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Types of Scrapbook Embellishments to Stock up on

Types of Scrapbook Embellishments to Stock up on main article image
Posted on February 6, 2022 by Zeldi Smulders

People who know something about scrapbooking can agree that this hobby is all about decorating! It might involve some organizing and documenting, but the decoration part is the most prominent. Scrapbook embellishments are details you add to your pages to decorate them. They come in many forms and sizes, which means that there is something out there for every crafter’s style and every project’s theme.

As you will be spending a lot of time decorating your scrapbook projects, you need to make sure you have a variety of embellishments in stock to avoid frustrating situations where you get stuck and have to stop working on a project until you can get what you need. Many embellishments don’t require any extra techniques to use them effectively (unless, of course, you are making the embellishments yourself). You can often buy them ready-to-use and simply add them to the selected area. This makes embellishments especially useful for last-minute details or easy-going projects.

Here are Some Scrapbook Embellishments you Should Stock up on:

Thread, Twine, and Ribbon

From simple thread to elegant strips of fabric or ribbons, these types of embellishment choices are timeless and a true picture of adornment. Thread can be used for finer sewed details while twine can be looped through tag holes or used to create decorative knots. Use the ribbon by tieing it into a bow or keeping it as is to create a border or a frame. Did you know that you can get a digital version of ribbons?

Spools of ribbons with different colours and patterns

Photo by Rachel Handley on Unsplash


This type of embellishment is probably one of the most popular because it is so easy to use. You can look out for chipboard stickers, clear stickers, alphabet stickers, puffy stickers, and more! Stickers can be placed all over your projects or alternatively, they can be used to keep any flaps or openings sealed. Keep in mind that the stickiness might wear off after a while.

Washi Tape

This decorative adhesive tape comes in various sizes and can have all kinds of patterns and other attractive features, like glitter, for example. Washi tape is widely available in craft shops but you can of course make your own washi tape. This type of embellishment can be used to create a unique background, or it can be used to frame something on your page. Like stickers, washi tape can be used to seal something. You can also use it to create tabs and banners for your booklets and waterfalls by cutting and folding them in interesting ways.

Sparkly washi tape with a pattern sticking to a white surface

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Rhinestones and Beads

Rhinestones and beads are sticky at the back and are often sold in packs with different-sized stones so that you have a variety to work with. You can place these stones in a pattern of your choosing or use them to add details to other embellishments such as flowers. Small details like this can draw the eye or finish off boring spaces that need something extra. Depending on the look you are going for you can opt for the sparkly versions or you can choose the more elegant route by using pearl stones.

A collection of blue, red and white or clear sequins

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Glitter and Sequins

Glitter and sequins bring some more sparkle to a page. Sequins can be applied one piece at a time when the design is a little more finicky while glitter can cover a larger area or be confined to a specific shape or design to create a certain effect. Apply some glitz and glam by using glitter glue or glitter sprinkled over an area that has been prepared with liquid glue or spray adhesive. Use sequins or confetti in shaker pockets that you can create yourself by layering a see-through material and closing it up on all sides after you have inserted the sparkly magic.


Not just used for clothes, these cute decorations are good to have and offer a variety of options to choose from. Buttons can be glued to a scrapbook page, or they can be sewn for a more detailed look. Although they traditionally come in a round shape, buttons can come in different shapes sizes and you will be amazed by the varieties available, especially if you browse your local material shop. Look for buttons that are flat at the back as they will be easier to attach or print out some digital buttons.

Buttons of different shapes and colours kept in organised tubes

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash


This classic embellishment inspired by nature is one that has a home in many craft supply closets. Paper flowers and material flowers are very popular and can range from basic flower shapes to more intricate designs with additions like stems, leaves, and other finer details like pollen. Digital flowers can be printed and layered to create a three-dimensional look. Flowers are great to have because they look great on most craft projects and the theme doesn’t always have to have something to do with flowers for it to be used.

Photo Corners

As the name suggests, these types of embellishments are used on the corners of printed photos. Some crafters think it is a must to matt your photos or they will disappear on your page. Using photo corners can be a good alternative (although you can always do both). The photo corner, made of either plastic, paper, or metal, has a front and back with a small middle opening and gets attached to the photo by sliding it over the corner until it is secure. Digital photo corners can be made for the same purpose but can also simply be pasted on top of the photos to create a similar look.


Tags can come in different shapes and sizes and are distinguished by the design around the area that contains the ribbon hole. Some tags have rounded corners while others have sharp corners. Some tags are layered, and some have detailed designs cut out of them. They can come in the form of thin paper or thicker cut material such as chipboard, for example. Use tags for journaling, decorate them to use them on their own, slide them into a pocket, or use them as an addition to a cluster. You can even use tags as a space to paste a photo. Digital tags are convenient because they provide a wide variety of designs that may exceed the possibilities available in a craft store.

White tags with strings on a pink background

Photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash

Brads and Eyelets

Brads are solid and eyelets have a hole in the middle and although typically round can also be found in the form of a square, diamond, or even other fun shapes like hearts or stars. These embellishments can be used to attach one item to another but it doesn’t have to be used like that. You can also add eyelets to the ribbon holes in tags or use a brad to secure a flower in the middle. These types of embellishments are also ideal for creating interactive elements on your page as they can hold something in place.


Charms are (somewhat) flat metal objects that have beautiful shapes and designs. They can be found in craft or jewelry stores and look great when you attach a string to them and let them hang on your page. You can also use charms to create bookmarks or an easy pulling string for a tag hidden in a pocket.


Shapes and designs can be cut out of different types of paper using mechanical or electronic machines that make use of dies and cutters. The possibilities are endless as there is a die for every shape and design you can think of. If you can’t find a metal die for it then there is probably a digital design out there that can be used to create a die-cut. A good store of digital products will help your supply of die-cuts along.

Digital Embellishments

Possibly the most versatile of all the embellishment types, digital embellishments are an important part of your stock list. As the core product cannot be ‘used up’ like other embellishments, it is an economic buy that opens up many possibilities. For a lot of the embellishments listed above, you can find a digital version that you can always have on hand to print out. Print your digital designs out on thicker cardstock, sticker sheet, or any other type of paper to create convenient embellishments ready to use. You can also use your digital product with a 3D printer to make 3D printed embellishments.

Stock Up on Scrapbook Embellishments

Stocking up on scrapbook embellishments is fun but it is important to make sure you get quality items. The quality of the product can vary between craft shops and you will often be able to determine it by examining the embellishments closely. Some shops sell cheap embellishments that will not last long while others overcharge for embellishments that are very simple to make and do not require a lot of skill.

If the right ones are difficult to find, you can always turn to making your own embellishments. No matter what you choose, make sure you have them all in stock so that you can have full creative freedom with your scrapbook projects! With that, also make sure you have everything you need to attach these embellishments. Since there are so many different types of embellishments you could certainly make use of double-sided tape, glue stick, spray adhesive, glue dots, staples, or foam adhesive squares.

As different crafts often borrow ideas from each other, not all of the embellishments mentioned above are unique to scrapbooking. That means that these items can be used for other crafts, making it (even more) worthwhile to stock up on them. Use this list to inspire you so that you know what to look out for next time you are in the market for some new embellishments.

What are some of your favorite scrapbook embellishments and how have you used digital products to create embellishments? Drop a comment below!

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Anna Drożdż-Klukowska

February 13, 2022

Scrapbooking is very creative

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