  • Tips
  • Christmas Tree
  • Star
  • Wagon
  • Baby Stacking Rings
  • Gifts
  • Ornaments
  • Putting it all Together
  • Stabilizing and Sealing
  • Conclusion

quilling supplies


  • 3, 5, 7, and 10mm quilling strips of paper in various colors (the strips used for the purpose of this tutorial are 39cm in length (15.35”)
  • Quilling tool
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins
  • Cork Board
  • Small Wood Coasters
  • Glue – PPA glue
  • Shape template
  • Quill On Border Buddy



  • Tearing, rather than cutting, helps the paper ends blend when gluing so that you don’t see the perfect cut in the final product.

quilling glue tip

  • You really don’t have to measure. Everything here is made with either a full 39cm (15.35”) strip, ½ strip, or ¼ strip.
  • To keep your glue from clogging when you are using this tiny applicator, rest it upside down on a damp sponge.

quilling tool tip

  • Take your quilling tool and gently roll over the edges of your pieces to get them even.

Christmas Tree

quilling template

For the bottom, tier 1, of your Christmas Tree, take six 10 mm strips and roll each into a loose coil and size them by using the #20 circle template.

quilling marquis shapes

Glue to secure and shape each into a marquis shape.

quilling shapes

Glue three marquis shapes together, as shown, to create half of the bottom tier of your tree. Allow to dry.

six pointed flower quilled shape

Then glue the two halves together to get this six-petal flower shape. This is the bottom tier of your Quilled Christmas Tree that you’ll build upon.

TIP: Gluing half at a time helps to keep the points straight.

For tier two, take six 10mm strips and roll each into a loose coil. Size using the #18 circle template. Glue to secure and shape into a marquis shape. First, glue three marquis shapes together, as shown above, allow to dry, and then glue the two half pieces together. Repeat this for each tier.

Tier three – using 7mm strips, roll six ½ strips into loose coils, sizing with the #16 circle template. Glue to secure and shape into marquis.

Tier four – using 5mm strips, roll six ½ strips into loose coils and size with the #14 circle template. Glue to secure and shape into marquis.

Tier five is made with 5mm ½ strips that are rolled into loose coils and sized with the #12 circle template, then glued to secure and shaped into marquis.

Tier six – using 3mm strips, take six ½ strips and roll into loose coils and size using the #10 circle template. Glue to secure and shape into marquis.

Finally, tier seven – using 3mm strips, roll six ½ strips into loose coils and size using the #8 circle template. Glue to secure and shape into marquis.

TIP: Your tree can certainly be made entirely with the 10mm strips. It will give your tree more height.

quilling shapes for 3d Christmas Tree

Start with your foundation tier and glue each tier on top of the other to form your Christmas Tree. You may need to allow each tier to dry before adding another.

TIP: Wait to secure your tree to the wooden base until it has completely dried.

quilling a cone shape

For the top of the tree, take ½ strip of 10mm dark green and roll into a tight coil. Glue to secure. Shape into a cone using the rounded end of your quilling tool or a pencil. Smear glue all over this piece with your finger. This stabilizes your piece and will help to hold its cone shape.


quilled five pointed star

For the star, you’ll use 3mm strips.

Take five ½ strips and roll into loose coils, glue to secure and size using the #10 circle template. Shape each into marquis shapes. Glue together, as shown, to make a star.


quilling shapes for a wagon

Using 5mm strips, wind around the 4th tier of a rectangle Quill On. Glue to secure. Gently remove from the Quill On and give a gentle little pinch to each corner to define them.

For the wheels, use ½ strips of 3mm quilling paper and roll them into tight coils. Remember to flatten the edges by rolling your quilling tool over the edges for a more finished look (see TIPS above.

Glue the wheels to your wagon.

Baby Stacking Rings

quilling shapes for baby stacking ring toy

quilling open coils

For the base of the toy, take two 3mm strips and glue them together end to end, making a double strip, and roll into a tight coil. Glue to secure.

The pole is made with a 10mm ½ strip that is rolled into a tight coil then shaped into a cone. Glue the pole to the base and allow to dry.

For the rings, use ½ strips of various colors and the circle Quill On. Wind each ½ strip around each of the first four tiers of the Quill On. Glue to secure.


quilling square

To make the gifts, you can use ½ strips of 3 and 5mm quilling paper strips. Roll them into loose coils and then shape. To add interest, shape into various sized squares, circles, and rectangles.

quilling gift boxes

Wrap 3mm strips around the gifts for the ribbon.

pinning quilled piece on cork board to dry

You can add bows to the top of your gifts. You can hold with your fingers or pin to a corkboard until the glue has set.


quilled tight coils for ornaments

For the ornaments, use ¼ strips of 3mm quilling paper strips and roll them into tight coils.

Putting it all Together

quilled pieces for 3D Christmas Tree

You’ve got all your pieces created and now it’s time to put them around your Christmas Tree. Glue the star to the top of the tree and allow to dry, Lay everything else around the tree to make sure of where you want your pieces to go.

quilled 3D Christmas Tree

Once you’re sure of where everything will fit, glue your pieces in place and allow to dry.

Stabilizing and Sealing

stabilizing quilled piece

Stabilize your art with a coat of glue. This will help to stiffen the paper and make your piece more rigid.

sealing your quilled Christmas Tree

The final step is to seal your artwork. Allow to dry and enjoy.


3D quilled Christmas Tree

See, that wasn’t so hard. Not only did you make it yourself, but this would make a great addition to any mini – Christmas Village. Are you going to keep it for yourself or give it to a friend? Maybe you need to make several. Have fun and enjoy the holidays.

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This is so cute! I figure maybe this could also be turned into an ornament?
Love the Christmas village idea!

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