How to Make a Corset

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The corset is a beautiful and sensual feminine undergarment, consisting of a band of elastic fabric or reinforced with splints, which runs from the waist down to the chest. It is a valuable aid in shaping the figure perfectly and giving it that fantastic hourglass shape.

There are many corset models on the market: lace, silk, etc. But if you want to make sure you find the right one, why not make it yourself? If you are a beginner in sewing, it is advisable not to choose a model that is too complex, but nothing is impossible for a woman!

Let’s see how to make a corset together

  • Corset Sewing Pattern
  • Sewing kit
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric
  • Metal splints
  • Eyelets
  • Pins
  • Satin ribbons

Finding corset pattern

First you need to get a corset sewing pattern: you can find it for free on the Internet. As far as the right size is concerned, there are corsets perfectly capable of going from size S to size XXL, but it depends on the model you choose. After downloading the sewing pattern, measure your bust, waist and hips: get a tape measure, start by measuring your bust size, making sure you are not wearing a padded bra; then continue by measuring the waist at its narrowest point, just above the navel, and then measure the hips at their widest point, noting all the measurements on a sheet of paper.

Source materials

Once you have chosen the pattern, you will need to write it down. Get the materials needed to make the corset, then fabric, possibly satin or lace, cotton for the inside, metal splints, eyelets, satin threads, pins and all the sewing materials. Once purchased, follow the instructions on the pattern sheet. Take the fabric and place it on the paper or cardboard template so that you can cut it later: pin it to the template to make cutting easier. After that, cut the front, back and inside of the corset. The inner part can be made of cotton so as not to irritate the skin, while for the outer part you can choose the material you prefer.

Don’t forget that you have to create pockets for the metal braces inside the corset: a sewing machine will certainly be essential for your creation. Now you need to sew all the pieces together and the eyelets to let the satin ribbons through and to adjust the width of the corset. This work is quite complicated and we do not recommend it to beginners in the art of sewing: if you want to make the corset according to your taste and you are not a seamstress, you can always ask someone to help you…

How to choose the perfect corset for your body type

Searching online for a corset is easy, but finding a corset that not only looks great on you, but also supports you and makes you feel comfortable, is a whole other matter. When you make or buy a corset, you want to look great and you’ll want to feel even better, so we’ve put together this handy article for you. Below you will find a series of tips designed to help you choose the perfect corset for your body type. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can find your ideal corset.

Consider your bust size

First and foremost, when you’re looking for a corset, it’s important that you choose one that allows you to feel comfortable and supported while wearing it. Ideally, you’ll want an overbust corset if you have a fairly large bust, as it will be much more comfortable than a bra. You see, overbust bras provide support for the waist, and helping to ensure a lift. Over-the-bust corsets provide a lot of comfort and you won’t need painful bra straps that dig into your back and shoulders, which is always nice.

Choose a flat model for a smaller bust

On the other hand, if you have smaller breasts, you’ll find that a flat-front style corset will look much better on your figure. You can also pad the corset if it is slightly unstable at the cups.

For small hips, any style will help. If you naturally have small hips, the good news is that just about any style of corset will enhance your figure.

Make sure you are comfortable

As mentioned earlier, comfort is a key factor when it comes to making a corset yourself, or buying a corset, so you need to make sure that you feel comfortable wearing it. The corset should not keep you too hot or too cold. It should not restrict your movements and prevent you from being mobile. If you can’t move freely it may make you feel uncomfortable.

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